Best Ways to Save Money on Moving Locally Or Out of State

The average moving cost of one bedroom house in India can be anywhere between Rs. 4000 and Rs. 6000 and that’s for a local house moving within city. In case of a long distance interstate house move, the moving cost can be between Rs. 8000 and 12000 for one bedroom house. Although the cost of moving depends on several factors, local or interstate house moving can be really expensive at times. That is why you should grab every opportunity to save money on moving locally or when relocating out of state.

Although the local moves are usually cheaper and inexpensive in comparison to the interstate move, you can use these money saving tricks to save a ton of money on your next local or long distance move.

In this post, we’ll review some of the most affordable ways to save money on moving locally or out of state. We’ll also talk about how to find the best moving service near you, and what to look for when choosing the best moving companies available near you.

How To Save Money On Moving Locally Or Out Of State

If you look at it, moving a house involved several tasks and expenses. It’s not just about the expenses of moving your belonging physically. But, you have to consider and account for other moving expenses like moving your family, tipping the movers crew, making travel arrangements for the family and so on. Luckily, you can cut down on many of these moving expenses and make your upcoming move much cheaper and cost-effective.

Whether you are planning to move locally or relocating to another state, if you’re looking for the cheapest ways to move locally or out of state then we have got you covered.

We have compiled a great resource that can help cut many of these moving expenses and make your move much cheaper and cost-effective.

What’s involved in moving a house?

Moving a house or relocation is the process of leaving a house and settling in another house with all the household goods and belonging. One can move or relocate within the same society, neighborhood, and city or one can relocate to another state or country.

Depending on where you are relocating, the process of moving may involve packing up all belonging,  transporting it to your new home, unpacking and settling down. The process of packing up all the belonging itself involve arranging good quality packing supplies, finding expert manpower who can pack your belonging safely. Then look for man and van, insure your goods and get it transported.

However, the relocation process is not just about moving your goods physically. It may involve other administrative tasks such as updating new address in official documents like passport, finding homes, securing a job, arranging visas (in case of immigration), utility connection etc.

So, as you can make, it usually involves multiple tasks, and so managing the move can be quite overwhelming for many of us. Luckily, you can use professional moving services near you to make the move safer and hassle-free for a small fee.

What are the cheapest ways to move house?

One of the best cheapest ways to move locally or out of state is of course to do it yourself. Do it yourself move can work for someone who is moving locally, and have the time and energy to manage the move on his own. Usually it involves arranging man and van, packing everything lightly, loading and transporting to your new home in the next neighborhood.

However, managing a self-move is not for you, if you do not have any helping hand and you are pre-occupied. If you have the time, resource and will power to pull it off on your own, then here’s what you should be doing to save money on moving near you.

Declutter and move only what you use

One of the cheapest ways to move house is to avoid moving everything you have in your house. Mindfully choosing what you want to move can help downsize the move and cut down the moving expenses.

So take a good look at all the household belongings, list down the items that must be moved. Make another list of items that you do not need anymore and see if you can sell or donate such extra items. Decluttering and downsizing the inventory is the key to moving a house cheaply and cost-effectively.

Smart source packing supplies

Since you have decided to do it yourself, you have to procure packing supplies to pack everything safely. And the cost of packing your belonging for local or long distance moving can be a major cost-head. Luckily, you can smart source the packing supplies cheaply at the wholesale stores near you. You can also visit a nearby grocery store and check if they can offer some old empty cardboard boxes? Usually, they can offer a few cartons for free or for a nominal fee.

Besides, you can also use your own bags, suitcases etc to pack less fragile items like clothes, books etc and cut down the packing expenses.

Do the packing yourself

Once you have arranged the packing supplies to pack your goods, the next task at hand is to get your goods pack. Packing your goods by yourself can surprisingly help you to save money on your next house move. Try and do as much of packing as you can by yourself. If you are unsure, then start by packing items where there is no high risk of damage like clothes, books, bed linens and other such less fragile items. As you continue packing, you will gain confidence and then move on to pack other items like furniture and kitchen items.

Packing can be time consuming as well as a costly affair. By packing most of the items by yourself, you can easily save some extra cash during the move.

Rent out a truck

Renting out a truck for moving can be expensive when you have plenty of items to move. But as you have already downsized and de-cluttered the items, you are left with only the important and necessary ones. You have also done the packing to save on moving expenses.

Next important step for moving cheaply is to find an appropriate size truck. While renting out truk, just see to it that you are hiring the right size one. While hiring a bigger truck to move your house can be expensive, hiring smaller truck may require multiple trips and therefore can be equally expensive. So the goal here is to find the perfect size truck like a mini temp, or a TAT 407 or similar truck to complete the moving and transportation in one go.

You can even consider moving smaller items in your car when possible to ensure you are not spending much on multiple trips.

Find daily worker

One of the most difficult things to handle in case of a do-it-yourself move is loading and unloading. You can’t do it all alone. So, you need someone to help you pick and load those packed boxes and pieces of furniture carefully.

You can either ask for a helper or man to the trucking company, or you can consider finding a daily worker. Daly worker are usually a little less expensive than taking helper from the trucking companies. Since you want to move cheaply, you may like to consider hiring a daily worker and save some bucks on loading/unloading while moving locally.

Save money while moving with professional movers near you

Managing a do it yourself local or long distance move can often be overwhelming and tiring. Thankfully, you can easily find and hire a professional local moving company to help relocate your goods safely. The professional moving companies offer end to end packing and moving service both locally and long distance. Although the long distance moving service may look at little costly in some cases, they offer end to end service and manage everything from packing to heavy lifting, unloading to unpacking seamlessly. They simplify the process of moving and make the entire move much safer and hassle-free.

Check out the tips on how to save money on a move while working with local professional movers near you.

Avoid moving on weekends and holidays

To save money while moving with a professional mover near you, you got to schedule your move on a day when the movers are less likely to be busy and occupied. Weekends, public holidays and first and last weeks of the month are usually the busiest days for moving companies near you. Why you may ask? Because, most of us want to use the weekend holidays to complete the house moving. Also, most of the local and long distance house relocation happens at the end of the month or the following week because that’s when the rent lease expires for majority of the people

If you want to save money while moving with professional mover pacers service near you, be flexible with the move date. When you can, schedule the move date as per their availability and bargain for better deals.

Compare and research well

Majority of the moving companies near you are professionally managed and offer good quality packing, moving and insurance. However, the challenge is to find a mover near you that are equally competent with their prices.

While some moving companies are quite competent with their pricing, some of them can be costly and expensive. So, if you want to save money while sing the professional moving service, you must compare quotations from multiple moving companies near you.

Also, it’s not always about the price. You should also ensure that the mover is properly licensed, offer insurance and is well equipped with all the tools and resource to complete the move on time and without any damage.

Do part of the packing yourself

As you already know, end to end moving service can be expensive, especially when you are relocating to another state. Although the whole idea of using professional moving service is to get the full service, you can do some of the packing on your own to save money while moving. You can easily pack items that have no chance of damage like clothes and books etc.

Avoid using value added service

To save money on moving while using professional moving service, you can easily avoid taking other value added services from the movers on board. When you use value added moving services like unpacking, re-arranging, extra storage and warehousing etc then moving cost will go up. So try and avoid these value added services when you can to keep the moving expense as low as you can.

Final words on the cheapest way to move

Mainly there are only two ways to move a house –do it on your own or use professional moving service available near you. Irrespective of whether you are moving on your own or you are using professional moving service near you, you can save money on many of the moving expenses.

In case of a do it yourself move, you can save money by downsizing the move, doing most of the packing yourself, renting right size truck and hiring a helping hand.

However, when you are using the professional moving service, you should avoid taking value added services, check and compare rates from multiple movers near you, schedule the move during the weekday and do some of the packing yourself.

What else do you think one can do to save money on moving locally or out of state? If you are relocated your house recently and you did the moving in budget then do share your hacks and tips on how to save money and move cheaply.

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