How to Arrange a Birthday Party at Home in India

Wondering about how to arrange a birthday party at your home? Do you want to celebrate your child’s upcoming birthday in a grand manner but not sure how to get make it amazing and memorable? If you have answered yes, you should read this post because I am going to give you a good overview of how to arrange a birthday party at your home.

It is a good idea to invite all your friends and relatives over this auspicious occasion. But making adequate arrangements of food, décor, cakes and pleasing those many people at once may not be easy if you don’t plan things in advance. Obviously you would like to make it an amazing evening that everyone will cherish, won’t you?

How to arrange a birthday party at home

Here’s how to arrange a birthday party at home

Right from making a list of probable guests to inviting them for the party, counting the kids and no. of return gifts you need to sort out the menu for snack and main course, there is a lot to be planned and prepared. We’ll look at all of these so that necessary arrangements can be made to make this birthday party a grand one.

Here’s how to do it all and do it right.

Planning for the birthday party

You should plan something to keep the kids engaged, you should plan something special, like some gala event you want, that will encourage the kids to sing or dance on the stage, for that you might need to set up a small stage. If you are planning to set this inside your house then just let the kids sit in around the hall room and place the event in the middle of the room. The best solution is of course if you’re setting this whole thing at your lawn or garden, then you can actually set a temporary stage there and get ahead with it. In this way you can engage them with something and it means now you can do your work in peace as you have already made them busy with an involvement.

The above idea will also help you to manage all the kids with ease as they are likely to get bored easily so the plan is to keep them busy in every possible way. By letting them sing, dance, eat, play or any means to keep them busy.

Decoration for the party

No birthday is complete without proper decoration. Whether you want have a special theme or you want to keep it just aesthetic, here’s what you can do for decoration.

Balloons and streamers

Decorate balloons with markers and tissue paper to create troll faces or other funny colorful things over it. Just tape on ears and draw on the face with a permanent marker.

Create a balloon canopy by hanging a tarp or sheet from four poles above the party table. Then fill dozens of solid color balloons and let them float under the canopy without strings.

Create a balloon ball pit by blowing up dozens of balloons and placing them in a boxed off area. The children can walk around in the balloon pit and toss them in the air.

You can also put balloons to the wall in the formation of your child’s age. This will create a dramatic and colorful wall display.

Wrap streamers around poles, stairwells and chairs. You can leave white space while wrapping the streamers or completely cover the surface to create a solid colored decoration.

Create a streamer chandelier with 6-8 long streamer strips by one end. Tape one end to the ceiling and then fan out the strips to all corners of the room. This will look really pretty if you use alternating colors in a stripe manner.

Decorating with food

Yummy kid treats such as cupcakes, cookies and candy are naturally colorful and they definitely add flare to your food table. Put small toys or candies above as toppings for the cupcakes wrap cookies in decorative tissue paper and place colorful candies in glass jars to make your food table bloom with colorful and sweet foods.

Arrange cupcakes in the shape of your child’s name, age or the letters that spell “Happy Birthday” on the party table.

You can use silly straws for further decoration. Silly straws come in a variety of fun shapes and can also be taken home by your guests. Make sure to use silly straws with tall cups to prevent tipping or trim the bottom of each straw before serving in smaller cups.

Birthday cake

A birthday cake is the most essential part of the whole event. Cake cutting is an integral part of the event and hence it needs your attention. It is very important that you bring a fancy looking, delicious cake that everyone will love to look at and taste. This will give your child immense pleasure and made him/her feel special.

There are a lot of websites from where you can order a cake, or you may like to visit a cake shop and order one in advance. Just make sure you have counted the number of heads who are going to have a feast over the cake. You would not like to fell short of cakes and also just make sure to arrange eggless cakes because many of us India are pure vegetarian and don’t even eat eggs.

Food for the birthday party

Now  the most important part, what you have planned for dinner?  Although it will depend on where the culture and region you are associated with, though I am trying to generalize it a bit.

Starters: veg pakoda or chicken pakoda

Soft drinks: avoid colas and other acidic drinks rather stick to healthier drinks such as fruit juices or lassi or other relevant natural products.

Main course: Chole Bhature, Vegetable Biryani, Chicken Dum Biryani, Raitha-accompaniment for biryani

White Rice.

Desserts: Payasam (popular in Bengal), gulab jamun, kheer kadam etc

Return gifts for kids

In this particular segment you can be a little creative. You can gift toys, pens, scrap books (for girls), fancy pencil box, water bottle etc. Make sure to order a few extra gift packs so that no one is left without a return gift.

Over to you

The best birthday present for your child is showing them how much you love them rather than loading them with gifts spend time with them and make them feel special on the occasions with something great. Motivate and encourage them to the right path. To avoid the hassles of the birthday parties and the post birthday headache of cleaning all the mess, you can always prefer to hire a professional catering service for taking all this onto them and properly finish the birthday party. They can also take care of the events and arrange any required items to carry out the whole birthday event properly. You can sit back and relax and make your child’s birthday a memorable event.

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