11 Easy Pest Control and Prevention Tips to Keep Pests Away

Tired of pest and rodent infestation at your home? Instead of compromising with your health and wealth, try these quick and simple pest control and prevention tips to easily keep these pests and rodents away from your home. Pests and rodents like cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, ants, spiders etc can easily enter your home. Once they enter your home, they can quickly compound and cause mild to severe damage to your healthy and household property.

For instance, termite infestation can cause severe damage to your property. Similarly, cockroach infestation can cause damage to your health and hygiene and may spread infection. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent pest infestation that can help keep pests and bugs away from your house.

Try these pest control and prevention tips to keep pests out of the house

Pest and rodents also need a favorable condition to thrive and grow. Many times, we end up creating such thriving conditions both inside and outside of our homes that appeal to these pests. And that’s when these pests and bugs enter our home. Once they enter our home, they multiply rapidly and hence continue growing.

Try these pest control prevention tips to keep pests and rodents away from your home.

1. Eliminate thriving condition outside

It’s simple. If there will be no pests outside your home, there will be no pests inside your home. Eliminate everything outside that favors pest infestation. If there is a garden or a lawn outside your house, then make sure that the area is being cleaned regularly.

Ensure that there is no water accumulation or open drain outside your house as that can be a thriving place for bugs and rodents. Mosquitoes are known to thrive and grow in both clean and dirty sanding water.

Power Pest Control Toronto a leading pest control service says, just get rid of all kinds of clutter, garbage, standing water etc outside and inside your house. Keep the surrounding neat, clean and dry to ensure the pest does not infest outside. When there will be no pest outside, none will enter your house and thus you can live a pest free, healthy, hygienic and happy life.

2. Restrict the entry point

Common pests and bugs can enter your house through different ways like doors, windows and any other cracks and gaps. Fixing these pest entry points can help keep pests out of the house. Make sure to check for any such entry point and get it fixed.

Pests like cockroaches can easily enter your home through the gutter and pipelines in the kitchen and bathroom. Spraying pesticides in these pipelines can help keep pests away.

3. Install window nets to keep pests away

Mosquitoes can easily enter your house through the main door, windows and vents. Installing window nets can be very effective in restricting and preventing pests from entering the house. Moreover, window and door nets also help with ventilation and therefore this is an easy and effective way to keep pests out you’re your home.

So first, install the nests at the windows and even doors if needed. And then, ensure that the nets are down all the time, especially in the evening when pests and bugs are most likely to enter your house.

4. Dispose-off garbage everyday

If I have to share just one top pest control and prevention tips that can help you keep pests like cockroaches, rodents and ants away from the house, I would say dispose-off garbage every single day. The garbage bins in the kitchen offer the most appealing and favorable conditions for pests like cockroaches and ants.

The garbage bins are usually moist; it has left over foods and grains that can easily attract cockroaches and ants. They get free foods, moisture and a perfectly dark place to hide themselves, and thus it can easily become the best breathing space for them.

If you really want to keep pests and bugs away from your home, don’t ever forget to dispose-off the garbage. Do it every day to keep pests out of your house for long.

5. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy

Kitchen is one of the most commonly affected areas of the house that appeals to pests and bugs. The moist and dark areas in the kitchen are the perfect place for cockroaches and ants. They get left over foods to eat and find a perfect place to hide and thrive easily.

To prevent pests from entering your kitchen, keep the kitchen clean and dry all the time. Mop the kitchen counter top, gas stove and other areas using good quality cleanser and disinfectant. Keep the kitchen cabinets neat, clean and well organized. When possible, avoid using newspaper as a cushion in the kitchen shelf, as this can easily become the perfect place to hide for pests and bugs.

When you follow these kitchen pest control and prevention tips correctly and regularly, it will help keep your kitchen clean, hygienic and free from pests to a great extent.

6. Clean the bathrooms

When we think of pest control and pest prevention tricks, we often forget to include bathrooms in the list. But did you know that when you clean the bathroom everyday it can help keep pests away from the house?

You heard that right.

Ideally the bathroom should be cleaned everyday or at least every alternate day. From commode, to wash basin, drainage pipes to wash area curtains, mirror to cabinets, make sure to clean the bathroom properly and at regular interval.

7. Don’t keep foods out for long

Any type of eatable items like normal home cooked foods, fruits, vegetables, tomato ketchup etc should not be kept outside for long. They attract different types of pests and bugs like houseflies, ants and even cockroaches.

Whenever you bring fruits and vegetables etc from the markets, just keep it in the fridge instead of leaving it outside. Similarly, clean the dining area and store all the leftover foods in the fridge. Keeping any edible items outside for long can attract pests and bugs and your efforts to keep them away will fail miserably.

8. Sweep and mop regularly

Needless to say, regular cleaning goes a long way in keeping the pests and bugs away from the house. Dusting, sweeping and mopping is one of the most effective pest control and prevention tips that you can use to keep pests outside your house. Cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls and other areas of your house should be a part of your daily cleaning routine.

9. Dispose things you don’t need

No matter what, there will be many things that you have kept in the garage or the store room for long. Take a good look and consider getting rid of broken and damaged items that you don’t need anymore.

Even though you have kept it in a separate store room or the garage or on the rooftop, these can easily become the breathing point for pests and bugs like cockroaches, termites and rats. Just by disposing broken things off and keeping the space cleaned and organized can help prevent pests and bugs in your home.

10. Use homemade pest prevention remedies

While all these pest control and prevention tricks can help you keep pests out of your home, natural homemade pesticides can help prevent and eradicate common pests like ants and cockroaches.

For instance, by spraying soap water mixture you can kill ants and cockroaches easily.

Similarly, you may like to try using Eucalyptus oil which is considered as one of the best repellent for flies. Just pour a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball, and place it where the flies are creating a problem. The smell of Eucalyptus oil deters the flies and thus it helps repel and keep house flies out of your house.

11. Use pest control service

While the pest control and prevention tips shared above can be a good and effective way to keep pests away from your house, this may not be enough to eradicate severe levels of pest infestation at your home. If your house is severely infested with pests and bugs, then instead of panicking you should call a professional pest control service.

Professional pest control service can be used to eradicate all types of pests and bugs from your home. However, once the pest control is done at your home, you may like to follow the pest prevention tricks and tips we discussed above to keep them away for long.

Final thoughts on keeping pests out of your home

Pests and bugs can quickly become a threat for your health and properties. When you find the sign of any pest infestation, instead of panicking, you should find the source and try the pest control and prevention tips we have discussed above.

These pest prevention tips and tricks can help keep pests away from your house.  However, when the level of infestation is deep and severe, you may like to take professional help from a local pest control service near you.

What other pest control tricks do you follow to prevent pests and keep them out of the house?

Share your pest prevention tips and tricks by commenting below.

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