10 Effective Cleaning Techniques That Actually Work

Cleaning takes lots of effort and time and thus you should be using smart and effective cleaning techniques in your day to day life. We often get stuck with certain stains and spot which is hard to get rid of. For example cleaning blood stains from the cloth or rugs or removing chewing gum from the clothes. We find it hard to deal with such dirt and I realized this the hard way after a recent get together at my place.

Smart and effective cleaning techniques

Effective cleaning techniques you can use

Check these quick and effective cleaning techniques to deal with such sticky stains.

Remove chewing gum from clothes: If you have accidentally stuck a chewing gum on your shirt or any other clothes, then he best way to remove it is by freezing it. Take an ice cube and rub it over the chewing gum till it freezes; and then when it becomes brittle, you’ll be able to easily remove it from your clothes.

Remove blood stains from clothes and rugs: If you wish to remove blood stains from your clothes or a rug, you must dip the stained area in water to make it wet, then pour table salt over it and scrub that area gently. After the stain scraps away a bit, wash that particular rug or cloth with a normal detergent powder/liquid.


Clean oil stains from backsplashes and stove top: The best way to remove oil stains from backsplashes and stove top is by using baking soda. First wetting the oil stains, then sprinkling baking soda over those stains, and finally scrubbing them well with a brush or sponge. You’ll see that all the stains have vanished!

Cleaning grease stains: To remove grease stains from any fabric, all you need to do is sprinkle some cornmeal or talcum powder over it, and let the stain soak the powder. Then after the stain has completely soaked the powder brush it with a dry cloth (don’t use brush because it can harm the fabric).

Cleaning glassware: If you are running out of chemical sprays to clean your dirty glass windows or any other glass items in your house, then use vinegar. Just mix vinegar with distilled water in 1:1 ration, pour it in a spray bottle and use it to clean all your glass items.

Remove scuff: If you want to get rid of scuff from your vinyl flooring, then use baking soda. Apply baking soda over a sponge and then scrub the scuffs on your floors. You’ll be amazing to see that all the scuffs on the floor are gone quickly and easily!

Fight molds and mildews: The easy and quick way to deal with molds and mildews is by using a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice (1:1 ratio). Apply the mixture on the area that has been affected by molds and mildews and keep it for an hour or two, and the risen it.

Cleaning kitchen sink: Cleaning your kitchen sink should be on top of the cleaning list and here’s what you can do to clean and sanitize it. Kitchen sink can be cleaned suing just soap and water followed by white vinegar. Clean using soap water and as you normally do and then spray the vinegar and let it dry automatically.

Clean the Oven: Oven is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen, isn’t it? So, it is obviously going to get dirty with every use. But don’t panic, there’s a simple way out to clean up your oven easily and quickly. Just place a bowl/cup of vinegar in the oven, let it heat up for around 10 minutes. After it is heated, take out the bowl/cup of vinegar and wipe the inner part of the microwave with a wet rug. That’s it; you are done cleaning your microwave oven!

Clean narrow vase: To clean a vase quickly (especially a narrow vase), all you need to do is pour in it two tablespoons of dry rice and half-cup of warm water. After pouring both rice and warm water cover the mouth of the vase, shake it vigorously, and then risen it.

Over to you

There is a proper cleaning technique to get rid of all types of dirt and stain. And when you know right techniques, you can easily deal with such stains. I hope these smart and effective cleaning techniques will help you in many ways.

And if you plan to go for deep cleaning and need professional help, we can always help you find best cleaners who offer all types of cleaning services. Feel free to spread the word by sharing this post and comment below if you know about other effective cleaning techniques.

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