How to Clean Carpet at Home by Hand on Your Own

How to clean carpet at home by HandThe carpet covers the maximum portion of your room, the floors are the most treaded upon objects of your room, thus susceptible to stains and damage. The clean carpet has a significant role in maintaining hygiene in your home. You must keep your carpet clean and tidy every day. The carpet is not small in size, the size of the carpet make it a bit difficult to clean it. It’s not easy to clean the carpet at home by hand, especially when you are cleaning it for the first time. Carpet cleaning is a little different than usual day to day cleaning and it requires different techniques. In this post, today, I will discuss how to clean carpet at home by hand when you don’t have access to the carpet cleaner.

The carpets can be the storehouse of germs, dirt and dust particles. The carpet may seem clean from outside, but you can actually see the dirt once you start cleaning it. There are various kinds of fabrics for carpets, hence the products used for cleaning the carpet must be chosen judiciously too. There are cleaning agencies available in your city who can help you with carpet cleaning services, but you may not feel like hiring their services every time.

Before we look at the various ways to clean the carpets at your home, let us have a quick look at the reasons why carpet cleaning is so important?

Why is it necessary to clean the carpet?

It is important to keep the carpet clean and tidy. Listed below are some of the reasons why it should be cleaned;

  • The carpet is used every day. You walk on it, you sometimes sit on it. If you have kids, then they come in contact with the carpet on a daily basis. The kids have a tendency to pick something from the floors and put that in mouth. They often pick up items from the floors. Sometimes the kids often pick up food from the floors and eat it too.
  • If the carpets are dirty then it can cause various diseases like stomach problems and flu.
  • If you have dust allergy, then it can aggravate in the presence of a dirty carpet. The dust particles settle on the carpet, when you walk on them, they rise from the carpet and mix with the air. This results into a much polluted room.
  • If there are any stains, then it must be cleaned immediately. The stains often tend to get stubborn as the carpets are made of fabrics. The prolonged stains can give out foul odor too.

Tips to clean the carpet at home by hand

The carpet can be cleaned by following few simple steps.

  • Beat the carpet under the sun. Go back to the god old traditional days when grandma used stick to beat the carpet and the rug. Use a stick to beat the carpet under the sun. You can see the heavy amount of dust particles emitted by the carpet. You must wear mask while you beat the carpet.
  • If you see any hard particles or granules of foods, then first remove the food particles with brush. The clean the area with a proper solution.
  • Clean the carpet immediately if you see any spills or stains. Foods, oil based items like nail polish, ink or lipsticks can fall on the carpets and you may panic seeing the carpet getting dirty. Take a cloth, apply some rubbing alcohol in the area, and rub continuously. You can use vinegar and water to clean the stain too.
  • Mix some washing detergents and warm water, and rub the stained area. Continue the process till you see the stain getting lighter.
  • You can use vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet every day. The vacuum cleaner can suck up the dirt effectively from the carpet.

In case you are unable to clean the carpet due to its stubborn stains or the large size of the carpet, you can take the help of the professional cleaners. The professional cleaners are expert and experienced and they have the right chemicals that can remove the stubborn stains effectively.

To conclude

The clean carpet is the main mantra to ensure the hygiene in your room. The dirty carpets can cause several health problems, so it is better to clean them regularly. You use the carpet every day, so why not clean it regularly? If you clean it regularly, then the situation will not go out of hand and you can do the task easily. So, you have read the article? I think, now you have got an idea of how to clean the carpet at your home. You can use DIY projects or take professional help for cleaning the carpet of your home. But, it is mandatory to clean the carpet for a safe and healthy living!

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