How to Clean Ceiling Easily – Dusting, Stains, Ceiling fans and more

Everyone cares about their homes, and they look after its beauty and cleanliness as much as possible. In fact, the beauty of a home increases automatically when it is kept clean. But in our daily cleaning process, or even weekly cleaning process, do we cover every part of the home? Wait and think, do we really clean every part? No, we don’t, we just clean the floors every day and dust the house once in a week, and monthly we clean our walls ( that too doubtful). What about the ceilings then? Aren’t they important? Surely you won’t like your ceiling to look ugly either; therefore, you need to clean ceiling thoroughly and perfectly.

When it comes to cleaning ceiling thoroughly and perfectly, you will not only need to indulge in cleaning the ceiling’s dust and spider webs, but will also include cleaning every single thing related to the ceiling, such as a ceiling fan, molds and stains. Obviously, when you want to clean ceiling thoroughly, you’ll need to clean the fan too, otherwise the ceiling would look clean and the fan too untidy.

Tips to clean ceiling easily

The best way to clean and clear your home is by hiring a good house cleaning service locally available in your city. But if you want to save money, you can also clean ceiling thoroughly and perfectly yourself. All you need is ample time in hand, proper equipment, patience and maybe one or two more helping hands to clean ceiling thoroughly and perfectly.

Procedure to clean ceiling thoroughly and perfectly

If you are confused about how to clean ceilings thoroughly and perfectly, then here are few ways in which you can implement this task at ease and perfectly:

Inspecting and cleaning dusts

Before you clean ceiling thoroughly and perfectly, you’ll need to know what problem you ceiling is suffering from. Is it a stain, mold issue, or just dust and spider webs. Unless you know and problem your ceiling is facing, you won’t be able to clean ceiling thoroughly and perfectly.

If you ever notice the top of your wardrobe or any other furniture or appliance, you’ll see a layer of dust fallen over it. This dust falls mostly from the ceiling. Therefore, use a tall broomstick to clean ceiling thoroughly and perfectly. Also, clean the corners of your ceiling, because that’s the place where the spiders create webs.

How to clean smoke stains on ceiling

If you detect that your ceiling has some stains, then you’ll have to prepare yourself properly for cleaning that stains. In case of ceiling stains, you’ll again have to understand which type of stain it is, and act accordingly. All stains can’t be same, and all can’t be cleansed using a single cleaning solution or product. So detect the type of stains.

Cleaning smoke stains on ceiling

Smoke stains are mostly found in the ceilings of your kitchen and prayer room (Pooja room). These stains are usually yellow in color, and sometimes may even be black or gray as a result of soot deposition. To clean this type of stain, you’ll need a stiff brush, warm water, Trisodium Phosphate, sponge, stain blocker, ladder, and a paint to match your ceiling.

Briskly brush the smoke stain using the stiff brush, and brush away all the loose particles. Then, mix a solution of one-fourth cup of Trisodium Phosphate with one gallon of warm water. Apply this solution to the stain using a sponge, until the stain is removed completely. Rinse the area well with a clean sponge and warm water, until the solution is completely removed. Finally, allow it to dry completely and apply primer, and then paint the area.

Cleaning molds and water stains on ceiling

Your ceilings suffer from water satin mostly in the monsoon season because the rain water seeps into your building and cause seepage, which in return results to water stains. So, before you remove water stains, repair the source of water stains. To remove or clean water stain on ceilings, you’ll require water, bleach, paint, and primer.

First examine the water stain properly, if you find molds then make a solution of water and bleach ( ratio would be 1:1) and blot the area carefully so that the molds are killed. Then let the area dry completely; if required turn on the fans and let it dry. After it dries, use the primer over it and again let it dry. After the primer completely dries, paint the area.

Here’s how to clean the ceiling fan

Cleaning a ceiling fan is important because, it is also a part of the ceiling. If your ceiling is shiny and your fan dirty, would that look good? No, right? That’s why it is necessary to clean the ceiling fans. How? Here it goes:
Prepare a solution of distilled water and vinegar, and pour it in a spray bottle. Then spray this solution inside a cloth bag or pillow cover.
Take the cloth bag or a pillow case (inside which the solution is sprayed), and slip the bag or the pillowcase over each fan blade. Then pull it back to trap the dirt of the blade.

And you are done! Isn’t is simple and amazing?

Over to you

If you have to have a dirty ceiling or the one having many stains, then you seriously need to clean ceiling thoroughly and properly. If you care about cleaning your floors and other household goods, then why not the ceilings? So, if you have dirty ceilings and other issues related to the ceiling as mentioned above, then followed all these procedures thoroughly and properly. If you feel you can’t spend time on cleaning the ceiling, contact a good cleaning service and they can do it for you and it does not cost a lot. Since they are experts, they can clean your ceiling professionally without issues.

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