How to Save Money when Hiring Packers and Movers in India

Wondering about costs and charges for hiring packers and movers for home shifting in India? Let me tell you hiring packers and movers won’t cost lots of money when you know how to hire one using right techniques. Usually we assume that movers and packers have a standard pricing structure and no matter which mover you hire, you will get same kind of rates. But that’s not how it works.

Costs of hiring packers and movers varies on various parameters like quality of packing materials, overall service, infrastructure and network of movers, volume of goods and distance. So if you look carefully on these parameters, most of the factors varies from movers to movers and hence the difference in price.

In this post I am sharing some useful tips that can help you save up to 30% of overall shifting and relocation costs when hiring packers and movers, especially in India)

Tips on hiring packers and movers in India

6 ways to save money on hiring packers and movers

Here are some advice and the parameters that will help you save as much as 30% of your overall shifting, and relocation costs. So, are you ready to learn these tips to save some more money while shifting your home?

1. Early planning can save you money

Never schedule your move in urgency,  until and unless its unavoidable. But if you know that you will have to transfer maybe after a couple of months, then start planning soon after you get to know about your transfer. This will help you find the best service provider and will also help you choose among loads of them. If you request for a service at the peak moment, then the packer-mover company will come to know about your urgent requirement, and they charge you more seeing your urgency. And at that point of moment you’ll feel helpless, and have no option other than paying much. So, schedule your move with proper planning, and save money.

2. Decreasing load can help you save money

Create a list of items that you want to move. Don’t include anything that you are not using currently, or are not usable even in the near future. Remember, if you decrease the loads, you will be charged very less. And not just decreasing it will reduce the rates, but you will also get rid of the extras or unwanted stuffs.

3. Move during off season and save even more

Like any other business, there is an off-season for packers and movers agencies as well. If you schedule your move in that period, you are likely to get more competent prices and estimates. Usually, the month of August stretching to December, is considered as an off-season for this industry. When you hire packers and movers service in off-season, it will cost you less, since there will be lots of competitors who can easily give you the service, that too at surprisingly low rates.

4. Be flexible with dates and save more

Try to be flexible, and get the best schedule from your service provider as per their convenience. This may delay your move for a few days or even weeks, but the wait is worthy. They may do part shipment, and in that case they won’t charge you for full load.

5. Reach destination on time

If you don’t reach your destination as per the moving schedule, then the movers-packers agency will store your goods in their warehouse. For this, they may charge extra amount, as there are separate rates for storage facilities.

6. Taking add on services? Think again

Packer and Mover companies offer complete relocation services, and they charge you for each of their services, which may include packing, loading, unloading, moving, unpacking, and re-arranging. But if you think that you are capable of handling any one of these services, then let them know about it clearly.

If you understand Hindi language, then here’s a must watch video that explains the process of choosing a genuine packer and movers company. You may like to check this video, if there is an upcoming move, anytime soon.

Over to you

Hope you’ll keep the above mentioned points in your mind, before you hire a packing-moving service. This is seriously going to be fruitful for you, and will help you reduce your overall relocation costs. What else you think one can do to save money on hiring movers and packers services for home relocation in India?

General FAQ

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions people ask about saving money when using moving services. Take a look and see if you also have a similar question.

What’s the best way to reduce moving costs?

One of the best ways to reduce packing and moving cost is to downsize your move. By downsizing your move i.e. getting rid of some of the furniture, home appliances and other household goods that you don’t require, you will be able to reduce the cost of packing, handling and transporting. Just remember, more the item, more will be the overall cost of packing and moving. So think wisely and only move items that you actually need.

Does comparing prices when hiring movers help save money?

Yes. Moving companies are going to give you personalized quotations after surveying your home. The move inspector will prepare the exact list of goods and consider other factors like distance between source and destination, distance to parking etc. Now, when you compare quotations from multiple companies, they all are going to quote different prices. And therefore, apart from having multiple options to consider, you can negotiate well and take an informed decision to hire a moving company that looks impressive and cost-effective.

How early one should contact moving companies?

Ideally, you should contact moving companies just after knowing that you have to move. But, prepare the list of goods you want to pack and move before approaching the moving companies. The movers need to know about the goods being moved and only then; they will be able to quote even a ballpark quotation. Contacting them early on will help you avoid rushing things at the last moment. And when you have time, you can think through and take an informed decision.

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