Essential Vastu Tips for Office: What to put where

Just like building a house and arranging the interiors in a negative way, the office too suffers consequences if not constructed and arranged properly. Surely, it needs to look good but if the disturbances hinder progress then it becomes difficult to maintain the growth of the office. Office is the place where hard work transforms into success. To let the success flow in properly, the arrangements need to be made in such a way that it facilitates the flow of positive energy into the building.

No matter how efficient professionals you may have hired, if they cannot contribute to the energy, the environment of the office will not stay serene and balanced and thus will lead to obstacles to growth. So we have to be very careful while planning a plot. Here, if the Vastu Shastra professionals are consulted then surely it will help to achieve the goals.

Essential Vastu Tips for Layout and construction of Office

To savor the intense feeling of success, you need to combine the design of your office with the doctrines of Vastu. You can follow these Vastu tips to keep in mind when constructing your office building.

1. To begin with, the plot for the office should be square or rectangular. This is something that may not be in your hand because you have to construct your office on the space available. But I have seen people leaving a space because it was not square. So it’s more about the self beliefs.

2. While planning the layout for your office, you should keep in mind that the doors of each room do not have any hindrance.

3. South west corner is the best place to put the side tables and telephones. I am sure you have cabinets and safe where you store important documents. You should place such office cabinets in the southwest direction in your office room.

4. There should be enough empty space in the central portion of the office. Leaving some space will give you a perfectly balanced atmosphere and breathing space.

5. There should be a rectangular desk in the cabin of the owner of the office. Today there are different types of options, from rounded to curved. Opt for the rectangular one possibly across your office.

6. The reception should be positioned in the northeast portion of the office. The windows and doors of the workplace must be placed in northern and eastern directions.

7. The middle level employees are best for being seated at the eastern and northern zones.

8. The southeast direction is good for keeping the accounts section. Pay attention to this very tip because the accounts department is vital in the success of any business.

9. Cabins for senior executives should be placed in the southern, western and southwestern sections.

10. Southeast or northwest zone should be the place for the pantry.

11. The Northwest of the office is to be kept reserved for the marketing department.

12. It is best to keep the office away from hospitals or graveyard because such places emanate negative energies.

13. The toilets should be constructed in the southwest and northeast direction.

14. Like always, the lights may be of halogen or incandescent. Too many harsh lights would cause eye strain and hamper the concentration of the employees.

15. The conference room is to be well planned and strictly according to Vastu Shastra.

16. The storage space should also be kept well organized even if you are storing unused stuff there.

17. The main work area should be kept well away from the clutter to avoid disturbances in the smooth flow of energy.

Over to you

The main aim towards designing the office based on Vastu Shastra is to achieve great efficiency which will automatically attract profit. The harmony that the Vastu Shastra will be able to achieve will gear the workers to work efficiently that will prove to be of great benefit for your company.

Be sure to get the analysis of your space done thoroughly so that the consultation goes just right. Mainly the analysis of the direction and placement of each item in the office is looked upon before finalizing the layout. If you are keen on seeing your business soar dizzying heights, it’s time you consult a Vastu Shastra specialist or an Office Interior Designer without wasting a minute.

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