The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement and Maintenance

Building or owning your own house can be a very fulfilling experience. But like everything else in this universe, our home also requires periodic maintenance and improvements. Maintaining a home and improving it in certain ways over a period of time can help you increase the value of your home. But if you ignore the maintenance, then the home is going to depreciate faster than you can imagine. Home improvement and maintenance sounds like a complicated thing to do. But trust me; there are simple yet effective ways to improve and maintain your sweet home.  If you have bought or build a new home of your own and you are wondering about how to improve and maintain the house in cost-effective manner, then I have got you covered. Today I am sharing a few of the best and easy to implement home improvement and maintenance tips and ideas that’ll not only help you to maintain your home, but also help you to give your home a very sophisticated look. So, if you are looking for easy to apply and cost-effective home improvement tips and maintenance ideas, then here’s the post worth checking and referring to. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement and Maintenance

Colour combination for bathroom floor and wall tiles

Colour combination for bathroom walls and tilesChoosing right colour combination for bathroom can be a bit tricky and challenging as it is very different from the other rooms of the house. As you know the colour of the room depend mostly on the purpose of the room and hence we use different color combination for different room like bedroom, living room, kitchen and the washroom. Usually we don’t think too much about the right color combination for bathroom. We usually go by white ceiling and a fancy looking wall tiles, but trust me that’s not the best thing to do. Colour combination for bathroom tiles, floor, ceiling etc must be picked carefully and that’s what I am going to talk about in this post. Continue reading Colour combination for bathroom floor and wall tiles

Ways to keep the bathroom clean and tidy

The bathroom is the place where you go to get refreshed, and it’s important to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. You feel relaxed when you take a bubble bath after returning from work. And if the bathroom is unclean then it will not just only be the den of several germs, but also a reason of discomfort for you. It is your duty to keep the bathroom clean both for house hygiene and aesthetics . You will yourself feel good if washroom is shining bright with an aroma of freshness. Continue reading Ways to keep the bathroom clean and tidy