How to do Pest Control at Home by Yourself in India

Pest control should be left to the professional pest control agencies in India. But no matter what treatments these pest control companies offer, at the end of the day you have to be a little proactive to keep them away from your house.

Basic pest control treatments for cockroaches, ants or mosquito can give you some relief, but when you don’t know how to keep them away, they will enter your house sooner or later. Best thing that you can do is to ask your pest control agency to advise about the precautions and tips to keep your house pest and bug free for longer.

Pest Control at home

But here’s how to do pest control at home by yourself and keep your house pest and bug free for longer period of time.

Cockroach control

Cockroaches in kitchen or bathroom could be terrible, but did you know that you can do cockroach control yourself at your home? Here’s how to do quick cockroach control;

  • Keep your home clean and dry to the extent possible. Soap water can be used for cleaning the affected area.
  • Keep the thrash can closed and covered all the time. Cockroaches and ants could easily get attracted towards this because they get something to eat as well as hide.
  • Deal the gaps from where cockroaches are entering your house. Usually they would enter from the gap in the window or through the gap from were electric or cable lines are entering your house.
  • Regularly check areas like back side of TV, fridge or washing machines and eliminate them from there.

Mosquito control

Whether you like it or not, even one mosquito can be dangerous in your house. Here’s what to do for long term relief from mosquito;

  • Make sure that the backyard is clean. Mosquito need a place to hide themselves in day time. If you trim off the bushes and grasses around, they won’t be able to hide themselves and chances are they will not appear sooner. Mosquito like to hide themselves in darker and cooler places and what would better than grass and bushes?
  • Mosquito like to lay eggs in standing water. So if you want to do effective mosquito control, make sure you there is no standing water around your home. Even a little bit of standing water around your house can be used by mosquito to lay eggs which means they will keep on multiplying. Eliminate such standing water regularly. If you can’t eliminate the water, then you should treat it and kill the mosquito larvae. Different types of mosquito larvicides are available in the market that you can use to kill the larvae.
  • Close your window in the afternoon because that’s when mosquito tends to enter your house.
  • Take help from professionally trained pest control companies for mosquito control.

Ants Control

Ants can be irritating and no one likes to welcome them. But whether you like it or not, they would enter your house. Here’s how to do ant control at home;

  • Keep it neat and clean, because that’s the best defense against ants in your house.
  • Kitchen tops, dining table, center table are the areas where leftover food particles could attract ants. Make sure to keep these areas clean.
  • Make homemade ants repellent by adding 1 cup of vinegar into 3 cup of water. Mix and pour it into a spray bottle and keep it ready. The moment you see ants, simply spray on them.
  • Use this spray at entry points, near their nests and anywhere you see the ants.

Over to you

Pest control is not all that complicated. Depending on the stage of infestation and kind of bug, a professionally trained pest control company can suggest best procedures to do pest control after inspection and investigation of the site. But when you are a little aware and alert, you can keep these pests and bugs away for longer period of time.

How do you keep your home pest free?

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