5 Ways to Save Money on Relocation Service in India

Are you planning to relocate your house but concerned about increasing costs of relocation service in India? Rates and charges of relocation services in India have definitely increased because of increase in the rates of diesel and wags of labor. But if you are determined to hire a relocation service and seriously looking for ways to save money on relocation service in India then I have a few tips to share.

Till date, I have relocated 5 times in past 10 years since when I moved to Bangalore. I have used relocation services several times and over the time I have learned to save money on relocation service in India. But just before sharing those tips about how to save money on relocation services, let me briefly explain the way relocation companies calculates the overall costs of relocation services in India.

So it all starts with the volume of goods, followed by costs of packing materials, labor charges for packing and handling (loading, unloading) plus the transportation charge, insurance and applicable taxes. So a standard quotation that you will receive from relocation companies will have those many cost heads. Obviously there is hardly anything that you can do about the distance, but you can certainly control the volume and that’s one of the ways to save money on relocation service in India.

Amazing Ways to Save Money on Relocation Service in India

Best ways to save money on relocation service in India

I have already hinted you about one of the best ways to save money on relocation service. But there are many more ways and we will check them all here under;

Abandon the redundant

If you are among those who get away with unused or damaged stuff easily then you probably don’t need this tip. But if you are among those who keep on piling things with the hope of reusing them in future then you may like to get rid of such items that you are not using and chances are you won’t even use in future. For an example, you may have old table, chair, bucket etc. that need repairing and you have kept it in the storage. How about selling it out or giving it to someone who may need it? Your load will decrease and so the overall costs of relocation services will also go down.

Avoid buying furniture and appliances before moving

Packing and moving heavier items like furniture and  other home appliances takes lots of efforts and hence that’s affect the overall relocation charges immensely. When you are aware of the fact that you will be relocating, its better if you avoid buying new furniture or home appliances a few weeks before moving and you can save on money on home relocation service by not buying new stuff.

Look for best deal from movers

Obviously you are looking to get the best deal so that you can save more on relocation but how do you get the best deal? Contact a couple of movers packers agencies ask them to submit their quotations for shifting services. Since you will be taking quotations from multiple agencies, chances are you will be able to benefit from the competition between those companies. In fact when asking for quotations, you should try them you are also in talk with a couple of other agencies and that way you can bargain for better deal and competitive rates for shifting services.

Avoid additional service

By avoiding additional services that movers packers agencies offer, you should be able to save some money on home relocation service. Additional services such as disassembling, cleaning, box unpacking, settling etc are also charged by most of the movers. So when you are on a budget, doing some of these tasks yourself can be a great way to save money on relocation service.

Use original boxes when possible

In order to pack and transport home appliances safely movers and packers agencies uses different types of boxes and packing materials. But did you know packing your appliances in its original box is way safer than any other box? And when you pack your home appliances in its original boxes, you get to save money on overall relocation service.

Over to you

I am sure you learned about some of the amazingly simple but effective ways to save money on relocation service. There are many more ways to save money on relocation such as being flexible with time, moving in shared truck, avoiding weekends etc. If you are planning to relocate and you think you did something smart to save extra money on home shifting then share your tips and ideas on saving money on relocation services in India.

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