Best Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home Naturally

Having too many eight legged pests in home? Not able to identify who these eight legged creatures are? Well, they are none other than spiders residing and hanging in every single corner of your rooms. Maybe they are not irritating you, or biting you because they stay in a higher altitude, yet their webs can make your home’s ceiling look extremely untidy.

And to get rid of such spider webs, you’ll need to clean the ceilings with the tall broomstick every week; you can’t wait to clear the webs till the yearly deep cleaning task. The more you keep this task pending, the more they’ll keep expanding their webs. So, to stop them from doing so, rip and tear their webs and keep spiders out of your home.

Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

By cleaning your home’s ceiling, you’ll no doubt clear the spider webs. But, do you think this will help you to curb these pets? No, it will never stop them. You’ll need to completely keep them out of your home, so that they don’t return and start making their webs again and again. The best option to keep spiders out of your home is by calling a pest control agency. But, if you think you want to save money and instead try out something else, then are are chemicals that you can use to keep spiders out of your home. But using those chemicals yourself could be dangerous, because only a professional can handle harmful chemicals in the right way. Therefore, avoid chemicals and opt for natural remedies to keep spiders out of your home.

5 best natural ways to keep spiders out of your home

If you have a serious problem issues in your house, instead of choosing chemicals choose some natural remedies. Here are some best natural ways in which you can keep spiders out of your home:

1. Vinegar

White vinegar is seriously the best kind of natural ingredient one can have in house. Because, this not only helps you to enhance the taste of the food, but also help you to clean and clear your toilet/bathroom area. And amazingly, vinegar can also help you repel pests from home, such as the spiders. So, what you need to do is fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and water, and they spray the solution in the cracks, cervices and every corner of your home to keep spiders out of your home. You need to spray this solution regularly, and then you’ll see and feel the difference.

2. Peppermint

You can also use peppermint to keep spiders away from your home, because they hate this herb. You’ll just need to fill a spray bottle with water and add a few droplets of peppermint essential oil, and then spray it around your home where you find more spider webs. This will not only keep spiders away, but will also give your home a refreshing aroma.

3. Citrus peel

Orange peels are very effective to keep spiders away from your home, because these eight legged bests can tolerate citrus fruits. So, take a citrus fruit such as orange or lemon, and take off the peel. Next, use that peel to rub over the areas or walls where you often see these pests making webs or dwelling.

4. Tobacco

So, it is a good news for smokers, you can use tobacco to keep spiders away from your home. But here is a twist; you cannot lite a cigarette and curb them, instead you’ll have to take some tobacco out of the cigarette and sprinkle in the areas where these pests dwell. Spiders hate the smell of tobacco, so obviously they’ll leave your home if they smell tobacco.

5. Eucalyptus Oil

You can buy eucalyptus essential oil and use it to keep spiders away from your home. Apply few drops of eucalyptus oil in the corners or cracks of a room, where the spiders linger more. The smell of this oil or the eucalyptus herb makes them agitated, and they’ll automatically leave the corners.

Over to you

Spiders may stay or create webs on your ceilings where you hardly touch or do anything else. But, the spiders may even land over your floor or other household goods such as furniture. What if they bite? Yes, you heard it right, some of them even bite. So, keep spiders out of your home and protect yourself from their bites by following the five best natural ways to keep spiders away from your home.

But if you still feel you need professional help, then feel free to use professional pest control services by top rated pest exterminators at ServiceSutra. We can help you get hold of a cost-effective pest control agencies available in your city within minutes and for free. Feel free to spread the word by sharing this post.

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