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Full Price List for One Time Cleaning Services in Baroda

Are you looking for one time cleaning services in Baroda, but not sure about the cleaning service rates and charges? If you are wondering about the one time home cleaning or office cleaning service prices in Baroda then I have got you covered. Today, I am sharing the full price list of different cleaning services in Baroda including occupied and vacant fat cleaning, bathroom cleaning, sofa cleaning, water tank cleaning etc.

Professional one time cleaning services can be a great help in many situations. For instance, if the house is closed for a long time, one time deep cleaning by a professional house cleaner company can help you get your house cleaned without hassles.

Similarly, if you are moving a house and relocating to a new home, it’s always better and ethical to leave the house you are vacating spic and span. Also, before moving into your new house, you can use one time cleaning services to get your house cleaned properly.

What is one time cleaning service?

As the name suggests, one time house cleaning is a process where a professional cleaner gets your house cleaned thoroughly. One time deep cleaning service goes beyond daily or weekly cleaning done by your maid. The cleaning is done by professionals with years of experience and advanced cleaning tools and equipments.

One time deep home cleaning service can come handy in different situations. For instance, when you are occupied with something or you don’t feel motivated enough to clean. Or in a situation where the regular cleaning by your maid is not coming out well.

Not just pre and post move cleanups, you can use one time home and office cleaning services to get your cleaned at any occasions. For instance, if you have relocated to your native place due to COVID-19 and work from home facility, you may want a professional cleaner to deep clean and sanitize your house before you move in.

So, there can be many use cases to get your house deep cleaned by the professional cleaners available near you in Baroda (Vadodara), Gujarat.

One time deep cleaning services in Baroda

Whether you are moving a house and want pre and post move home cleaning or you have just got the interior work done and you want proper cleaning of the flat, you can avail professional deep cleaning services in Baroda to get your home or office cleaned perfectly.

Also, the professional cleaning companies use the best of technologies and finest of cleaning supplies to get the best results. The cleaners are professionally trained to get rid of dirt, dust and bacteria, and make your premises clean and hygienic. With the most advanced cleaning tools and equipment, they can quickly clean your entire home or office premises for a nominal fee.

Here are the key services and activities which are primarily involved in deep home cleaning:

  • Vacuuming and mopping of the entire floor of the house
  • Dusting on all the surfaces including furniture, appliances, electrical gadgets, photo frames etc
  • Spic and span cleaning of toilets, sinks, kitchen counter tops, stove, bathroom showers etc
  • Wiping of cupboard doors, microwave oven, door knobs, light switches and switch board, window ledges etc.

One time deep home cleaning once in a while can help bring charm that your house might be missing.

Baroda home cleaning service price list

One time house cleaning service by the leading home cleaning and housekeeping companies in Baroda can be considered as cost-effective in comparison to the cleaning service prices from other major cities.

We have spoken with many home cleaning companies and cleaners in Baroda (Gujarat) and compiled this price list for you. The prices mentioned here in this list should not be considered as the final price because a lot depends on the level of dirt and position of the property. However, this price list should give you a fair idea of the rates and charges for one time cleaning services in Vadodara.

So, here’s Baroda cleaning services price list with charges mentioned for most of the cleaning service you may need.

Srl Type of cleaning service/size Standard Prices
1 Bathroom cleaning (1 No.) Rs. 499
2 Bathroom cleaning (2 No.) Rs. 899
3 Bathroom cleaning (3 No.) Rs. 1299
4 Bathroom cleaning (4 No.) Rs. 1599
5 Bathroom cleaning (5 No.) Rs. 1999
6 Occupied flat deep cleaning (1 BHK) Rs. 2999
7 Occupied flat deep cleaning (2 BHK) Rs. 3999
8 Occupied flat deep cleaning (3 BHK) Rs. 4999
9 Occupied flat deep cleaning (4 BHK) Rs. 5999
10 Vacant flat deep cleaning (1 BHK) Rs. 2499
11 Vacant flat deep cleaning (2 BHK) Rs. 3499
12 Vacant flat deep cleaning (3 BHK) Rs. 4499
13 Vacant flat deep cleaning (4 BHK) Rs. 5499
14 Sofa cleaning (3 seat) Rs. 599
15 Sofa cleaning (5 seat) Rs. 699
16 Sofa cleaning (6 seat) Rs. 799
17 Sofa cleaning (7 seat) Rs. 899
18 Sofa cleaning (8 seat) Rs. 999
19 Water tank cleaning Rs. 699
20 Chair cleaning (1 No.) Rs. 49
21 Carpet cleaning (per sq ft) Rs. 04

Book one time home and office cleaning in Baroda

Irrespective of whether you want to clean your entire home, office, water tank, bathroom, kitchen, you can always find a professional home cleaning company in Baroda to do it for you. There are many ways to find and hire a leading one time cleaning company in Baroda.

Like, you can Google for the leading companies in Baroda, gather the contact numbers of a couple of the cleaners and then call them to check their schedule. However, we have already done all the hard work for you and we can directly get you connected to one of the leading home and office cleaning service providers in Vadodara in no time.

You can simply call our helpline number: 7044 123 404 or create a request for quotes to get no obligation cleaning quotes for your home or office. Once you place the request, a couple of cleaning companies near you in Baroda will call you to discuss your exact cleaning requirements and share their rates and charges. The cleaning service rates may vary a little based on the quality of the cleaning service. And therefore, it makes more sense to compare cleaning service prices in Baroda before hiring. Not only it will help you save your money, but you will get to know the are charges before booking a cleaner.

Final thoughts on cleaning service prices in Vadodara

One time deep cleaning service by cleaners in Baroda can be of great help when you don’t feel like cleaning your house on your own. Whether you are living in the flat, or the flat has been vacant for a long time then you can use one time professional cleaning services to get your property cleaned within a day. As the cleaning service does not cost much, it would be wise to use professional home cleaning services to get your property cleaned. And deep cleaning service by professional cleaners goes beyond the regular and day to day cleaning by your maid.

If you are wondering about the prices, then one time cleaning services in Baroda start from 2999 for a one BHK occupied flat to Rs. 5499 for a 4 BHK vacant flat. Cleaning of a washroom starts from 499 per washroom to Rs. 599 for a three seat sofa set. I have already shared the full price list of various cleaning services that can guide you when hiring one time cleaning services in Baroda, Gujarat.

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