How to Pack Your Clothes for Moving it Safely and Efficiently

Safe and secured packing can easily be considered as the key to hassle-free moving. And when it comes to packing your clothes for moving, it may sound like a cake walk. After all, you might have packed your clothes many times in the past. All of us do this while going on a business or a leisure trip. However, packing your clothes while you are relocating is different from packing clothes in a briefcase for a short trip. The moment you think of relocating, you start wondering about how to pack these many clothes and move it safely and without hassles.

If you are relocating permanently to a new city with your family, there will be many wardrobes loaded with clothes. Packing it all safely can really become tedious, especially when you don’t know how to pack your clothes the right way.

10 steps to packing your clothes efficiently

While packing your clothes for relocating:

  • You have to ensure that you are packing it the right way
  • That the clothes remain clean and do not get dirty
  • The clothes are well organized and rightly folded
  • They are stacked correctly in boxes to save packing space

Luckily, you can get it right, and pack everything like the moving professionals.

With a little bit of effort and proper planning, you can pack your clothes right and move it safely without any worries of damage.

We have been working with some of the leading moving experts across India and we know what it takes to get the packing right. Here are a few of the best packing tips that’ll help you to pack your clothes safely when you’re relocating to a new city.

1. Declutter your wardrobe

Looking at the fully stuffed wardrobes can really be overwhelming for anyone. However, when you declutter and sort out the wardrobes, it will be much easier for you to plan, prepare and pack your clothes to move it safely. Decluttering will not just help you get the real inventory size, but it will also help you organize your clothes before packing. And this in turn may even help save your time and efforts.

So the first thing to do is to declutter your wardrobes and box bed and all other storage areas where you have your clothes.

Here’s how you can declutter your wardrobe before packing.

2. Get rid of clothes you don’t need

You may have many pairs of old clothes that you have not used for a long time. There may also be some clothes that do not fit well now, or you don’t feel like wearing anymore. Some of the clothes might have gone out of fashion, or you might have used them well and don’t plan to wear them anymore. There is no point in packing and taking these clothes to your new home.

So, get rid of all such clothes that you don’t want to wear anymore. This will help downsize your move substantially. And when you have fewer clothes to pack and move, you can save your time, efforts and money during the move.

Here’s what you can do with these clothes:

  • Give it away for free to the needy people. There are many charities and NGOs that collect all types of clothes and distribute it to those who need it the most.
  • Sell it out and earn some money
  • Get it recycled

And finally, you can also use some of these old clothes as a wrap while packing other fragile items during the move.

3. Keep aside to wear during the move

Now that all the unused clothes are out of the way, you should keep aside a pair of clothes you plan to wear on the moving day. While you can choose any of your favorite clothes as per the local season and weather conditions, I would suggest you pick a pair that is comfortable to wear.

Also, keep an extra pair of clothes, your personal towel, undergarments, pajamas etc so that you can take a bath in your new home without having to unpack the moving boxes. Keeping a few pairs of clothes handy in a separate duffle bag is always a good idea.

4. Segregate and group your clothes

Segregating and grouping similar clothes together can help greatly while packing for a move. One of the biggest advantages of grouping similar clothes is that you will be able to save space and pack them efficiently. Also, when you group and pack similar clthes together, you will be able to locate your clothes easily when needed in your new home.

The whole idea of segregating clothes and grouping them well based on the type of fabric, size, season and usage is to ensure you can pack them well and locate these items easily after moving. So do it well to avoid getting frustrated while packing and unpacking.

Here’s how you segregate and group your clothes for packing it efficiently.

Material type

Consider material type while segregating and grouping the clothes. For instance, cotton clothes, woolen clothes etc can be divided and packed in separate boxes.


In order to pack, unpack and locate items easily, you should group your clothes as per the season. For instance, winter wear clothes can be packed separately than the summer clothes and rainy season clothes.

Size and type

Needless to say, while sorting out and grouping items before packing, you should consider the size of the clothes. For instance all the bedding fabrics can be grouped room wise and packed separately. Similarly, formal and casual wear clothes can be separated and packed in different boxes.


You may require daily wear clothes immediately after moving to your new house, and hence it must be packed separately. Similarly all the undergarments, towels etc will be needed sooner than other clothes and therefore can be packed together.

5. Arrange boxes for packing

The next step in packing your clothes is to arrange a few moving boxes. You may get tempted to use normal grocery boxes, but you should use good quality moving boxes instead. You can source secured moving boxes to pack your clothes safely.

However, if that’s not an option, you can use the normal grocery bags with extra precaution like:

  • Doubling the boxes for extra strength
  • Wrapping it’s base properly with packing tape

Besides, you can also use other alternatives to the moving boxes like bean bags, duffle bags, briefcase etc. Besides, you have already sorted and organized your clothes, so you can easily figure out the number of boxes you may need for safe and secured packing.

6. Start packing your clothes

It’s time to get going now, and you can start by packing clothes that are already cleaned and dry. There will be many pairs of clothes that may require cleaning or sun drying. Leave such clothes aside for now and start packing the clothes that are already cleaned and dry. Ideally, you should not pack clothes that are moist and dirty with these clean and dry clothes.

However, while packing your clothes, just be cautious to not overstuff the moving boxes. The overall weight should not exceed the capacity of the box. If the boxes are over stuffed then it can tear down or get damaged during the move.

7. Use special cloth hanging boxes

In order to pack the costliest formal wear like suits etc, you can use the clothes moving boxes that have hanging facilities. Instead of stacking clothes, you can simply hang the clothes inside the box, wrap it well and get going.

8. Use suitcases and bags

Using suitcases and travel bags to pack clothes for moving is quite common. We have been packing clothes like that while traveling for shorter trips. But, you can pack some of your clothes in the briefcase and bags, especially the ones that you intend to use immediately after reaching your new home.

9. Move the dresser as it is

One of the other smart hacks for moving clothes is to leave it inside the cupboard or the dresser. However, you can’t leave all of the items. But you can well leave the smaller clothes and fabrics which are packed inside the drawers.

10. Don’t pack valuables with clothes

Packing for a move can be tedious and therefore sometimes we end up making silly mistakes. For instance, I have seen people put jewelry and cash inside the clothes while packing. Which is absolutely wrong, and you should not put such valuable items inside the clothes.

While packing your clothes, it’s better to not put anything else inside the box or behind the clothes or else it can easily get misplaced or lost during the move. Pack and move the entire valuables separately, be it jewelry or document or any other high worth material.


Even though you have been packing your clothes while going on a smaller trip, packing clothes when relocating your home can get tricky. Especially, because in this case, you are not just picking a couple of pairs of clothes and putting it in your travel bag. But, you have to pack all the clothes inside multiple wardrobes.

Therefore, it requires proper planning, the right set of boxes and strategic packing for a safe and cost-effective move. We have already shared a few of the best tricks and hacks that you can use while packing your clothes for relocating it safely.

If there’s any other query or concern, feel free to ask by commenting below.

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