Essential tips on cleaning home appliances the easy way

Home appliances have become costly today and every appliance that you buy is kind of an investment. No matter how occupied and busy you are, cleaning home appliances is something that you can’t afford to ignore because it may affect the longevity and performance of the appliances. Just a little bit of occasional scrubbing won’t make any difference. You should be cleaning home appliances to get rid of odor  and for hygienic purpose as well.

By cleaning the home and kitchen appliances regularly, not just you get the best and optimal performance, but it may also increase the longevity of the appliance. Following the regular dryer cleaning routine for instance can help ensure your clothes are getting dried fast without having to run the machine for longer. Today in this post I want to share some super easy and essential tips for cleaning home appliances. So are you ready? Here we go.

Cleaning home appliances

Cleaning Refrigerator

Did you know that when the condenser of the refrigerators is clean, it will perform well and keep your fridge comparatively cooler? And when your refrigerator remains cool for longer time it helps you save on electric bill? Back of your fridge is probably the dirtiest place and trust me it’s affecting the performance of your fridge.

Clean the back side where there are plenty of metallic coils. Remove dusts and scrub them properly using cotton cloth. Do it carefully though and you may like to switch it off while cleaning that part. Obviously, you need to clean the doors from both inside and outside. Doors of the fridge are another area where you can see dusts. Remove them and make sure that the rubber which is pasted on the door to seal the air is tight enough. It will improve the performance of your fridge and help you save money on electric bill which is anyway costly.

You should also clean your fridge from inside using homemade cleanser. Add lemon juice in water in 40:60 ration or vinegar + water in similar ration to make a cleanser. You may also like to keep sliced lemon somewhere in the fridge as it releases a fresh fragrance.

No need to say you need throw away any unused food and expired packaged food etc.

Cleaning Microwave

Cleaning a microwave is much easier. You don’t even have to move or vacate it. Let’s first clean the interior of the microwave. First of all make a cleanser to clean the microwave. Add lemon juice and water in 40:60 ratios in a container and put it inside. Obviously you have to use microwave friendly container. Switch on the microwave and let it boil for some time. Leave it for 15-20 minute so that it starts boiling and steam is generated. Due to this steam, the interior of the microwave will get damp that you have to mop using a cotton cloth.

This technique is very easy and useful in many ways. Since you give it some time after getting damped due to steam, cleaning become much easier. Exercise caution but.

Cleaning Washing Machine

Regular use of washing machine may result in detergent and dirt build up. Water dispenser pipes and tub may also have dirt in it. In order to clean the interior of washing machine, you can run the machine without clothes. Add some water + lime juice or vinegar and run the machine on warm water mode. This will help you clean the tub as well as water dispensing pipe. You may also like to add some stain removal, but lime juice or vinegar work like a good stain remover.

Front load machine have the feature of hot water cleaning but otherwise you may like to add hot water yourself. Once the tub or the cylinder has been cleaned, you should clean the rubber pipe attached to the door.

Toaster Cleaning

Bread toaster should be cleaned regularly. Every time you toast a bread, chances are that bread crumbs are lying inside the toaster and if you don’t clean them properly, chances are that ants will enter inside to taste the bread. To clean bread toaster, first thing you should do is to unplug it from the socket board. Now properly wash the crumb catcher region. Now shake the toaster upside down over a paper so that you can discard the bread crumbs into the dustbin. Let it dry properly before you think of reusing it for toasting your bread.

Cleaning the Stove and kitchen tops

Obviously the gas oven or the stove is one of the most used appliances and you should clean it every day when you are done with the cooking. In order to clean the stove, make a cleanser by adding some detergent in the water or you can add water and white vinegar. Spread the cleanser and mop it properly with a mop pad. While cleaning stove, make sure to clean the kitchen top around else leftover food particles could attract ants and cockroaches.

Here’s a separate post on cockroach and ants control we published earlier.

Over to you

Who don’t like clean and sparkling appliances? It’s not that hard to clean your home appliances once you start doing this regularly. Cleaning these appliances is not difficult if you do it on regular interval. Remember it’s hard to clean these appliances when dirt has built up completely over a period of time. So clean them regularly and enjoy optimum performance and lasting.

How do you clean your home appliances?

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