How to Arrange Big Furniture in a Small Bedroom

Placing big furniture in a small bedroom can often be challenging. When you place the bedroom furniture randomly without considering all possible options, the already small bedroom will look even smaller, crowded and cramped.

However, when you arrange big furniture in a small bedroom thoughtfully, the space will look more organized, cozy and of course much more spacious. And who would not want to make a small bedroom look spacious and cozy?

Arranging big bedroom furniture in a small bedroom will become easier when you plan the furniture placement correctly.

Start by visualizing which furniture to keep in which part of the bedroom in your mind before actually moving and placing the furniture physically inside the bedroom.

The better and more accurate your power of visualization is, the easier and quicker things will get for you while arranging big furniture in your small bedroom.

If you follow such basic and simple furniture placement tricks, you may actually be able to fit in the large furniture inside your small bedroom without many trial and errors.

And today in this post, I am sharing a few such quick and simple tricks that’ll help you arrange big bedroom furniture easily and nicely even in your small bedroom.

Tips to arrange big furniture in a small size bedroom

While the best placement of any furniture depends on the layout and functionality, there are two basic things to consider while placing big bedroom furniture.

First, make sure to limit the number of furniture in your bedroom. Because by placing too many furniture in a small bedroom, you may have to live with a busy and inefficient room.

Second, measure the space and evaluate the best possible furniture arrangements that can make the space more functional, efficient and spacious.

Besides, you can try some of these simple tricks while arranging big furniture in a small bedroom to get the best spacious and functional room.

Bedroom and furniture size

It is essential that you measure the length and breadth of your entire bedroom. This way you will have a fair idea of how much space you have to fit all the furniture inside the room.

Also, while buying new furniture for your bedroom, make sure to keep the bedroom size in mind. And avoid buying oversized furniture items. And when possible go for multi-functional space saving furniture items.

Fix the position of the bed

Bed is clearly the most important and essential piece of furniture that you will put in your bedroom. Also, the bed is probably going to take up the maximum space. And therefore, the correct position and placement of the bed in your bedroom is very important.

Now, while setting up your bedroom, you have to place the bed first and, in most cases, you will find that placing it in the center of the most visible wall, preferably on the opposite side of the doorway will seem to be more convenient.

This will actually give your small bedroom layout more symmetry and you will be able to make maximum use of the space left on all three sides.

However, after placing the bed, lie down there and see to it whether you are OK with the angle and the placement of your bed. There should be sufficient space alongside the bed so that you can easily get up and down the bed without bumping into the other items.

If you find that you are facing no such problem, then be sure that you have made the right placement.

However, this placement may not go very well if your bedroom is long and narrow. So, for that, placing the bed in one corner of your choice with the headboard and one side touching the walls will be the best position. This way, you will get the rest of the room for placing the other furniture.

Place the next largest furniture

Once you are satisfied with the placement of the bed in your bedroom, it is time to place the next big piece of furniture at the right position.

For instance, if you want to place a drawer in your bedroom, you can use one of the corners in your bedroom to place it comfortably.

While placing the drawer, just make sure that there is sufficient space between the drawer and the other furniture items. If there is not enough free space near the drawer then you may have difficulties accessing the drawers.

Actually, the drawers are a pretty good idea for a bedroom that takes less floor space. This is because you can actually take advantage of the height in order to make extra room to store your goods. This is also quite good if your closet does not have much space to hold any more items. For example, you may consider placing your TV on the top of the narrow tall chest.

Placement of nightstands

The next step is to find the spot to place the nightstands. Luckily, a nightstand does not require plenty of space. So, you can easily find the perfect spot to place it comfortable in your bedroom. However, the best position to place a nightstand is on the sides of the bed.

This is not just because you can have easy access to some of your essential stuff from the bed if you keep the nightstand or bedside table by the side of the bed. But, this type of placement of the nightstand brings symmetry to the whole space.

When possible, place two nightstands on both sides of the bed. In case there is not enough space on both the sides, you can get rid of one of the nightstand. This can be done by moving your bed closer to the wall on one of the sides. And still have sufficient space on both the sides to get up and down the bed.

If that’s not working as per your small bedroom size or layout, then remove both the bedside tables. And consider going for an overhead shelf for lighting or storage purposes. When there is no room for a bedside table, you may also consider a hanging side tables to save floor space.

7 Things to consider when setting up a small bedroom

  1. Always think and consider about the ease of use and comfort when placing furniture and arranging a small bedroom. Arranging the furniture as per the layout and the functionality of your bedroom can do wonders for your room. It is important that you take note of cold, noisy or draft portions of your bedroom. And accordingly arrange the furniture in your bedroom. For example, if you are planning to place the bed underneath any window, just keep in mind that the cold or heat from the window may cause disturbance in your sleep.
  2. Hanging a mirror on one wall of the bedroom helps create an illusion that the room is much bigger.
  3. Use the natural light to your advantage. This will make your room look and feel comfortable and spacious. So, while you are placing the furniture in your bedroom, place them in such a way that the natural light has a clear path through the window.
  4. Darker colors make the space feel cozier but they also absorb light. So, consider painting the bedroom with lighter colors to get an airy and spacious feel.
  5. Making the room feel taller can create a feeling of spaciousness. One way to get this done is by painting the ceilings with more vibrant colors. This way, the eyes are automatically drawn upward. Also, hanging the window treatments close to the ceilings help create such an illusion.
  6. When you have less floor space, it is wise if you make maximum usage of the vertical space. For example, go for taller bookshelves instead of the shorter ones.
  7. A rug does contribute to making a small room look bigger apart from adding softness to the space. So, you may consider placing a right size rug near the bed in your bedroom. If your bed is centered, then it is better to slip the rug about 2/3 of the way under. If you have placed the bed in the corner, you can either place the rug next to it. Or place the rug under another furniture piece.

Over to you

Bedroom is the most special room in the home because we spend the majority of our time there. So, whenever you are setting up a small bedroom, your primary motive is to make the bedroom cozy and relaxing. Now, small bedrooms do have some restrictions. But, if you choose the right furniture and place it correctly then you can make a small bedroom look bright, cozy and spacious.

We have already discussed several ideas on how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom. And what to consider while setting up a bedroom. And, I hope these tips and ideas will help you arrange big furniture correctly in your bedroom.

What else do you think one should consider while arranging furniture and setting up a small bedroom?

Share your favorite tricks and ideas by commenting below.

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