11 Easiest Ways to Keep Home Clean in Rainy Season

While coming of the rainy season is a very good sign as it gives us respite from the summer heat, rainy season brings plenty of dirt and mud with it. The problem with rainy season is the accumulation of dirt, filth and mud all around us. One can still tolerate the dirt and mud outside but once it enters your home, then it can really be pissing. Monsoon is literally the time when your homes get most dirty and you have to work with double force to keep it clean and tidy all the time. Since summer is about to welcome the rainy season, today, I thought of sharing some of the best and easiest ways to keep home clean in rainy season. If you are a clean freak like me, then you can never sit idle seeing all the dirt around. And if you are tired of traditional cleaning routine and looking for the best ways to keep home clean in rainy season then here’s the post worth checking.

11 Best and Easiest Ways to Keep Home Clean in Rainy SeasonSummer has already hit with vengeance in most parts of the world and now it is time for the rains to arrive. Well, there is a saying that if you have to get something, you will have to lose something in return and that is exactly the case with the monsoons as well. The rainy days in monsoon season bring dirt and mud for us, which is good for the environment, but not for the homes. When the summer heat gets unbearable, rains are the only option which makes the whole atmosphere cool and relaxing. And, for that, we can actually take some extra pains to keep our home and the surrounding area clean.

Those who are home makers, for them I will suggest you to take up the cleaning task seriously every single day as the more it rains, the more your home is going to be dirty. Hence, if you clean little every day, then you will not have to take the pressure on a single day. And, for those who are working and have got no time in hand, caution is the best option available. You have to be careful and avoid the accumulation of mud and dirt inside the home as much as possible as only then your home is going to be less dirty during monsoon. In fact, everyone must be cautious not to make their homes too dirty and for that to happen; you have to adopt monsoon friendly cleaning hacks and techniques.

I feel that most of us love to remain in a neat and clean environment and so I am sure you all are ready to know about the easiest ways to keep home clean in rainy season. Therefore, without much delay, let’s check these cleaning hacks.

Best ways to keep home clean in rainy season

Rains not just make everything very muddy and dirty; it also helps germs to grow rapidly. Because of these dirt and germs, people are more prone to infections and other monsoon diseases during the rainy season. Hence, it is seriously important to keep the home clean, especially in rainy season.

The usual daily cleaning routines have to be tweaked according to the season for best results. Listed below are some of the best and easiest ways to keep home clean in rainy season. Try some of these monsoon cleaning hacks and keep your home clean and tidy this rainy season.

Place the shoe rack near the entrance

Usually we keep our shoe rack near the entrance, but if you have placed it elsewhere, then maybe you should consider changing its place. Well, most of the dirt and the mud enter your home via your dirty shoes. I mean it is obvious, when you are going out in the rain your shoes are going to be covered with mud. Hence, keeping a show rack near the entrance will help you to limit the entry of mud inside your home.

Make it a point that everyone opens the shoes and then enters the home. Trust me, this is the best option and following it diligently will certainly help you to keep home clean in rainy season.

Clean yourself before entering

Ok, simply just getting rid of the muddy shoes is not enough; your legs also accumulate a lot of dirt especially if you have walked a long way through the muddy streets. So cleaning your feet properly before entering your home can help you check the dirt accumulation. Well, what I generally do is keep a bucket full of water all the time near the entrance. I also keep a big tray like thing besides that. Now, every time, I return home, I wash my legs, rub those properly in the welcome mat and then only I enter to my home.

But if you can’t wash your feet outside, you may straight enter to the common washroom and wash your feet and then enter to other parts of your home. Make it like a thumb rule for everyone in the family and once they all start this practice, you will have big relief. This simple hack can help you greatly in keeping your home clean this rainy season.

Get rid of wet clothes

After you are done with cleaning your feet, make sure you immediately get rid of the wet and dirty clothes. This is important for me to mention because I have seen individuals coming home and then loitering around in the dirty clothes. You can understand that doing this in the rains can actually spread the outside filth all over your home. Moreover, clothes that you wore outside during the rains can contain a lot of germs and so getting rid of them as early as possible is a good thing for your health and hygiene as well.

Keep your home dry

During the rainy season, the weather is very damp and humid which may be like suffocating. I hope you have observed how the floors remain wet all the time. Well, wet floors attract more dirt, dust and mud and hence it is needed that you keep the interior of your home dry. For that, you must keep proper ventilation system and open the windows whenever it stops raining.

Proper air circulation is very much needed to fresh up the inner atmosphere and you must follow it. This will keep your home clean and germ free during the rains.

Get rid of bad rainy smell

The damp, humid weather of the rainy season is also responsible in making the home stink. The main reason is that your doors and windows remain closed most of the time. Also, the sun is not that strong to dry the excess moisture and hence the whole atmosphere is sticky and suffocating. While it is always preferable to keep the rooms dry and airy with proper ventilation, but you can also use natural ingredients to keep the inner air fresh and odor free.

I remember publishing a detailed post on how to eliminate foul odor at your home naturally. You may like to check the post to get some ideas on how to get rid of bad rainy smell easily this rainy season.

Disinfect the floor

As you already know that the climate of the monsoon is very damp and humid and this is absolutely favorable for the germs to breed. So, it is obvious that your home will have many of them as well. Hence, one of the easiest ways to get rid of germs as well as to keep home clean in rainy season is to clean it with a proper disinfectant. This will kill the germs and make you and your family fall less sick.

Although there are many commercial cleaners available in the market, I personally favor the natural ingredients as they are both safe as well as effective. Here’s a detailed post with various natural ingredients that can help you keep your home clean and free of germs easily and naturally.

Cleaning the washroom

Bathrooms generally get most dirty in comparison to other parts of the home and hence during monsoons your bathrooms need more attention. After returning home, we rush to the washroom to wash our body and keep ourselves clean so naturally your bathroom is also exposed to a lot of extra filth, mud and dirt during the rains. It is preferable that you wash the bathrooms properly after every use and keep it free from dirt.

You may fix an exhaust in the bathroom so the inner air of the bathroom remains airy and dry. There must also be proper ventilation in the bathroom.

Clean your garden

Your garden is an integral part of your home and keeping it clean is your responsibility especially in the rainy season. When it rains along with strong winds, your garden is exposed to a lot of additional dirt. The storm makes the leaves fall and sometimes the weak branches even break making the yard dirtier. Hence it is important that you take care of your yard time to time. Generally, it is important to do proper cleaning of the garden 4-5 times monthly during the rains but if you are a working individual, then you must clean it at least twice every month.

Also, keep a thorough check that there is no discarded bucket or any other container kept in your yard that may accumulate rain water as that can act as the breeding ground for the mosquitoes and other germs. In fact, you must clean-off any kind of accumulated water from your garden frequently to keep it clean and germ free. Here’s a detailed post on how to maintain and keep your garden clean that you may like to check for further reading.

Interior drainage system must be good

Water logging is a common problem during the rainy season. While you cannot always stop the streets from that, you can actually avoid unnecessary water logging inside your home. And, for that, you have to have a good interior drainage system as it is one of the easiest ways to keep the home clean during the rainy season.

Always remember to keep the drains unclogged and clean and in case of any damage or leakage, go for immediate repair. Also, keep checks on the rain harvesting system and the gutters to protect the foundations during the rains.

Take good care of the pet

Now, you understand that the weather outside is bad and that it is always not right to go outside in the rains, but your pet will not understand that. Instead your pet may get all the more restless to go out. In fact, if you have pets, you understand that it is necessary for you to take them out on a daily basis, so whenever the weather is a little better, do not forget to take your pets out for a brief walk.

Now, you may be thinking that it will make the pet dirty. Yes, it will, but you have to clean your pet with proper water and pet soap before bringing them inside your home. Make sure they do not stink. And, for the rest of the time when it is raining, keep them occupied with something. You may give them proper toys for them to play so that they do not get too bored to go out all the time. Or better if you can spend more time with them so that they remain overjoyed. Pet care is never easy but if you have one, you must take care of it properly mainly during the rainy season when they cannot go out often as the cleaner your pet, the cleaner will be your home.

Deep cleaning weekly

Rain makes the cleaning process very hectic and for those who are working, taking out time and keeping your home cleaning is really difficult. But, after all, it is your home and you being the owner have to maintain it and keep it clean and germ free more so if you have kids and pets at home. No matter, how much your maid servant works daily, your home will be properly clean only when you do it as the care you will take to keep it clean, no one else will. So, for that deep home cleaning once weekly is necessary especially during the rainy season and I hope that you take out some time in the weekends for that.

Over to you

Rainy season is probably the most debatable season. Some find it to be very romantic and soothing while others simply hate it for it bring dirt, mud and dust all around. While we cannot ignore the good aspects of the rain, we cannot ignore the bad part as well. But, rain or no rain, it is simply not in our hands but what we can do is to take some efforts to keep ourselves as well as our home clean and tidy in rainy season.

It is true that you have to take extra care for the cleanliness of the home during the rains but once you learn the easy hacks, things are going to be quite easy and simple for you.

In my today’s article, I have jotted down some of the easiest ways to keep home clean in rainy season. I myself follow these cleaning hacks and trust me; it works to a good extent. These are the small little steps which actually prevent the home from getting excessively dirty and full of germs during the rains. When it comes to home cleaning, everything is about strategic planning and proper execution.

Cleanliness actually comes from within and if you are clean, organized and disciplined as an individual, you automatically will know how to keep your home clean in all seasons. However, remember that keeping the home clean is not the responsibility of one person; the other family members must also make the efforts, only then you can keep your home clean and well organized.

Are you wondering how to keep home clean in rainy season? Try some of the easiest ways to keep home clean in rainy season and let me know how it goes. What are the other ways that helps you keep your home clean in rainy season? Share your cleaning tips and ideas by commenting below.

And finally, if you like the article, do like, comment and share it with others and earn good karma.

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