How to clean kitchen and make it healthy & hygienic quickly

Kitchen cleaning is one of the most essential parts of my daily routine because I trust cleaning is certainly a way of life. When you cook in a clean kitchen and serve it to your family in a tidy dining area, you get a different kind of satisfaction. It gives you a great feeling and also ensures that your family is fit and healthy.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen is very important and you should not ignore it at any cost. Some of us like to keep it clean and some of us just hate the cleaning more than anything else because they feel it requires a lot of effort and time. But that’s not how you should approach kitchen cleaning, you ought to have a routine and know how to clean kitchen. Some of us in major cities don’t get time to look after cleaning and if that’s the case with you, you should hire a cleaning service provider or adjust your time to do it yourself.

How to clean kitchen and make it healthy & hygienic

As I said, I like to keep my kitchen and entire house for that matter neat, uncluttered and clean, I am sharing some easy to follow kitchen cleaning tips that you should check and benefit from.

How to clean kitchen and keep it sanitized at all time

Cleaning simply means clearing the debris and surface dirt, but germ cleaning is also an important part of the cleaning process. General cleaning might not be enough to eradicate germs rather they may re-appear sooner that you have imagined.

These germs mainly linger in the kitchen and bathroom from where they get an easy access to your body. Do you think that kitchen cleaners are good enough to clean and disinfect all the germs in one go? Especially if your kitchen or bathroom surface is heavily soiled or wet, then the disinfectant might not be good enough to get rid of the germs.

Expert’s recommends using a recycled paper towel instead of a kitchen sponge might produce better cleaning results while cleaning curbs and spills from kitchen counter tops. After cleaning just throw the paper towel in the trash and then apply a disinfectant immediately. After applying it wash your hands properly. Remember to read the instruction labels on these disinfectants before applying them.  While buying them see if their label says “Sanitize and disinfect”. It indicates that you are going for the right product.

Use chlorine bleach for kitchen cleaning

This is one the most reasonable and best way to get rid of the germs but there are side effects of using this technique as it is believed by experts that it contains dioxin, which is a potential cancer-causing chemical.

Getting rid of germs

Bad germs and bacteria may cause diseases like cold, flu and other allergies. It is important to ensure that your kitchen is free from these germs and bacteria. Do you know where they breed? It’s the sponge that you use for cleaning of your utensils, bowl, plates etc. Hence you should always clean the sponge before you use it.  In India we also use clothes for scrubbing, wiping and cleaning the counter tops and utensils. Just double check to clean it properly before and after use. There are various non toxic ways of eradicating germs that includes use of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

Using Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

Take white vinegar in a spray bottle and three percent of hydrogen peroxide solution in another spray bottle. You can find both these things in grocery stores.

Spray the vinegar on the countertops then the hydrogen peroxide. The combination of these two makes peracetic acid which is a quite powerful germ killer. This solution is good enough to remove salmonella and E. coli germs which are extremely harmful for us. Remember to avoid mixing these two chemicals as their combination can produce the acid upto dangerous concentration level which might be harmful for us.

Clean veggies and fruits before eating

Many people tend to avoid washing the veggies and fruits before eating are a very bad habit. Remember to clean your vegetables and fruits before cooking, as they can carry harmful diseases as well. Rinse them under running water and eat them fresh and healthy.

It is very important to follow good hygienic habits in order to stay healthy and fit at all times. Getting rid of these microorganisms is the first step towards leading a germ free and tidy life. Make sure to wash yourself after you are done with cleaning your kitchen.

So how do you clean your kitchen and make it hygienic and healthy?

PS: Use any chemical or germicides only after reading the instructions and direction of use carefully.