Colour combination for bathroom floor and wall tiles

Colour combination for bathroom walls and tilesChoosing right colour combination for bathroom can be a bit tricky and challenging as it is very different from the other rooms of the house. As you know the colour of the room depend mostly on the purpose of the room and hence we use different color combination for different room like bedroom, living room, kitchen and the washroom. Usually we don’t think too much about the right color combination for bathroom. We usually go by white ceiling and a fancy looking wall tiles, but trust me that’s not the best thing to do. Colour combination for bathroom tiles, floor, ceiling etc must be picked carefully and that’s what I am going to talk about in this post.

The bathroom is the place where you go to clean yourself, to drain out all the worries and tensions that you were having the day long, so the decor of the room is very essential. Right colour combination of the bathroom will help you make it look good. The interior contractor can also help you with multiple colour option that you can choose from.

Right color combination for bathroom

There are certain ways by which you can choose the colour of the bathroom and prepare a relaxation haven for yourself.

Floors: You can select some dark coloured tiles or marbles for the floors so that the floors do not get dirty and look dirty easily. You can use colours like black, maroon, red etc. These darker colours will make the floors look amazing, and you can see the glimmering floors after using for a long time.

Walls: You can use some light or neutral shaded tiles for the walls. You can use plain coloured tiles or designer tiles for the walls. But if you are using some designs on the floors then you can use plain tiles, if you want some simple décor. You can use contrasting colours for the bathroom like darker coloured floors and lighter shaded walls.

Curtains: You can use some darker coloured curtains, matching with the walls. The curtains for the bathroom can be short, and just covering the windows. You can use shower curtains as well, thin screen to separate the shower space from the rest of the bathroom.

Accessories: The accessories like the taps and faucets, the hand showers and shower, the bath tub, all these can be of neutral colours like white and stainless steel too. The bathroom will look good, if the accessories are left natural, the way they are.

Wall papers: You can use the wallpapers in the bathroom but I will suggest that you do not use wall papers in the bathroom as they tend to get destroyed with water. If you want to use one, make sure to use something light or natural, may be a jungle kind of a theme.


Paint the walls of the bathroom in neutral colours like cream colour, and leave the ceiling white. This way, the small confined space of bathroom will look bigger and brighter. You can install the mirror on the wall, for initiating the reflection of the lights. A lot depend on the type of floor and wall tiles and other accessories but whatever color combination you like, just make sure it is in synch with the overall theme of the house.

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