3 Reasons to Use a Laundry Service for Your Towels and Linens

You have an automatic washing machine at home. In theory, all you have to do is put your dirty linens and towels into the wash, turn the device on, choose your program, and leave the machine to do its magic.

Why, then, should you consider letting a professional laundry service handle your towel cleaning and bed linen washing? Below are three reasons.

1. Save Time and Effort

According to the Sleep Foundation, one should wash their bed linens after one week of use. Consumer Reports, meanwhile, recommends washing bed sheets at least once every two weeks.

Bath towels, likewise, must be similarly swapped out at least once every week, while washcloths need to be washed at least twice a week, according to a post on the Cleveland Clinic blog. A medical microbiologist interviewed by CNN in one of its features agrees to this once-a-week bath towel cleaning and replacement schedule.

Others prescribe even much more frequent towel washing. Consumer Reports, for instance, recommends that towels be washed after three to four uses.

These rules of thumb only set guidelines on the maximum elapsed time recommended between linen and towel washing. In other words, if one is particularly sweaty, is recovering from illness, has skin infections, or has had extraordinary circumstances happen (i.e., a beverage spill, a baby soiling the linen, etc.), the interval between washings must become shorter.

Considering how often you must wash your bed linens and towels (at least once a week, probably more), you must run one cycle to wash your linens and a separate cycle to wash your towels. Towels are supposed to be washed separately for best fabric care results.

If you are washing many sets of linens (one for your bedroom and two more for two other bedrooms, for instance), you will need to do a minimum of three rounds of laundry just for the linens and another round for the towels.

That’s a lot of time and effort. Add to that the work required by sorting your linens and towels before you begin washing them and the similar amount of work you must spend sorting and folding them after the laundry is done.

That is just linen and towels, too. How much more time and effort must you expend on laundry when you figure in washing your clothes? Imagine the work that must go into cleaning your clothes that require delicate care through hand or separate washing — say, your powder blue floral embroidered silk organza dress?

There’s an alternative to going through all this time-consuming and tiresome process. Instead of doing it all yourself, why not opt for the convenience of relying on a laundry service to do everything for you?

There is no contest. It is so much easier and more efficient (time- and effort-wise) to have a professional laundry service wash and clean your towels and linens for you.

2. Save Water and Electricity

Considering all of the cycles you must run to wash your bed linen and towels, you can imagine how much water and energy doing your laundry requires. It is true that washing machines today are much more efficient than they used to be. Even so, you will still inevitably use a lot of water and electricity to run the many cycles your laundry requires.

This is especially true of those automatic washing machines that wash and tumble dry in one continuous cycle. You cannot fill such machines to capacity; there must be plenty of room for effective drying to take place. Thus, you might need to divide a load of laundry into multiple loads and therefore use more water and electricity.

In contrast, commercial laundry services have industrial washing machines that are typically more technologically advanced and efficient than made-for-home-use appliances. They also have systems in place to maximize their operational efficiency, including their water and energy use.

Indeed, when you let professionals clean your soiled linen and towels, you not only save time and effort but also on water and electricity costs. More importantly, by choosing a water- and energy-efficient facility to handle your laundry, you also benefit the earth by reducing the strain cleaning your towels and linens has on the environment.

3. Benefit From Laundry Expertise

If you are craving a delicious, beautifully constructed cake, get a pâtissier or a pastry chef to make it for you. Likewise, if you want maximum tax savings, get the help of a tax accountant. The point is if you want your duvet, duvet covers, bed sheets, bathrobes, and bath towels properly washed and cleaned, let laundry experts handle them.

Unless you work in fashion or textile manufacturing or are a particularly devoted laundry hobbyist, you cannot know how to properly clean or wash every type of fabric there is. Professional laundry services, however, have made it their business to know such things.

Professional, well-established laundry services know their fabrics. Thus, rest assured they will handle your things with care and give you the best results.

Over to you

Towels and linens need to be washed at least once a week. Save time and effort, save on water and electricity costs, help the environment, and get the best results by letting a professional laundry service wash and clean them for you.

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