How to Choose Bed for Bedroom

Don’t you think that a bed enhances the beauty of the bedroom? Bed is the main furniture of a bedroom, so it’s important you choose bed for bedroom wisely. If you have recently designed or decorated your bedroom, then its best to buy a bed that suits the design of your bedroom and its overall theme. 

Buying a bed is an expensive affair, and you don’t buy a bed every now and then. Therefore, plan well and explore all the options available before you choose bed for bedroom. There are plenty of choices available these days in the market, so choosing the right bed should not be difficult. Today, we have several exclusive malls where you can go and  and choose the right bed for your bedroom that complements the overall theme and design of your bedroom.

Below are some list of beds available in the market. You can choose any of them according to your taste, the rooms decoration, and its theme.

Tips to choose bed for bedroom

Platform Beds

As the name suggests, these type of beds are flat, and looks very simple yet elegant. These beds are usually made of woods, and are available in many colours. Hence, you would find it easy to match the colour of the bed with the interior design of your bedroom.

Storage Beds (Deewan)

Storage beds are also made of wood, and is available in every furniture shop. It’s better known as a Deewan in India. You can also order the furniture shop for one storage bed, and they can easily instruct their carpenter to make one for you. These type of beds are good, when you don’t have enough space to accommodate a wardrobe. So, it’s a good choice if you are looking for some extra storage space in your bedroom. And remember to buy the one which suits the design of your bedroom.

Canopy Beds

These are similar to the platform beds, but have stands where you can hang mosquito nets, or even curtains. Usually people use sheer curtains and hang them on those strands to make the sleeping area a little private one, and romantic too. It also gives the bed a luxurious look.

Four-poster bed

Four-posters are good choices for rooms with high ceilings or large rooms where anything else would seem proportionately too small.

Sleigh bed

Sleigh beds are usually very high, with slightly curved headboards and somewhat lower, curved foot boards. Sleigh beds may feature heavy carving, or simply plain wood surfaces. Sleigh beds generally aren’t for very small spaces, because they’re heavy in appearance.

Over to you

Now don’t you thing that there are ample amount, and designs of beds available in the market? Hope you can choose the right bed for your bedroom now? Another important thing to note while buying a bed is its size (dimension). If you have lots of space available, you may go for a wider size bed. And if you have a small room, then don’t buy a king-size one. Know the size of the room, and then choose the right sized bed.

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