Kitchen Smells: 5 Ways to get rid of cooking smell easily

You have cooked a sumptuous meal last night for your family. There were items like fish chops and spicy bacon preparations. The next morning when you stepped into the kitchen for having a hot cup of green tea, you just wanted to puke. Your morning should start with fragrance of freshness and flowers, not of course the foul odor of the last night’s supper. So, what will you do to get rid of the kitchen smells? Well, don’t worry. Cooking smells are very common and there are ways to get rid of kitchen smells. Kitchen smells can spread very quickly, especially if you cook in an open kitchen.

Whether you cook in a modular kitchen with chimney or you cook in a traditional Indian kitchen, cooking smells in the kitchen is a common problem. But thankfully there are quick and simple remedies to get rid of the kitchen smells and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

Kitchen is the heart of your home where you cook the meals for your family. That place should always be clean and tidy, with the fragrance of freshness all around. Last couple of months back, there was an incident where I had to face embarrassment in front of my neighbors due to this kitchen smell. I prepared a sumptuous meal for my guests last night. There were several continental dishes and desserts. My guests enjoyed the meal and I was on the cloud nine hearing words of praises from them. Little did I know that I have to face embarrassment the very next morning?

Get rid of kitchen smells

So, the next morning, two of my neighbors came to my home, to have a cup of coffee. They decided to accompany me in the kitchen, and the moment they entered my kitchen, their facial expressions changed. They even asked me the reason of that awful smell. I, without finding any option, had to tell them that it was due to the meal of last night. I decided to find a way to get rid of kitchen smells, and my mom was of great help to me. She shared some simple yet very effective ways to get rid of kitchen smells. I have tried these remedies and it actually helped me remove cooking smells from my kitchen.

How to get rid of kitchen smells (cooking smell)

The tricks and remedies to get rid of kitchen smells is shared by my mom and tested by myself. If you are struggling in getting rid of cooking smells and looking for a few simple remedies to deal with cooking smells easily, here’s the post worth reading;

1. Clean immediately

You must clean immediately after you are done with cooking, and not save it for later. Wash the oily pans as soon as possible and not pile them up in your sink. Clean up the greasy stove too, so that there are no oil stains. Prolonged oil stains tend to give out foul odor in your kitchen. There are many kitchen cleaning products available in the market which you can use to clean up the mess.

2. Ensure proper ventilation

Ventilation is another chief means to get rid of the kitchen smells. You must have a kitchen chimney or vent, or a ventilator fan installed in your kitchen to get rid of the kitchen smells. Switch on the chimney or the ventilator fan while you are cooking. You must have windows in your kitchen, after you are done with cooking open the windows at least for few minutes.

3. Use vinegar, baking soda, and coffee grounds

You can keep a small bowl of vinegar, or baking soda or coffee grounds in your kitchen. These ingredients can dissipate any smells of kitchen. Keep the bowl of any of the three ingredients in your kitchen before you go to bed. By the morning, you will find that there is no sign of kitchen smell.

4. Use lemon juice

Lemon is a very useful fruit, and it can help you in multiple ways. You can use the lemon juice to neutralize the kitchen smells. You can rub lemon juice in your hands before you work with garlic or fish. You can also keep a peel off lemon in your garbage can or trash can, thus reducing the foul smell.

5. Simmer spices

You can simmer your favorite spices, which will help you to give a fresh fragrance in your kitchen. You can simmer clove, cinnamon or citrus peels in water, and leave it in your kitchen. This will give you a beautiful smell in your kitchen.

To conclude

These are some the most convenient ways for you to get rid of the kitchen smells. The ways discussed above are pretty simple and you can get them done very easily. You can try these out at home and see the wonderful work it does. I hope I could help you in dealing with cooking smells. I am sure; you will be able to get rid of the kitchen smells easily if you follow the tricks we have discussed above.

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