Easy Guide To Making An Energy Efficient House

Have you ever wondered what comprises a major portion of your entire monthly expenditure? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s the energy bills of your house and there is no doubt about it. But, what if I say that you can make an energy efficient house easily and effrotlessly? Well, thats true and thats what we are discussing in today post.

In fact, statistics say that, the average annual fuel bills have doubled with a whopping surge by $1700 in the U.S. Since it includes both electricity as well as gas bills, a continual rise is expected within the next few years.

So, don’t ever compromise on saving the energy of your house even when you are at the pinnacle of decorating your dwelling and making it aesthetically appealing. The fact is you need to know how to strike the perfect balance between the two. Yes, creating an impressive home is still possible too by saving on your energy bills to a reasonable extent.

Wondering how? Well, to make things easier here are some tips and tricks to making an energy efficient home you can consider.

Get the insulation right

Getting your insulation proper is one of the finest ways to improve the energy of your home. In case, there isn’t any proper insulation, do the needful in order to make it prim- and-proper.

Otherwise, chances are there that half the heat in your house will escape either through the walls or roof. On the contrary, well-insulated walls mean reduced energy bills. Most importantly, it’s a sustainable way to save on your energy bills as well. So, getting the insulation right is the key to making an energy efficent house.

Pay attention to the exterior paint

The exterior paint of your house can play a crucial role in increasing the temperature inside and making your house energy efficient. So, to make it significantly cooler, consider coloring your house with relatively lighter tones.

Doing so, will not only get your home a sober appearance but will also reduce its energy bills to a great extent. Nowadays, going green is the trend. So, why not adhere to this mantra even while painting your house?

And the best part is you are contributing to saving our Mother Earth by minimizing your energy cost reasonably.

Consider lowering the bar

Energy-efficiency doesn’t have to be a hassle all the time. In fact, there are a few easy-breezy hacks implementing which you can save a lot of energy bills for your home. They predominantly include premium fixtures, lowered ceilings, a proper fireplace, sturdy rugs and carpets, so on and so forth.

Like, you can install a quality fireplace in your house and stay warm even during the coldest months of winter. This way, you can save on the energy bills of your house quite a bit. Besides, getting your rugs and carpets proper at this time is imperative as they too can trap the warm air and make you feel cozy and comfy from inside. All this and many more that too without any additional costs.

Again, while selecting the fixtures do not compromise on quality even if you have to pay a little more. This is because if your geysers are dripping or faucets are leaking, it means that they are going to consume a lot of energy and that’s for sure.

Also, you can install fans in each of your rooms instead of those fancy decorative lightings. Do you know why? The reason is fans decrease the extent to which energy is used in your house during the months of summer.

In a word, a bit of conscious choice from now can save your home’s annual energy bills favorably. Plus, you are taking the next step as well in reducing your carbon footprint as effectively as possible.

Prioritize your bathroom and kitchen fixtures

While you are installing fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen, you need to consider the Energy-Star Rating that each of them has got. Say for instance, for your living-rooms or bedrooms, you can opt for floor lamps, chandeliers and ceiling lights etc.

Similarly, under-cabinet lighting can also be a feasible option for the kitchen of your dream home and you can definitely install one.

Coming to your bathroom, you can get a water heater without any tank for it. Aside from that, consider installing toilets and shower heads that are outright energy-efficient.

By doing so, you can save a great deal of energy bills at the end of each month and there is no doubt about that. To add on to this saving, you can install solar water heaters in your bathroom as welland reap the maximum benefits of what is called sunbathing.

Make your windows energy-efficient

The kinds of blinds, curtains and draperies you choose for your windows can make a huge difference in increasing or reducing your monthly energy bills. Hence, make sure that the windows of your house are adorned in proper window coverings that help intensify natural heating and solar lighting to a reasonable extent.

In fact, according to statistics, maximum heat loss is caused due to the warm air escaping from the windows. So, go for shades, blinds and curtains that retain the temperature inside properly.

Select double-glazed windows as they are fantastic choices, insulating both noise and heat like anything. On the contrary, choosing single-glazed windows would be a bad idea as their insulation capacity is really poor.

Focus on the skylights of your home

Proper skylights can improve the ventilation, heating and lighting of your house quite a bit. So, install only good-quality skylights as they can reduce your lighting, cooling as well as heating bills a lot.

Before installing, make sure you verify its salient features well. Doing so would let you take complete advantage of the skylight and the way it is notably contributing in minimizing your monthly energy bills.

Energy-efficient house is now a whisker away!

Still wondering how to make your abode utterly energy-efficient? Then, implement the tips and tricks mentioned above and create a residence that is not only low energy but environment-friendly too.

This is because we all are becoming conscious about our Mother Earth with each passing day. Making your own house fuel-efficient would be the first step in doing that. So try some of the tricks we discussed above about making an energy efficient house. Hope you like today’s guide and find the information useful.

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