5 Tips to Save Money When Moving to a New Home

Buying a new house will definitely delight you, and you’ll be more delighted when you finally get the keys in hand. But, are these moments more special than finally shifting into the new house? No, right? So, after getting the keys, its time to do some tough physical work, that is, ‘Packing and moving’. Packing and moving to a new home is not an easy task at all. It will squeeze your energy, strength and will also be quite heavy for your pocket. But, if you have ample amount of bucks in hand, then you can hire a packer and mover service from you locality. Be rest assured, they’ll smoothly transport all your goods to your new home.

However, if you are willing to do the packing and moving task yourself, don’t think that it would cost less. It still would be a costly affair. The entire process of moving into a new home may cost a lot, depending on where you are moving to, number of labours required, the mode of transport and the number of materials you’ll need to shift. All in all, its a costly affair, and you have to accept it. But, if you still want to save some money, here are six tips which can help you do so.
Packing and Moving your home

When to move your home, during summer or winter?

Maximum of the time, its not possible for anyone to plan anything before relocating because, the main reason for relocation is usually  job transfers. And in such cases, there are no other options left but to relocate. But still as a suggestion, try avoiding relocating during summer season. In summer, you have to pay more because that’s the peek season when most of the people get appraisal, and are transferred at their job. On the other hand, winter is comparatively better, since there are less demands.

Sort out your inventory

There is no point packing and moving everything you have in your house. Surely there has to be several goods and items, that you haven’t used since ages or you don’t use them, or else they aren’t in a condition to be used. So in such cases, try donating, disposing, or selling those items. Selling would be a wise option among the three because, you would get plenty of  money, and will also be able to use that money in moving to the new home. But, which ever option you choose, try making a list of your inventory.

Make money by selling defective stuff

You can make some extra money by selling  the goods that are unused, unwanted or are not in very good condition. Have a look in and around your home, you’ll find plenty of unwanted items, which can be sold off easily through online seller sites, or a garage sale/auction. After selling and receiving a good amount of money, invest them on packing and shifting the required goods to your new house.

Compare rates from multiple movers

Packing and moving is a complicated process, especially if you are not a frequent mover. So, packing and shifting everything without hiring a mover wouldn’t be very easy. Hence, give it a second though and invest a little on hiring a packer-mover service.

Hire a packer and mover company

If you have decided to hire a packers and movers company to help you out in the packing and moving, then choose them wisely. Do not hire a packer-mover blindly, and try to get in touch with three or four of them. Talk and get an idea about their rates, as well as the process involved in hiring. Based on their quotations, you may further negotiate with them and then take an informed decision. There are always a possibility of negotiation, and you should negotiate well with them before hiring one.  If you negotiate well, you could easily save 15% to 30% of your money while moving to your new home.

Opt out from taking add-on services

If you are hiring a mover then avoid taking full service like unpacking, re-arranging, re-assembling and etc (only if you can do these tasks on your own) Similarly, you may also pack smaller items like books, DVDs and other knick-knacks on your own, to save the packing costs that could have been charged by the Packer-mover company.

Over to you

If you want to save a lot of money while moving to a new home, then the above mentioned five tips are definitely going to help you. Otherwise, you are open to choose a good packer and mover company, which can help you in relocating to your new house in a new city, or even in the current city. If you have any more suggestions, please let us know. We would love to add it in the post, to make it more informative.

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