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Interior Design tips for Flat: Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom

A little bit of tweaking here and there can help you get a new fresh and soothing look to your home. Often people believe interior design and decoration is for new flats, but that’s not true. No matter if you are living in a new or an old home, you can always get interior decoration done to make it look interesting and soothing.

Also with a little bit of tweaking, you can give a new look to your already decorated home. For example you can go for small little renovation with furniture, or colors or the fabrics for your curtains, sofa covers, bed cover etc Continue reading

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Newly Married Indian Couples

Bedroom is one of those private areas where you spend your quality times. Even though you are not going to spend most of your time in your bedroom, but whatever time you spend there, that must be your best moments.

When it comes to decorating your bedroom there are several things that has to be considered. Like bedroom for your kids and your parents should be designed differently and of course for a couple it will be designed differently. For example newly married couples bedroom should look romantic and nice, but a kid’s bedroom should look fun and motivating. Continue reading

Interior Design and Decorating tips for Kitchen

When it comes to interior design and decorating of your home, probably your kitchen comes first. Kitchen is known to be the heart of your home and it must be decorated and designed properly. I am going to talk about how to design and decorate your kitchen to ensure you utilize maximum space and get nice and perfect look for your kitchen

If you are renovating or remodeling your old kitchen then you should have a budget in mind and start planning accordingly. If you are designing your kitchen in a newly built home, then you should have comparatively a little higher budget. Continue reading

Interior Design and Importance of Perfect Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in giving the perfect ambiance to your room. You must get right kind of lighting while decorating or doing interior designing for your room. Purpose of this post is let you know how to do lighting while you get interior design done for your home. If you are planning to hire an Interior designers, then they would suggest you several ideas to get your lighting right, so spend some time in planning before implementing. Continue reading

How to Mix and Match Colors for Interior Decorating

For any design and decoration, using proper shades of colors is a must. Your Interior decoration may look boring or amazing depending on the shades of color you have used. All your shades must match and go in synch with each other to give that perfect look to your rooms.

Choosing that perfect match is not that complex and it can be done easily. All you need is a color wheel or a shade catalog and general idea of what kind of theme you are working on and a general sense of color. Let me share a few tips that you can use to mix and match the colors for your interior decorating. Continue reading

Types and Elements of Interior Design and Interior Decoration

Interior Design and Decoration is basically a process where a professional Interior Designer designs your home or a specific room. A Professional Interior designer using several decorating elements like furniture, colors, textures, lightnings, decorate your rooms to make it look good and give comfort to your day to day lifestyle like etc. Interior Designs can be of two types, Structural and Decorative.

Structural Design
Structural design involves creation of layout for the space to ensure it look good and all space is utilized properly.

Decorative Design
Decorative design is based on the structural layout. This is to ensure the layout or the structure is being decorated to make it look good. As the name suggest, this process is to decorate your room such as the color, furniture, furnishings, moldings and paneling.

Design Elements
There are many design elements that is used in the overall interior design and decoration process. Design elements includes, anything, and everything that is used in the process. Like the color or the fabric being used and so on.

Theme and Styles
There could be various theme and styles for an interior design. These theme and style help you to decide how and what elements will be used in the design. Theme could be like elegant, modern, retro, classic, art etc

Interior Designers and Decorators are the professional who have studied the art of Interior Design and who can use all of the above to decorate your space.

Tips for Interior Designing and Decoration of your Home

Interior designing and decoration involves lots of planning and you have to plan it well to get best design for the interior of your home and rooms. Right from choosing right colors for overall interior design, to furniture, lighting and other decorating elements, everything must be just perfect. If you planning to decorate the interiors of your entire home, then planning becomes even more important as when everything must be in synch and compliment each other for that perfect and lovely design. Let me share a few quick tips for Interior designing and decoration of your home.

Decorating Style and Theme
Every design begins with a style and you must plan a theme. If you have a decorating style and a theme in mind, rest of the things will be quite easy. For example the theme for your bedroom could be romantic, or floral and for your kids room, it could be cartoon or a garden. Your kitchen may have a separate theme all together. So choose a theme it could be urban, modern, elegant, classy and so on, depending on your taste, space and the budget.

You may also like to go mix-and-match and avoid any particular theme for interior designing of your home. You may try mixing a couple of theme and doing it just the way you like. So it al depends. But you must decide, as rest of the elements, colors, lights etc will depend on it.

Choosing a Colors Scheme
Colors are very important and it can make or break the entire decoration, so choosing right color for each and every element is very important part of interior decorating. You may like to go white, navy blue, cherry red for an elegant design, use yellow, orange for kids room and so on. There are various color shades available for one base color and you should pay attention to it and also take opinion from an Interior Designer or Decorating Consultant and other family members.

Other Decorating Elements
Decorative elements like flowerpots, paintings, lights, antiques etc is equally important. For example you have to decide where you want a painting and what kind of lighting you want there. Usually focus lights are preferred for paintings. What kind of design you want for a bookrack? Do you want a wooden central table? You should plan for all of these elements carefully considering your budget and space.

These tips will help you in planning, but you should always take opinions and recommendations from your family members and Local Interior Designers, as they may suggest you more options and they know about the latest Interior Designing trends.

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Interior Designing and Decoration for Kitchen

A kitchen is most favorite place for women who love to cook yummy and tasty food. No Kitchen is a very important part of your overall home (flat) and it must look beautiful, well decorated and clean. Interior Designing of kitchen is the first priority for most of us and then rest of the rooms like living room, bedroom etc.

Over the time, styles and how you use kitchen have changed. You may have a separate kitchen room altogether or you may have your dinning space attached to your kitchen.

There are lots of designing options available for your kitchen, but lots of it depends on the layout, space and size of your kitchen. No matter if you are planning to renovate your old/existing kitchen or you are planning for Interior designing of your new kitchen room, you may either hire a professional Interior Designer or you can do it all yourself with the help of local carpenter and electricians. Hiring an Interior Designing consultant or a professional Interior Designer is always a better option. Here are a few important tips to help you to design and decorate your kitchen.

  • Use lighter colors tiles for the counter tops. It looks good.
  • If the size of the kitchen is not so large, try using lighter color for the walls, it makes your room look bigger.
  • Sink should be near or close to your cooking table
  • Refrigerator should be placed in such a way that you can reach it easily
  • Try using curved units to give an unusual look to your kitchen
  • Use focus light on the cooking table and for rest of the part, you may try different lighting styles.
  • You may like to buy pre-built kitchen units that are available in the market.
  • Ensure there is ventilators in your kitchen
  • Try putting some small plants in your kitchen to give it more living and fresh look

These are some of the basic tips and advise, but you can always hire a consultant to help you renovate and design your kitchen.

Valentine’s Day – How to Decorate your Home and Surprise Your Partner

It’s the same time of the year. Love is in the air. Still wondering why? Well It’s Valentine’s Day on the February 14th 2012. Boy you are expected to do something special to express your feeling for your girl. No matter how young is your relationship, but girls would love to see you doing something special for her.

There are tons of ideas and things to do. Different people do different things for their loved ones all the day and one should do it so, but still Valentine’s Day must be a much special.

I was wondering and thought to write a post on how to decorate your home especially for this Valentine’s Day.

Entrance of your home is the most important part and you should do some simple decoration there to just give her a feel of what is awaiting inside. You may hang some kind of balloons or craft materials of heart shape etc

Light some nice scented candles and arrange for some nice instrumental music to be played in the background to make it even romantic.

Unless you are eating out, plan for a candle light dinner at home. Order food, chocolates, ice-cream etc in advance and decorate the table. Arrange a special table for two, to get that awesome feel of being together. Put a rose or her favorite flowers on the table.

Decorate your bedroom with pink, maroon or red colors. These colors are meant to do wonders and are aggressive and romantic. So choose a color as you like and then decorate it. Change bed cover, pillow cover, cushions, and curtains and keep in mind that the colors should go with each other. You may use heart shape cushions, teddy and dolls etc and place it on the bed. You may also put a special Valentine’s Day greetings with your message and that special gift on the bed.

What are your plans?