How to do Wedding Planning without hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding is just an awesome occasion that stays with you for your life. Everything must be done and planed carefully to make a it a memorable wedding event for you, your family and friends. Like any other events, Wedding planning must be done very carefully (especially, when you are not hiring a professional wedding planner) to ensure everything get executed just perfectly. I am going to share a few tips to help you in wedding planning.

How to do Wedding Planning Start your wedding planning

First and the foremost thing is to start your wedding planning immediately once you know the dates. If you have enough time in your hand, nothing like that and ideally you should start planning four to six weeks in advance.

Creating guest list

Next important thing is to create a guest list. Create a guest list and include every individual and family member you are going to invite. Make sure to include everyone so that you have a clear understanding of number of tentative people and plan rest of the things like venue, food etc accordingly.

It would be a good idea to count 80-85% people only, as 10-15% of your guests may not be able to attend, so plan everything accordingly.

Allocating budget for wedding

Next is to have a budget. It would be a good idea to create an overall budget that you are going to spend for your wedding. Create separate subheadings and allocate funds as per your overall budget. You can create sub headings like, dress and attire, venue, food, decoration, gifts, transportation, accommodation etc. Include everything and see where you can tweak your budget.

Start Booking

As you have already allocated budgets and have guest lists, its time to start booking. Ideally you should create a task list kind of a thing and tick off every task once it is done or booked. For example you have to book a venue, hire a wedding decorator to decorate the marriage hall, cars, reception hall etc. Include everything that is to be booked, like a videographer, still photographer, band, hall decorator, caterer etc.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding Invitation CardsTime to get your wedding card printed. Get your wedding invitation card drafted and printed the moment you know the dates. Wedding Invitation must be sent prior to three to four weeks of wedding so that your guests can start booking tickets and prepare themselves. Inviting someone one on shorter notice may not be a good idea. So send invitation as early as you can. Also prior to sending invitation cards, it would be a good idea to talk to your guests or may be meet personally and invite if they are in the same city.

Shopping for your wedding

You may have already created a shopping list. If not, create a shopping list and start shopping. There would be lots of small items so be careful and ensure nothing is missed.


These are all Do it Yourself tips for wedding planning but you may also like to hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. Advantage of hiring a professional wedding planner is it takes all pressure from you and they manage everything quite smoothly.

I hope these tips will help you in planning and arranging your wedding. I would love to know if you have any other tips that can help arranging a wonderful and memorable wedding.

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