Interior color schemes for flats in India: here’s how to choose

Trust me, choosing the right set of interior color schemes for your apartment is equally important than furniture, lighting and other decorative elements. In fact the color scheme you choose for your interior will have a very important role in overall aesthetics of your house. It’s important to paint different areas of your flat in such a way that it could complement the rest of interiors. The color scheme you choose is going to set the mood of its habitat and its going to speak about who you are.

There are so many styles and pattern out there and the more you explore, more you confuse yourself. Color schemes for interior and exterior painting also depend on several other factors like natural lights, architecture and design of the room, size and layout of the room and much more.

best interior color schemes

It’s not all that easy to select right set of colors schemes for your bedroom, living room, kids’ bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other areas.

So how do you select the best interior color schemes for your home? It’s difficult to get exact answer, because the color I like may not be the same that you like. But I am going to give you a good overview of what are the options available and how to choose a scheme according to your preferences.

Base interior color schemes

Ideally, the best practice is to select two base color and the create accent using a third color. You may like to choose a soft, neutral or white as first base color. Select another matching shade as the secondary color. Now when you have the palette for base color, you may apply in all rooms and then use a matching shade to paint other rooms. Different room needs to have different moods and hence it’s not essential to use same color scheme for every room.

How to choose base interior color

So if red is what you have decided to use in your house, how would you ensure that it will look good particularly in your bedroom, or living room for that matter? Best way to check this is to apply the color near the window or gate where there is plenty of natural light and also in the corner where light is not that much. Now observe the color and you may get the real picture. Same color may appear differently when exposed to different lights. Keeping this very fact will help you get even better with the color selection.

Color combinations

There are certain combinations that always work such as light blue and white or brown/yellow and green or red and white. These are the most common color combination that you may like to consider but again feel free to choose the shade according to your own style preferences.

I personally like bold colors like deep red, orange or lighter greens, but expert suggests bold color should be applied very carefully because it may get outdated very soon.

Combination of green and brown work well together as it gives you the natural feeling.

Over to you

All of us have our own preferences when it comes to color and hence there is no fixed formula to get it right. But obviously there are a few basic principles that one may like to follow and get it right. Base interior color scheme, followed by complementary color on floors, furniture, curtain etc can create an awesome experience. Obviously, you can ask your Interior designing consultant to make few suggestions because they interact with you, they have seen your property and they can make better suggestions about color schemes.

So ready to give it a shot? Do share your ideas.

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