How to Pack and Move a Piano Successfully

“Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it”. I start my article with this quotation by Albert Einstein, because I feel this way too and probably you too will feel the same way if you are a proud owner of a piano. Piano is not just a musical instrument, at least to me. But, as you know, life is not always a bed of roses, there are situations when you have to relocate, and consequently move a piano. Moving a priceless possession like piano from one place to another can be a tough and risky job. While you are moving a piano, you must keep in mind the size and weight of the piano.

But, in all the cases, piano is a very heavy instrument and while moving it you have to make sure that it does not get scratched at the edges.

how to move a piano

Ways to pack and move a piano

Moving a piano on your own may not be easy, but it can be done. Using moving services of a professional mover is always a better choice, but if you know the right techniques, you can pack and move a piano on your as well.

To move a piano successfully, you have to do a lot of planning and put lots of efforts in packing, loading and transporting it safely. Pianos are very heavy and their finishes are very vulnerable to scratches, nicks and dents. Grand pianos can usually weigh above 1000 pounds, while the small upright ones weigh approx 400 pounds, older pianos tend to be top heavy and thus very unstable to move.

Last month, I moved to a new house and along with all other items, I had to move the piano as well. At first, I thought of doing the job myself, but then I lost my confidence.

Me and my cousin could not even move the piano from one room to the other, so how will we do the job? I decided to contact professional movers to do the task without hassles, and I am glad that I called for professional help; otherwise there could have been an accident. By accident I mean not only the harm to the piano, but also myself.

Know your piano: It is essential that you know your piano well. The height of the piano, the width and the weight all these things have to be considered while you are doing it. What kind of piano you have, and what is its weight these are the most important information that you should know.

Plan the route: If you are moving your piano to the truck, then plan the root by which you will take your piano. Use a measure tape, to know exactly the width of the door through which you will move the piano. If you are shifting other furniture as well, then move the piano first, so that the piano can be placed into the truck properly. Have the truck open from beforehand so that you can place the piano without waiting for the truck to be opened. ­­­

Pack the piano: how you pack your piano is very important. If the packing is great, chances of damage will decrease drastically. If it’s not packed properly, you have the risk of scratches and damages. Properly wrap the piano in thick blankets or moving blankets so that it does not get scratched. Use packing tapes to seal the blanket so that the blankets do not move.

Moving the piano: Now this is the hardest part as the piano is extremely heavy. Each person will hold and lift different parts of the piano, and approximately one person can hold not more than 100 pounds. You and your team should gently lift the piano, move through the doors so that the edges are fine, and then place it in the truck. 

That’s pretty much the basic process of moving the piano, but the job is difficult due to the size and the weight of the instrument. Just like any other item, you will pack it and then move it, but it will cause you tremendous effort in the moving part. I suggest you call for professional help. The professional piano movers know what kind of piano should be packed in what way, how to move it from one place to another. The movers have expert team who are experienced in the job.

To conclude

I have discussed the ways by which you can pack and move a piano, but here your work is not finished. You have to unpack the piano, and place it in your new home. This is equally a tough job because you will have to do the same things once you reach your new home. Measure the width of the door through which you will move your piano in your new home. Trust me, I am saying this from my personal experience, this job is very tedious and challenging.

There are many risks if you are at all planning to do it yourself. I suggest you, call for professional movers and packers. The moving companies also have insurance cover, so you will not be at a loss. I believe, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so go for professio­nal help, just as I did.

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