Kitchen Remodeling Questions to Avoid Kitchen Design Mistakes

Home renovation and especially the kitchen remodeling is an exciting journey. You are excited enough and looking around to get new ideas and design inspiration for your kitchen remodeling projects. You are almost ready to start the project and you are planning to hire an expert interior designer who could undertake your kitchen remodeling project to renovate your kitchen.

But have you really thought and zeroed in on everything that you need in your kitchen? Did you know that kitchen is a very special part of your house and it has some kind of bonding with your culture? And that’s why a kitchen in Amritsar Punjab is different from a kitchen in Bangalore or Kolkata for that matter.  Apart from a few basic common things like kitchen top, ventilation, lighting etc, there are other accessories which you may require depending on your culture and lifestyle.

Kitchen Remodeling and Design

Hence it is important to ask right set of questions to yourself and the home renovation contractor. Then look around the resources that you have and take a final call accordingly. Here’s a list of most common questions that you should not overlook while renovating your kitchen in India.

Here’re a few questions to help you avoid kitchen remodeling mistakes

  1. What’s the key objective and why you want to remodel your kitchen?
  2. Is it functionality, storage space, better ventilation and lighting, more work area, new style and look or something else?
  3. Figure out what you like most about your current kitchen?
  4. What major changes do you want to make in your current kitchen?
  5. Which of the current components and accessories you want to use?
  6. Do you want to alter the layout of the kitchen or just want to make some cosmetic changes?
  7. Which elements you want to keep and what is to be replaced in the kitchen?
  8. Which new accessories and appliances you plan to install in your new kitchen?
  9. How much of storage space do you need in your kitchen?
  10. Do you plan to have new cabinets or re-touch the existing ones by polishing and paintings?
  11. Where to put microwave oven and at what height to keep it away from reach of your kids?
  12. Do you have enough space to place and operate appliances like microwave, mixer grinder, toaster, grills?
  13. How many electrical outlets and light points do you need and where?
  14. What colors or theme you are considering for kitchen remodeling?
  15. What is the budget you are considering?

There are many more things to consider like age of the property, layout of the house, facing of the kitchen and much more. Home renovation and especially kitchen remodeling is not something that you do very often. It’s better to spend some time in thinking and finding out what do you want to achieve after remodeling f the kitchen. Once you are able to find out the core objective and the purpose, rest of the remodeling should be much easier.

Over to you

Finding out the objective and purpose of remodeling a kitchen can help you avoid design mistakes. Looking around and finding what works well and what need to be changed or improved in your current kitchen is the best way to start with. Once you have found the purpose, you can hire an interior designer and explain them everything. They will be happy to listen, understand and suggest best kitchen remodeling plans according to your needs and allocated budget?

What else do you think is important in kitchen remodeling?

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