How to Get Rid of Weaver Ants in Your Garden: Pest Control

The weaver ants or green ants generally make their nests on trees. Their nests looks like a cobweb cover on multiple leaves, where all this little evil creatures lurks behind and plan their next move to bite you. I have personally encountered weaver ant situation in my garden, they generally invades old trees to be precise. In my case it’s my favorite mango tree. Although they do not harm to the tree in any way but the only problem is that they can inflict painful bites which are poisonous in nature, contains formic acid and it can cause intense discomfort, pain and allergy.

I will provide you with some hands on tips about how to get rid of weaver ants from your garden and backyards without any hassles.

How to remove weaver ant

They will climb through the tree branches and roam around all over your house through the window or door area and can end up at your bed or sofa too. They even climb through the ropes where we put our clothes to dry off; they eventually end up inside our apparels and undergarments too. Just imagine how dangerous it can be.

These weaver ants are extremely smart and fast, for instance you have spot one of them and even if you raise your hand to hit them they apprehend the coming threat in advance and make a run for their lives. They are the smartest kind of ants I have ever seen. You will never get rid of them if you plan to kill them one by one.

It is always advised to use professional pest control services to eradicate and prevent pest infestations. But if you still insist on trying to do something yourself, then you may like to try some of these tricks and tips.

Here’s how I got rid of weaver ants

I will share you my own experience with weaver ants. How I got rid of them, after which they never showed up on my garden again.

Like every other pest problem you need to get to their origins to get rid of them from the roots, the first thing you need to do is find their nests, where there queen resides. If you can kill the queen then they will readily surrender to you. A typical weaver ant’s nest will either look like a combined structure of leaves surrounded with cobwebs or simply some awkward looking leaves folded together.

But beware before you do anything to the nest, make sure that after you attack there nest (that immediately triggers an alert to them and they try to run for cover), they didn’t come back running to your home instead. Hence you need to make proper arrangements to prevent that, you can trim the branches of your tree if it touches the walls of your house, this way you will break the potential bridge they might use to migrate to your building, do make sure that they stay there and die in peace.

You need to apply the “drenching” technique to ensure that they cannot escape when you hit their nest. Pour the pesticide on the soil around the trees trunk before you start shooting their nest. It will trap them and not let them escape under any circumstances.

Now when you are done with securing the perimeter around their colony, break all hell lose and spray mercilessly with your chemical pesticide.

Congratulations now you have finally won the battle against them and successfully got rid of these errant weaver ants permanently.

Although there is another less messy way to deal with them, but it might not be that effective too but you can try it once.

To eliminate these weaver ants outdoors is simple you got to eliminate the queen to kill the colony. You can use a liquid pesticide to saturate the nest. If you have trouble finding it, you can try an “ant gel” in areas that you see them traveling. They will take the poison back to the nest and share it with the larvae and hopefully the queen. Gels will not last that long in the weather so you may want to try several applications if you plan to go that route. The best option, however, is to contact a licensed pest control expert who can deal with the situation in an environment friendly way.


Well getting rid of weaver ants is certainly not an easy task to do, even after taking so much of precautions against them you might still got bitten by few of the weaver ants during your fight against them. Hence before you make up your mind to take on these pests on your own consider hiring a professional pest control company, they will deal with these pests in a more professional and environment friendly manner.

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