Housekeeping and Cleaning Services in Bangalore and Elsewhere

Gone are the days when you had to clean your kitchen, living area, sofa set and carpet yourself. Today if you feel like you need cleaning or housekeeping services, you can simply dial and book housekeeping and cleaning services in major cities like Bangalore or Delhi NCR. House cleaning services has evolved over a period of time and today you can book professionally placed housekeeping and facility management companies and fortunately these services are not that costly.

You might prefer doing it on your own but if you want the extra leisure time you have to go for professional help, well worth the price. But booking housekeeping companies for cleaning services can be tricky at times, especially when you don’t have substantial information about housekeeping companies. 

Housekeeping Services in Bangalore & Elsewhere

There are two basic types of housekeeping professionals’ e.g. independent housekeepers who work on their own, and well placed Facility Service Company who have employed and trained man power to take on the housekeeping jobs. It’s better to work with the companies than the independent contractors because you may face issues of work eligibility and withholding taxes.

This post is to give you a good overview of how to book a housekeeping and facility service company for one time house cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet cleaning or other cleaning services.

Here’s how to book cleaning services in Bangalore or elsewhere

You know what, there are plenty of options and especially in major cities like Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad or other cities. But when you have lots of choices, taking a call could be just difficult. So let me tell you how to get it right.

House cleaning services by individual pros

Working with individual cleaning pros can be better for one off cleaning and if you are looking to get it at the lowest possible rates. You can expect them to offer personalized attention to details and get additional value added services such as folding clothes, and making up beds, beyond the usual cleaning.

But there are cons as well when you work with an individual cleaning pro. For example in case they failed to show up due to health issues or some other problem; there isn’t a back-up team to take their place. For individuals, it may be a little hard to check their background, after all an individual is an individual and secondly, they may not offer all types of services or may lack professional cleaning equipment.

Booking a housekeeping and facility service company

When you are working with a company, you know that the company is an entity and they have a team to look after every single task. They are well placed, have access to state of the art tools and equipments for cleaning and well trained staff. They have a team of experienced service professionals and technicians for various tasks. And since they are under control from the central administration of their company, they are bound to behave as their company reputation is also at stake. There will be proper coverage if some of your item gets damaged during housekeeping.

Secondly, when you work with a company, you have plenty of specific services to choose from. Whether you need one time bathroom cleaning or carpet and sofa cleaning services or over tank cleaning, that one housekeeping company will be able to help you with all of the services. Obviously they use best quality cleaning materials and state of the cleaning tools and equipments.

Here’s more on how to book cleaning services

Choosing a cleaning service is like choosing a doctor. If you are concerned about the safety of your home and belongings, find reputable housekeeping service company that have references for you to contact. Consider asking your friends, neighbors, coworkers or family members whom they would recommend.

But you know what you can use ServiceSutra to get introduced with professional housekeeping companies in India. There is no need for you to even search or call a housekeeping company. ServiceSutra will bring them to you so that you can evaluate and compare their rates for cleaning and housekeeping services before taking a decision. So simply post your housekeeping needs here to get started now for free.

But while speaking with the pro, here’s what you should ask them to understand them and their services in better ways. The more you know about them, the better decision you can make.

  • What type of products do they use for cleaning?
  • Do they change cleaning cloths between homes?
  • Are they licensed and bonded in case of damage of any kind?
  • How long have they been in the housekeeping business?
  • Do they train their people and do the background checks before employing?

Asking these questions will help you know them better. Obviously rates of services are going to vary but then don’t expect highest rates or lowest rate offer to be the best. Think logically and you will win.

Over to you

Professional housekeeping services are available for all types of cleaning and it’s not all the costly. You can hire housekeeping companies for one time cleaning services for your home or office or go for an annual contract. You can hire them through references of your friends, family or directly using ServiceSutra. What housekeeping services do you use and how do you find a house keeping company for home and offices?

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