How to Decorate The Balcony of Your House

How to decorate the BalconyThe balcony can be a perfect getaway of your home. You must be thinking how can I make such a statement? Yes, I am being very serious here; your balcony can be the perfect spot of your home. How do you use your balcony? Do you keep a discolored chair there which you cannot keep in sitting room? Is your balcony small, and you think it cannot be decorated? Well, in this post, I will answer all your queries, and will discuss how to decorate the balcony of your home.

Treat your balcony with some love, and it will come to life, trust me on this. I have changed my balcony from a wreck to a cozy place by following some of these balcony decorating tips i am sharing in this post. You do not require huge lump sum of money to decorate the balcony, all you need is some bright ideas and creativity.

8 Ways to Decorate The Balcony

Balcony can be a very interesting and unique space if done properly. It is a part of your home, but also a doorway to the outside environment. The balcony is not like a garden which is fully exterior space; the balcony is rather very well connected to the interior of the room. And if you are wondering about ways to decorate the balcony, then here are some of the quick and simple ways to decorate the balcony of your house.

Let us see how this interesting space can be decorated with some love and care.

1. Do not neglect your balcony: The balcony deserves your love, really. Do not treat the area as some dump room where you stash the items which are too bad to be included in your home. The balcony can give you the breath of fresh air. You can actually sit and relax in your balcony and enjoy the cool breeze. Clean the balcony and free the space from unwanted items and clutter.

2. Flirt with the floors: Start the project with the floors. You can do the floors with any materials you want. But I suggest that do not cover the whole balcony with carpet, as then it will be difficult to clean the carpet. You can make the floors with wood, and then cover it partially with rugs. If your balcony is small, then the question of carpet is a complete no-no. If your room floors are of marble or tiles, then you can continue flooring the balcony with same material as well. Or, to separate the balcony from the rest of the house, you can use granite or laminate or any other material.

3. Reuse and Recycle: This is a very creative and innovative field. You can exercise your imagination and use the objects that you already have. By this method, you can save a lot of bucks and also use the so called unused items. Do you have any discoloured chair which you dumped in balcony? Or some unused towels, or some empty cans? This is the time you can put them in good use. Paint the chairs and the cans in some bright popping vibrant colours. You can use oil paint to give a shiny and glossy look. Choose any colour of your choice, vibrant pink, cherry red, shiny golden yellow anything. After you paint these objects, you will see that the objects have changed a lot, obviously in a good way. You can wash the old towels, and do some stitches with colourful threads and make a design or a pattern. Or you can paint the towels with fabric colours too. These are the few methods by which you can change some old unused dumped items.

4. Go Green: Adding greenery to the place is the most amazing, lively and also easiest way to add life to the space. Use the newly coloured cans as plant pots. Fill the cans with some garden soil, and place some plants which can grow easily. You can also keep cactus or some succulents. You can go to the nursery and ask for some plants which require less care and water. You can keep the plant pots along the sides of the floors, or you can also hang them by some nails. Hanging garden looks nice too.

5. Make the place cozy: This is where those modified towels will come handy. You can make the chair look cozy by covering the hard wooden body with some bright towels. You can also keep some cushions there too, to make it more cozy and warm.

6. Fresh flowers: If you have some glass or jars which you do not use now, you can turn them into flower vase. Pour some waters in them and keep a bouquet of fresh flowers, of various sizes and colours. If you have some empty drinks bottles, that also you can use as vase. The fresh flowers can add life to any dry arid and boring place.

7. Some lights: To make the place bright, you can use some tiny tinker lights, it is better if you avoid the bright LED or CFL lights, as you do not need such bright lights for your balcony. The colourful tinker lights will add a glow to the place. You can also place some scented candles here, or some hanging paper lanterns. You can just keep a bowl, filled with colourful pebbles and then stick a candle there; with mundane objects you can create awesome items.

8. Hang a hammock: Do you have any old cloth that you do not use any more? You can turn this cloth as a hammock and tie it in the balcony. You can swing and relax on it as per your mood. You can choose some colourful cloths with some floral patterns may be, to go well with the rest of the place. 

Over to you

You see, all the ideas here can be brought to life using some mundane useless objects. The objects which otherwise found their place in dump store, can easily make the balcony look lively. Use some creative ideas and you can decorate the balcony with cost effective DIY projects. Now that you have read my article, I think you are bubbling with some creative and innovative ideas for your balcony. I hope I could help you with some ideas of how to decorate the balcony of your home. Now that you know, get set and go. Make the place full of life and colours.

Happy Decorating!

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