How to Get Rid of Flies from Home Easily and Naturally

Well, it is certainly a fact that even though you own your home, you are not the only one living in it or moving freely inside your home. No, I am not talking about your other family members, but I am talking about those unwanted guests, that you surely hate, and they are none other than the flies. Flies are almost everywhere and there is not even a single household which is 100% free from flies. But did you know, there are ways to get rid of flies from home to a great extent? Well, I have been a victim of flies and thankfully I figured out various tricks and hacks that helped me get rid of flies from home and hence I am sharing those simple yet effective hacks with you all in this post.

How to Get Rid Of Flies from Home Easily and NaturallyFlies are not just annoying to look at, but they also cause different types of diseases and health disorders. They are basically the carriers that bring dirt and germs from outside into your home, which may in turn cause a lot of health complications once you get exposed to them. If regular pest control is not being done at your home, then chances of flies entering your home will double.

First, it is important to know why they are choosing your home to accumulate, and then it is necessary to throw them out of your home at your earliest. Well, one of the main and common reasons behind their accumulation in your home may be because the outside and the inside of your home is providing them an ideal conditions to breed.

And, as far as the solution to get rid of flies goes, there are many easy and effective ways to get rid of flies. And today, I am talking about 8 best hacks that’ll help you to get rid of flies from home easily. So, if you are pissed off with the flies, this post is a must read for you.

The main problem with the flies is that they have a short life span where most of the species survive maximum one month. But within this short span of life, they breed in huge numbers. So, if they are gathering in more and more numbers near or inside your home, there is every possibility that they have laid eggs or are planning to lay eggs, which if not stopped, may lead to a greater number of flies in your space within few days. Now, that is a concern and it is too unhygienic for healthy living.

There are many sprays available in market, most of which have pungent smells which drives the flies out of the homes. On one hand it is good as it solves your problem but what is concerning is that the pungent smell can cause a lot of trouble to you as well.

There might be respiratory problems, eye infections, skin rashes, allergies etc. if you by any chance come in contact with the gas. So, as always, it is best to go for the natural remedies. So the easy hacks to get rid of flies from home that I am sharing today will be all natural and safe for you to use. Just read on to find the instructions and implement these carefully and it’ll help you to get rid of flies from home easily and in no time.

So, are you ready? I think you are, so let us begin with the discussion on how to remove flies from home, without delaying any further.

8 best ways to get rid of flies from home naturally

Flies moving all around your home can easily become a disgusting sight to look at. They may come in contact with any food item and contaminate it. They also at times carry germs which infect and pollute the indoor air and hence you have to take steps to get rid of flies quickly if you find lot of flies in your home.

Listed below are some of the easiest and best ways to get rid of flies from home, so check them out and try these hacks to eliminate flies from your home.

Ginger spray

One of the easiest ways to get rid of flies from home is the ginger spray and I would definitely recommend you to try it once. The strong odor of the ginger irritates the flies and they run to other places where the environment will be pleasing and favorable for them to breed. So, you must take the advantage of this flies repellent spray to get rid of flies from home.

In fact, studies have already shown ginger and water mixture to be very efficient on bovine animals in the farms. So if that has worked in a place where flies are extremely common and are in large numbers, you can easily understand that it will be very effective in removing flies from your home in no time.

To get the maximum benefits in removing flies, all you need to do is to prepare the spray with dried ginger powder and 3 to 4 cups of water. Pour the ingredients in a spray bottle, shake the bottle well and then start spraying on the corners of your home where flies are mostly seen. You may also spray some on your houseplants as well, if incase you have plants in your home.


The basil is an important culinary herb and it is especially used in cooking Italian foods. The smell of it is extremely delightful to us but it is exactly opposite with the flies. It is mainly the house flies and fruit flies that get most affected as they find it hard to breathe in a space with basil. Now, when you have an herb which is soothing to you but unfavorable for the flies, why not use it to repel house flies?

How to Get Rid of Flies from Home with BasilThere are two simple solutions to it. Firstly, you can keep the basil plant inside your home or in your garden. Secondly, you may make a decoction of basil leaves and spray it inside your home.

To make this fly repellent, all you need is a few fresh basil leaves. After that, steep the leaves in water for close to half an hour and use this tea (after it is cooled) as a spray to get rid of the flies.

You may also use dried basil leaves but then make sure to increase the quantity of dried basil leaves.

Hot pepper

The other best way to get rid of flies from home is by using hot pepper. Very much similar to the ginger, the hot pepper or the capsicum annum has got a strong smell which irritates the flies and keeps them away. Whenever the flies come in a location where there is the smell of hot pepper all around, the strong aroma makes it difficult for them to breathe, so they move away.

You can have a hot pepper plant in your garden which will inhibit the flies from coming near your home. And in case some do get inside the home, you may use hot pepper spray to drive them out.

How to Get Rid of Flies from Home with PepperTo make the hot pepper spray, you just have to arrange for 2-3 hot peppers which are fully grown and put them in a blender. Now, add around 3-4 cups of water to it. Then, put this mixture in an airtight container and place it in the sun for about a week. Strain the mixture and put it inside a spray bottle. After that, spray it on the places where the flies are mostly seen. It will help you get rid of the flies faster than you might have imagined.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) trap

Most flies are attracted to apple cider vinegar and so you can use it to trap them easily. This is actually a great way to kill the flies flying inside or around your home, provided you can plan and implement everything well.

You just have to bait the flies into something which is sweet, using apple cider vinegar and some soapy water. When the flies come and land there, they will eventually fall into the ACV with soapy water, get drown in it and then die.

This is a good home remedy to keep the flies at bay and it has been already confirmed by Texas A@M AgriLife Extension Service.

Essential oil spray

Coming back to the sprays, the essential oil spray is one of the best hacks to get rid of flies from home. There are many essential oils whose fragrance repels the flies and so when you use the mixture of some of the most efficient of these essential oils in a spray, the results are outstanding.

How to Get Rid of Flies from Home with Essential OilIn this case, you need to arrange for thyme oil, clove oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil and pour 10 drops of each in a spray bottle. Now, you have to add around 2 cups of non-flavored vodka and 2 cups of water. Mix the ingredients by shaking the bottle well.

Now, you got to spray the mixture in the spaces where flies are most common. This is a natural and 100% organic solution to your problem of flies and you can definitely give it a try. However, you may skip 1-2 oils if you feel like as that will not create much of a difference as far as efficiency of the mixture goes.

Bay leaves

The odor of the bay leaves is great in dealing with the problem of flies as it completely repels the flies. If you simply keep them in one space for long, you will see no signs of flies there. But if there are too many flies all around and you need fast effects, then it is better if you ground them into a powder as then its smell will get stronger.

How to Get Rid of Flies from Home with Bay LeavesTo make this fly repellent, take some bay leaves, fresh or dried and then put them in the grinder. Then add mortar and pestle and grind them until you get a smooth powder. Now, sprinkle this powder in all the places where flies are most common. Keep them at least for a week and see the difference for yourself. However, replace them when needed.

Honey trap

Most of us are aware how much flies are attracted towards honey and so it is one of the most efficient hacks to get rid of flies from home, and you must give it a try. The reason why the honey trap is so effective is because the sweet smell of honey attracts all the flies which are present nearby. But when they land on the honey, their legs, and hairs will get coated with the sticky honey and they won’t be able to fly again which ultimately will lead to their death.

To get the maximum benefits in removing the flies from home, at first, you have to take a plastic bottle and cut it into half in a way so that the bottom half is kept slightly taller. Now, you have to fill the bottle halfway with water. After that, add some drops of dish soap in it and stir it properly. Then take 2 tablespoons of honey and spread it around the mouth of the bottle. Now, you have to turn the top half of the bottle and place it inside the bottom half of it. Then you need to place it in locations which contain lots of flies. Let it stay until there are no more flies left there. Replace in between if needed.


If you are not much into making solutions or sprays or you do not have much time for all of these, then the easiest hack that you can use to drive away the flies is by properly utilizing the fans.

Well, you may be wondering how? So all you need to do here is to switch on your overhead fan at full speed whenever you see the flies buzzing around. This works because the wind interrupts with the flying pattern of the flies and they are forced to move into some other space. Besides this, you can arrange for another fan and directly hold it in front of the flies. This will further disturb them and they will move out of the space in no time.

This is a very simple but effective, temporary but a quick solution to get rid flies from your home. But if you want permanent benefits, then you have to keep both of your fans moving at high speed for the whole day and continue it for some days until the flies completely vacate your home.

Over to you

There are various kinds of flies all around and most of them enter our homes whenever they get a chance. But, flies moving all around your interior space are not at all a healthy sight. So you must definitely take actions to drive them out of your home, as fast as you can.

One of the easiest and the best solution is to call a local pest control agency for help. But if you are a do-it-yourself person, then you can easily try a few natural home made remedies to get rid of flies from your home. Here’s another post with various tips that’ll help you deal with most common pests at home.

Most people choose the short cut route by going for the market-based sprays which may drive away the insects but they are nothing but chemicals which can cause a lot of health complications to you and to your family members as well. So, you must not be so desperate in getting rid of the flies that you are putting your own life as well as that of your close ones at risk. Hence, as always it is best if you use natural ingredients which are safe and will also give you effective results.

Today in this post, I have described 8 of the easiest and best ways to get rid of flies from home. I have clearly explained the steps you have to take and so hopefully you will not have much difficulty in applying these tricks. After all, it will give you permanent benefits and so these little efforts to eliminate house flies on your part are completely worth it.

So, if you are pissed off with the problem of flies, then it is time you try some of these simple yet effective natural ways to get rid of flies from home.  Don’t forget to let us know which of these natural remedies worked for you.

So how do you deal with house flies? What efforts and remedies have you tried and how it worked in eliminating house flies from your home?

As always, share your experiences, feedbacks and suggestions.

Until then, stay happy and get rid of the flies once and for all.

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