How to do Home Shifting and Relocation in India

Home shifting and relocation in India involves lots of small tasks which are quite hectic too. Since you are going to shift your home, you have to make sure that you are not leaving anything that is important behind.

In order to make sure that you only pack and move stuff that you will be using in your new home, you should create a packing list for home shifting. A Packing list for home shifting is basically a document, where you will mention each and every details about what you will pack and move, and what you will not. This document will guide you, and will also ensure you a hassle free packing and relocation.

Home shifting and relocation in India

Home shifting and relocation in India without issues

Hiring movers services for home shifting and relocation is much better than doing it all yourself. One may be tempted to give it a try, but that’s not a cheap try because it may turn out to be a risky affair. So unless you are double sure of everything and know what you are doing, it’s better to book a moving service for hassle free home shifting and relocation in India. But if you are determined, I am all the way with you and committed to help you with tips and ideas to make it look easy and convenient for you.

Here is how you can plan from the inventory of goods that should be moved, and the others which are to be scrapped.

List all the goods you want to move

You must agree to the fact that, you are not going to use each and every item that’s present at your current home. You must also agree that you’ll never stop shopping  after shifting to a new home. Isn’t it? So, list out the things which you are talking along, and which you are not.

In this section of the packing list, we are going to mention about the things that must be moved, and the ones which must be disposed/donated/sold. We will be creating two lists for inventory of items. One section will list all items that you want to pack and move, and the other list for items that you don’t want or require to move.

Arrange Packing Materials

Packing is one of the most toughest part in the entire home shifting process, hence,you have to pay lots of attention on packing of the goods before you transfer them. In order to pack your goods, you have to buy good packing materials. Since you know what goods you’ll be moving, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to choose the right packing materials. Make sure to buy good quality packing materials and tapes. It is worth spending money on packing, as rest of the stuff can be bargained. For instance, you can bargain with the labours, truck owners and etc, but don’t compromise with safe packing.

Create a Packing Schedule

Ideally you should start packing stuffs of one room at a time, from the day you have the listed the materials that are to be packed. No matter how easy it looks, but if you are thinking of packing all your room during the weekend, you should better think again. Make a schedule for packing either room wise, or as per the category of the items. Like items that you are not using on daily basis can be packed first, and then other items.

Arrange Transportation and Schedule a date for Moving

Once all the packing is done, you must soon book a truck, and find labours who would help you to load and unload your goods in the truck. Book a truck and schedule a date for actual move. You may also hire a moving service for professional help even if you have already done the packing yourself.

Over to you

These were perhaps the steps of listing down the goods that are to be moved to your new destination. Its not that tough, but yo must do everything on time so that you don’t have to panic at the last moment. I would like to know if you have any other tips to help create a good packing list for home shifting. Share it via comment below. 🙂

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