Avoid Injuries On Your Moving Day With These Tips

Moving elsewhere is indeed a tough and challenging task. If not done properly, it can leave you with a whole lot of unexpected injuries. So, to remain on the safer side, you must hire the best movers in Mumbai without an iota of doubt.

It’s a fact that packing and manoeuvring your belongings and finally shifting them to your new home is not at all easy. It’s full of wrapping up the heavy-weight furnishings, sharp objects like knives, scissors and forks and handling many other perilous activities.

As effortless as it may seem, putting this entire strategy into action needs a keen eye and careful consideration into every single aspect. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up injuring themselves and their family members while implementing such a DIY shifting spree.

Tips to Avoid Injuries on Moving Day

Always remember that just the way protecting your valuables is important, protecting yourself and others is no way less imperative. Doing so is all the more essential if you are not hiring specialists to carry out the entire activity on your behalf.

Hence, if you are making a move all by yourself then you must stay well-informed on the various safety tips pertaining to the same. Having said that, here are some of the pointers to consider that would let you relocate to your brand-new house safely without the fear of any mishap.

Keep your pets and children elsewhere

During a move, your kitchen and the associated electrical appliances become quite hazardous for kids as well as your pets. It is at that time when they get the most susceptible to injuries and accidents. 

Rather than letting these impending dooms affect your furry friends and children, it’s always better to keep them occupied somewhere else. The best way to do that is either by moving them to an area that you consider the safest or by asking any of your acquaintances or family members to look after them.

Besides, you also don’t want any of your kids or those four-footed creatures to get stamped under your feet while you are too busy moving your furniture and other possessions to other parts of your home.

In such a situation, escorting the apples of your eyes to a risk-free zone would be great.

Implement the desired lifting norms

An imperative part of shifting is heavy lifting and all of us know that well. So, while moving the enormous objects, make sure that your spine is as straight and aligned as possible. Especially, when picking up heavy stuff off the ground, it’s better to bend at your knees instead of your waist.

Also, while carrying the heavy-weight components you must keep attached to your body. This will let you maintain a proper balance while taking your belongings to the desired spots seamlessly. When lifting and carrying these items, you must not twist your body too

Even if you have to do so, use your hips for that and not your feet. That way you can lift all the massive furnishings and appliances without facing any abrupt injury or accident.

Devise a plan in advance

As lifting heavy items is inevitable, they often end up straining our joints and muscles like anything. Specially, the areas of our spine get affected the most after we are done with our shifting activity.

So, how to keep such a mess at bay but move the gigantic goods just like a piece of cake? Don’t stress as we have got you covered. To the best of suggestions, avoid any lifting-related tasks that are not indispensable right now.

Instead, pick only those possessions that you consider absolutely necessary. Also, it’s a good idea to ask your packers and movers to arrive at your place with their pertinent vehicles ahead of time. When you do that, you need not move each of your belongings turn by turn, resulting in a fatigued and worn-out body.

The best part is you are having to carry solely those items that must be shifted indispensably and nothing else apart from that.

Wear proper dresses

Wearing comfy and light clothes is yet another essential part before you embark on your shifting journey. Exceptionally heavy and rugged garments will only make you uneasy, hindering your concentration to implement a smooth and hassle-free move.

So, drape yourself in outfits that are breathable, flexible and make you adequately comfortable from inside. When it comes to footwear, make sure they provide you with a great deal of agility while you are moving.

Boots and sneakers can be amazing choices in this case instead of simply wearing casual moccasins and flip flops. Because the latter may not be feasible enough to ascertain the much-needed movability and balance for you.

Always remember, that you must feel fit from inside during your entire move from start to finish. Needless to say, proper clothing is the mantra to do that to perfection.

Wrap up sharp objects like knives and scissors properly

Are you missing out on packing the sharp objects in your house properly? Do they include scissors, knives, gardening equipment and other similar components? Then, get ready for frequent cuts and wounds.

If not wrapped up well, chances are there that some of them may poke out and harm you or any of your family members. To avoid such gruesome scenarios, it’s best to pack these things in bubble packs and/or packing paper.

Ensuring additional protection would be great. For that you can roll the already wrapped items up into a dish towel furthermore securing them with a rubber band. Once you are done, rest assured that no such mishaps are going to occur unexpectedly down the road.

Avoid overpacking

Many people try to fit a hell lot of goods within a tiny space which shouldn’t be the case. Since each of the boxes can bear a certain number of goods, you must not overcrowd them with too many things.

In fact, when you lift these containers up, you may become prone to lower back or knee joint pain and injuries to a great extent. As the rule of thumb goes, it’s better not to pack more than seventy pounds in a large box, sixty-five pounds in a medium box and fifty pounds in a small box.

While carrying goods in bulk such as cushions, clothes and comforters, it’s better to use extra-large boxes to get them the desired safety and protection. Consider thse DIY packing tips to get it right.

Plan a move like a pro!

Worried about your move no matter temporary or permanent? Take a peek into the post above and plan the most feasible and risk-free house shifting ahead. Seek professional assistance from Service Sutra and they will bridge the gap between you and the best packers and movers in Mumbai for sure. 

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