Effective Pest Control at Home and How to Assess Infestation

Pests and bugs could cause hell lots of damage to your health and your properties as in home, office or other premises. We all know this, but what you may not know is by the time you discover them, they might have caused the damage to a good extent. Finding and assessing your pest infestation is where it all starts.

When you assess the situation and know that pests have infested to a good extent and you call a certified pest control expert, it may have already done the damage. So the early you find about infestation and assess the situation better and cost effective plans you can make for pest removal by cost effective pest control agencies in your city.

Effective Pest Control and How to asses the infestation

I have been through the situation and know how terrible it could get when you wake up one fine morning and notice a cockroach dancing in your wash basin; it’s going to be one horrible experience you would like to forget very soon. The problem with pests like cockroach is that they usually won’t appear when you are around. They will hide themselves in moist and dark corners in your bathroom, behind the sink or somewhere else when you can’t see them easily. They will come out when you have gone to bed and party and again hide themselves by the time you wake up.

Not only cockroaches, there are hell lots of other pests and bugs like rodent, termite, bed bugs (you can feel them every time you go to bed or seat on a sofa thankfully). We have published so many posts on pest control and how to remove them, but I am writing this post with a different purpose today. The idea is to share tips and ideas to assess these pests and then make strategies to get them removed from your house, workplace or any other premises for that matter.

How to assess and what to do for effective pest control

Importance of assessment of situation is very high. Some time you can do it yourself and at other times you may have to book a pest control expert, but nevertheless you must know first that there are pests and bugs that has to be removed. Often when we find a cockroach or line of ants, we kind of tend to ignore it and assume it could be one off incident. But that’s not right, because when you can see one, be rest assured there are many and if not, they will multiply sooner than your imagination.

So here’s how to assess pest infestation:

  • No matter dead or alive, did you see a cockroach or ants in your kitchen and do you see them often?
  • Is there any leakage or moist area in your kitchen or bathroom?
  • Inspect such places because pests like cockroach and ants usually hide themselves in such area
  • Try sealing such leakages or hole and see if they disappear, if not they must have infested well
  • Do you see dropping of rodent around? If yes, you need help
  • Did you notice any movement or sound in the ceiling or on the racks in your kitchen? If yes, it may be due to rodents or termites
  • Is there any other visible damage to the wall, wooden furniture bed etc?
  • Do you feel strange smell or see equal shaped dropping of black or white color? If yes, that’s sign of the pest like cockroaches.
  • Do inspect your kitchen, bathroom and dining area in the midnight because that’s the time when they come out.

When you pay attention to these small little things, you know whether you have pest infestation or not. Depending on the level of infestation, you can have a strategy to remove these pests from your home. Pests are unhygienic and carry lots of allergic and other diseases and hence you ought to pay attention and do whatever it takes for pest removal. Some time when infestation is not so deep, you can do effective pest control of your own using home ingredients but it’s better to book a professional pest control expert for pest removal when infestation is deep and beyond normal removal techniques.

Here’s what to do for effective pest control results

So now when you have identified the infestation of pest in your house, here’s how to remove them effectively. You can do pest removal yourself when the infestation is not so deep, but otherwise it’s worth taking help from a certified and effective pest control agency. So take a call after assessing everything but if you have decided do seething of your own, then here’s how to go about it.

  • Start by sealing all of the gaps near door, window, kitchen sink, and wash basin.
  • Make sure the garbage bin or buckets are always covered and it’s tight.
  • Stick to every day cleaning of floors, especially in kitchen and dining area because left out food particles is what attract these pests, especially ants and house flies.
  • Kitchen counter and work area should be cleaned on daily basis.
  • Make sure to keep kitchen jars sealed properly. When pests don’t have access to food and water, chances are they will fade away.
  • Declutter your house or premises to a good extent because pests may be hiding their and when you don’t leave a place for them to hide, they are bound to fade away.
  • You may try using baits near the places you think there pest infestation.
  • Last but not the least; make sure to keep your surroundings (in and out) clean. Trim trees in your garden occasionally and don’t dump garbage around.

There are many more ways to remove these pests, but the trick is to know when to call an expert and when to do it yourself.

Over to you

I hope you don’t have pests and bugs in your house, but still look around occasionally and the moment you find one, start looking around. It’s easier to remove pests when they have not infested deeply, once it does, it’s going to be difficult. Keep it clean, do it regularly and that should be enough to keep them away.

What do you do to assess infestation and for pest removal?

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