Transferable jobs in India: Here are the Pros and cons

There are many benefits of having transferable jobs in India because you get to experience different places, explore different culture, food and life. But there are certain disadvantages too like admitting your kids to the school and finding a good locality to stay in.

If you have stayed more of your child in boarding schools and enjoy your stay away from the luxuries of your home, and you are a sporty and adventurous person with a knack of exploring new places, then you will definitely like a job which transfers you often to different places.

But if you are more of an “I want to settle here permanently” or “I won’t go beyond the periphery of my hometown” type person then do avoid such jobs.  A job can be a transferable one whether you work for government of India or big corporate company.

This post will revolve around the people who have trouble in getting transferred often and who don’t and the possible advantages and disadvantages of it. I was myself bought up in a family where my father worked at Indian Railways; hence we never get the privilege to settle in a particular place for more than 3-4 years (at most). On the contrary I have stayed in various places around India, I have seen various people, got lucky enough to explore their cultures, taste different food from different regions, and visit various tourist places in different places, all because my father had a transferable job.

Moving out due to Transferable jobs in India

Here are the cons of having a transferable job in India

From finding a suitable school for your kids to getting to settled in or building a social circle around, there are many cons of having a transferable job. Let’s check a few of them;

Settling in

One year time is often enough to get to know a place well. If you are single then it is completely okay to stay in some place for a little time. Problem starts when you have got your whole family with you to accompany you to the new location. It’s really a big headache to relocate with all your belongings within the short period of 2-3 years. It is really an unavoidable and cumbersome situation for you to relocate every now and then with all your household goods and again settle in a new location and even before settling in the new location again getting ready to relocate with your family.

Well it might sound a little inapt task and you might get perplexed on how to book a reliable mover packer for the relocation every time you get to a new location, but it will definitely make you more immune to the before and after relocation problems. Although if you want to set things right the very first time without doing the common mistakes during home relocation in India, then you may like this post on how to settle in a new location after moving due to job transfer in India.

Finding school for your kids and getting admitted

As I have already mentioned if you are living with your family these problems are bound to happen. Your children have to be re-admitted to schools every time you relocate to a new place in India. Now a day’s getting admission in a new school has became a very harrowing task given the current education system scenario in India. If you are a government employee than then it would not be much of a problem to get your children admitted in government schools like KV’s or other relevant schools. In various good organizations they have a provision to admit your children in some patent schools related to the organization.

There is one more problem; your child might also face problems to settle in new schools, where they have to be friends with new people all over again. On the contrary he/ she will be accustomed with different people from different religion and cultures giving them more exposure to the world, and they will grow up to be intelligent human beings who have a better understanding about people and can connect to everyone irrespective of the differences in culture, language and religion.

Making friends and building social circle

One week to transfer? After 8 days, “poof” you are in a completely new place with completely new faces around. All the old people you know, your patent and friendly general store shopkeepers, all the vegetable vendors who use to greet you with a smile and pack you, your “favorite vegetable”  even before you giving the slightest hints. Your friendly and cooperative neighbors, the hospitality you enjoy by the local people of your neighborhood, the whole geography of it, and every thing changes all of a sudden. Now you are in a completely new place where you know no one, no places, or not even know about the important places like hospitals, doctors and transport systems in case of an emergency, sometimes it might feel very awkward.

But then you remember it is part of the journey of your life and you have done this previously. So cheer up, and start making new friends at your new place and ask them about all the essential information that you want to seek. Remember nothing lasts forever, hence focus on cherishing every moment, without repentance.

Here are the Pros of having a transferable jobs in India

It’s not that there are only cons of having a transferable jobs in India. Unlike everything else, there are many benefits of having a transferable job. You get to see new places, learn so many languages and experience different culture; it’s nothing less than the pure bliss.

Getting to explore different places

Well I have mentioned the cons, now I will focus on the pros, as I have already mentioned that if you can’t stay at one place for long and want to travel as much as you can. Then you will definitely like your transferable job. But if you are married and your wife and kids are not okay with it then you might face little problem in convincing them to relocate every now and then. Speaking from personal perspective, ever since I was born I have been relocated in 6 occasions and in 5 different states: Baroda (Gujarat), Bondamunda Rourkela (Ranchi), Bhilai (Madhya Pradesh), Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh), Raipur (Chhattisgarh) and Farakka (West Bengal). Needless to mention I have visited all the tourist attractions near these states, a wonderful treat for those, who love to travel.

Language, culture and experiencing different food

At first you might face a little problem, time and again you have to leave your current friend circle and again settle in a new workplace and your children have to settle in new schools. Thanks to social networking sites at least now we have found all our old friends at one place. But because of this you will come in contact with people speaking different languages hence you might also get to learn new language. Especially in South India where people are more conversant in their native languages and you have got no choice but to speak in their language.

During my stay in the various states I have made friends with cool Punjabis, decent south Indian people from Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, sweet friends from Bihar, native Chhattisgarhi people in Raipur, delicious Oriya guys (there mom are the best cooks), and of course Bengalis (This kind of diversity is likely to be found in KV’s, fortunately I have got that privilege). Needless to mention we have got to share each other’s tiffin, it was such a delight to try so many types of delicacies every day, you will never get bored by it. These same things also happen in workplaces too, so you can imagine the fun.

Over to you

A stagnant job might at times feel very boring, doing the same thing in the same city for years and for years to come, its suffocating at times. If you have zeal to travel and explore new places in your short lifespan then a transferable job might be a most suitable job for you. On the contrary if you are okay with living a less chaotic and peaceful life in the periphery of your settled location then you might feel otherwise.

Relocating to a new place is not that bad provided you are open minded person who readily embraces new challenges and opportunities and can adept to any place in India.

There may be many issues, but if you are having issues in finding movers and packers to relate due to job transfer, then we can help you. Just fill our simple form stating your specific requirements or directly call us, no matter where you live, we will arrange you movers in no time. Happy moving!

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