Specific kitchen cleaning tips to Prevent Pests in the Kitchen

Pests like cockroaches and rodents could cause hell lots of disease and it’s important for you to prevent pests in the kitchen. Whether you like it or not, keeping your kitchen clean is not an optional choice, but it’s a mandatory thing. Cleaning is important not only for the sake of living a healthy and hygienic life but also to prevent pests and rodents from entering your kitchen. In order to prevent pests, you must have a weekly deep cleaning schedule and stick to it. I have experimented with various methods of kitchen cleaning and hence applied several remedies and now I can say my kitchen is free from pests and cockroaches. You won’t find a single ant or a cockroach in my kitchen. If you are wondering and assuming I spend all my day in cleaning then you are wrong. All it takes is a disciplined approach that i am happy to share with you.

If you are tired of pests and bugs and find cockroaches around then you ignore this post at your own cost. I am sharing some useful cleaning tips to help you prevent pests in your kitchen.

Cleaning tips to prevent pests in the kitchen

Here’s what to do to prevent pests in the kitchen

If you want to keep these pests and bugs away then you can’t just rely on cleaning only. Apart from daily cleaning and occasional deep cleaning of your kitchen (and house), you have to make certain changes in your food habits, cleaning techniques.

Here’s how.

Change bad food habits

By bad food habits I do not mean that you should eat more nutritious food and less junk food. I meant to say that you should restrain yourself from eating near your couch and also discourage your kids for the same. Always eat in the dinning or kitchen area as these areas are easy to clean from the food crumbs and residue. On the other hand food spills and crumbs are likely to get out of reach for you due to the limited space in the living or drawing room and hence more prone to attract pest infestation. If you want to prevent pests, you ought to change your food habit.

Floor cleaning is a daily affair

Keeping the floor clean is the criteria for discouraging the pests from infesting the kitchen. As they are likely to crawl through the floor first before they end up in your utensil and sink. Wipe it, vacuum it, dust it, do everything in your possession to make sure that your floors are clean and shining at all times. If you let the food spills or dirt stay on the floor for even a single day, the pests might infest your kitchen in the next day. So if you want to keep pests away, it is important to clean the floors daily using good quality cleanser or phenyl.

Clean spills immediately

Immediately cleaning the spills by wiping them off as soon as they form is a good practice that is a sure shot method to restrict pest infestation. Pests like cockroaches and ants are attracted even at the slightest hints of waste food spills. Cleaning such spills immediately will help you prevent pests like ants and cockroaches to a good extent.

Wash dishes before the cockroaches take over

I have seen in many households, the home makers let the dirty dishes there in the sink for the maid to take care of it. But it often leads the pests to the dishes and it is the beginning of the infestation. Dirty dishes are the favorite places for the roaches and rodents to hang around in and have their meal in peace. So don’t let the dirty dishes stay that way for long, clean them then and there so that you can keep the pests out from your utensils.

Keep your drains from getting clogged or jammed

Try to make your keep your drains cleared and clean at all times. Bugs are drawn towards your kitchen for any nearby search of water resources. Be sure to repair any leaky faucets, sinks and drains at your home.

Properly store food and vegetable

Since bugs and pests are very small hence they have always got the advantage of sneaking through even the tiniest holes or crevice’s. Try to keep your foods sealed at all times. Put your dry stocks of sugar, flour, and bulk mixes in airtight containers. The frequently used items like cereal, beans and pedigree (dog food) should be in containers that are fully re-sealable.

For fruits and vegetables you must make sure that they are finished before they get spoiled or rotten. Eat them fresh and healthy. Don’t wait for the bugs to take over the rotten remains, as the rotten veggies and fruits will attract ants, house flies, rodents etc.

Clean the garbage

Regular garbage disposal is extremely important, as garbage is the prime reason behind the pest infestation at your kitchen. As the pests and rodents loves dirty places and the litter bins are the best place to get that. Don’t forget to rinse out the plastic, glass, and metal containers.

Garbage bin should be cleaned too

You are not going to like this job but you have to do it at least once in a month in order to keep your bin clean. You can also try scrubs and even a toilet brush to clean its interiors, especially to clean the places which are hard for your hand to reach out.

Cover the trash

Use lids on top of the garbage bins, do whatever it takes to keep the foul smells inside the bin, and keep the infestations and bugs out.

Over to you

Whether you like it or not, if you don’t want to share your kitchen or house with pests like cockroaches, ants, rodents then you ought to keep it clean at all time. Just a little change in your cleaning schedule and lifestyle can help you prevents such pests and bugs in your kitchen and house. If  the level of infestation is deep, you may like to call a pest exterminator and then follow the cleaning tips we have discussed so far.

How do you clean your kitchen to prevent pests and bugs from appearing?

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