6 Common Home Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you cleaning your home regularly but not quite happy with the results? Home cleaning may not look like a technical task, but the fact is, it is. Unless you use right set of tools, cleansers and techniques, you may not be able to get the desired results after cleaning. There are a few home cleaning mistakes, that I learned about, from a friend who runs a commercial cleaning service in Kolkata, India. Initially I was a little unsure, but when I practiced those techniques and started avoiding those home cleaning mistakes I used to make earlier, I can feel the difference myself. Not only it increased my efficiency, it giving better results too.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a big bungalow, keeping it neat and clean is always going to be challenging. You may be very particular about cleaning your home every day, and deep cleaning it once or twice every three months, but do you think its perfectly cleaned every time? May be not. Because may be you are making some home cleaning mistakes, probably unknowingly. It’s okay to call professional cleaners for home cleaning, but its much better to know about those home cleaning mistakes and get better ate cleaning your own house next time on wards.

Common Home cleaning mistakes worth avoiding

6 home cleaning mistakes worth avoiding

If you like to keep your house clean and you usually clean it yourself or get it cleaned by your help, I am sure knowing about these home cleaning mistakes will help you in many ways.

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1. Using inappropriate cleaner: Using absolutely wrong chemical based cleaner is the first and foremost cleaning mistake we make. So, you must always buy cleaners according to the needs of the particular home appliances or other items that you want to clean. For instance, you cannot use phenol for cleaning your windows; can you? Similarly, you can’t use glass cleaner to clean your floors. Therefore, use only those cleaners, which are recommended for a particular ‘element’, such as floor cleaner for floors and glass cleaners for glass items.

2. Not reading directions before usage: This is another cleaning mistake we make when cleaning. We use different types of cleaning supplies available in the market from herbal cleansers to chemical ones. And different products are supposed to be used differently and hence its important to read the direction to use as mentioned on the label of the product you are using. Before using these cleansers and other cleaning supplies, please read and understand the direction as mentioned on the label before using it. Following the directions is very important, because you never know how the chemical would react if you overtly use it.

3. Not planning beforehand: After you have thought about cleaning your home or your household stuff, you must plan the process really well in advance. For example, before cleaning the home, you must decide which things to clean first and which to clean at the last, or which room to start from, and etc. This way you’ll make your cleaning task very easy and smooth. If you don’t plan your cleaning, you may end up in a mess. That’s why, it is always advisable to prepare a checklist before cleaning home, in order to make the task easy, and also to avoid cleaning mistakes.

4. Using chemical spray on electronic gadgets: Yes, in the advertisements they may portray that a general cleaner can clean even your television screens or other electronic goods. But, that does nothing good at all; because electronic goods are delicate, and can easily get damaged with the use of general cleaner. Therefore, don’t use the glass cleaning sprays over your laptop, desktop, or television screens.

5. Cleaning windows on a scotching day: If you think your glass windows would shimmer at its best on a bright sunny day after cleaning them, then you are wrong. Instead, the glass cleaner would get evaporated easily under the sun leaving behind streaks or stains. Hence, if you are planning to clean your windows, clean them when the sky is cloudy.

6. Spraying cleaners directly on the surface: The adverts may show the model spraying the cleaner directly over a household good, but that’s one of the cleaning mistakes! You should always spray the liquid on to the cloth that you’ll use to clean the particular substance.

Over to you

Cleaning homes can be fun and efficient when you know right techniques and use right tools and supplies. There are different types of cleaning supplies available today, from electronic gadgets to fiber and cotton clothes we use them all along with natural, herbal and chemical cleansers. Its important to know how to use these products, for how long and for which purpose. When you know about these common home cleaning mistakes and void it completely, you will feel the difference. You will be able to clean your home much efficiently and with greater results.