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Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Tricks for Indian Homes

Kitchen is that one room that has to be remodeled keeping in mind the usability. This is one of the places where your spouse or you will be spending good amount of time in cooking and preparing awesome recopies for yourself, your friends and relatives. You need to think of hell lots of things when remodeling a kitchen in your house (flat).

Flats culture is popular among us and obviously so because even in mid tier cities, plenty of inventory of newly built flats and residential homes are coming up. In general, flats are smaller compared to old homes. When you are staying in a 3bhk flat of say 1000 to 1400 square feet area, you have to do good space planning while doing interior designing or remodeling of your flat. You can’t afford to waste even one square feet of the space. Continue reading

Space Planning Tips for Interior Designing of Home

Space planning is an integral part of overall interior designing of home or office or any other space for that matter. How you plan the layout have direct impact on utilization of the available space in your home. Space planning is really important, but how would you know how to do proper space planning?

If the space planning is not done properly then no matter how much you spend on interior designing, utilization won’t be to its fullest. It’s really important to know the overall objective of the design and allocate appropriate budget for the same.

Here in this post I will be sharing a few space planning tips for interior designing of home or office to help you get started with interior designing of your house.

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Interior Designing of a New Flat to Make it a Sweet Home

So you received the possession of your newly built flat and you are all set to convert it into your sweet home? Obviously it’s a newly built flat and no one has stayed there and you are all set to start settling down in your new home. Obviously there are empty walls all around and you need to do some interior designing work to make it your sweet home.

One way to look at it could be as an empty house which needs lots of work to make it a home where you can start living. But the other way to look at it could be as a plane simple white board where you can draw your painting as per your taste and style. After all, you don’t buy a home every now and then. So take it as a huge opportunity where you can plan everything in your own pace. Continue reading

5 Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

You don’t need to spend a lump sum amount of money to transform your bathroom into a relaxing and cool space. There are plenty of ways to renovate and redesign your bathroom in budget. Bathroom design or remodeling should not to be a costly affair and you can remodel your bathroom in budget when you know how to do that.

But as you know there are costs involved in renovating a bathroom or any room for that matter. So determine how much you plant to spend on your bathroom design and remodeling project so that you can work out the extent of changes you can make in your bathroom. If your budget is on the low end, cosmetic changes are all that you would want; for example new fixtures or a new sink, and new paint. Whatever you want to do depends wholly on the budget you allocate for renovation and remodeling of the bathroom. But you have to remember that updating or adding a bathroom to your home is a home improvement project- it is supposed to add value and have a considerable level of longevity. Continue reading

Interior Designing in Indian Style: How to get it right

Interior designing is like decorating your walls with your own moods. It is the inner eye that perceives the beauty that breathes life into a lifeless four walled concrete space. Irrespective of how much of time you spend in panning for interior designing of your home, you’ll always feel that there is some scope of improvement. India is unique and when it’s about doing interior designing in Indian style, you ought to be flexible enough.

Here we will discuss about Interior Designing in Indian way, one of the most vibrant and gorgeous way to design your place. When I say Interior designing in Indian style I mean to say get your interior designing done in such a way that you can do maximum optimization of space and accommodate taste of everyone in the family. Get interior done in such a way that even if a few guests drop in to see you, they should feel comfortable with everything.

Here’s how to do interior designing in Indian style. Continue reading

Easy Home Renovation Tips for Indian Homes

If you hate too much furniture in your rooms and like them roomier with enough empty spaces to rest your eyes on, then you have to come to read the right article. We would provide you with some bizarre ideas that will not only give your home a unique get-up but a bit of serenity revolving in each of your rooms. Such interiors are a favorite for those who hate crowds, for readers and contemplators. It is also a pocket friendly approach to living if you have taken a small house on rent.

These home renovation tips can make your room look like as if you are inside your own mind where nothing extraneous is required. You can just arrange with the stuff you need to survive and renovate your home to make it look just perfect. The following tips would work best with one large rented room with attached space for kitchen and dining and maybe just a bathroom at the end of the room. Continue reading

Basics of Interior Designing and Interior Decoration

When it comes to designing, no mortal is without an idea how to design their own home, however little that may be. So even if you hire a pro interior designer, you must know the basics of interior design and what they encompass.

Five basic elements are involved to make the basic sketch of any form of designing. They are- color, form, line, mass, texture. Each one has its own attribute and together they create a rhythmic effect in the creation that reflects on our minds as well. Here in this post, I am going to give you a good understanding of some of the basics of interior designing and interior decoration.

Just as atoms are building blocks of matter, so are these elements for the room. Once we have identified the elements, the next step to chalk out is to compose them into a definite pattern. It may not be a symmetrical one but there is a strange rhythm even in asymmetrical patterns. Again, the composition is broken down to five basic components. Continue reading

8 Amazing Ideas on Creating More Storage Space in Your Home

Home sweet home – sweetness is an integral part of the home you run to after hard work at your office. Comfort is all that we seek and hence a clear notion always ticks inside our brains that more spacious a room, the more cozy you feel to be in it. Obviously, you need more storage space in your home. But with days passing by, a new home slowly begins to get cluttered with loads of stuff bought to run the daily household tasks and as a matter of fact, there is more of addition than subtraction. Hence it becomes a necessity to fit in the maximum amount of items without having to compromise a lot on the space.

But creating sufficient storage space in your home requires proper planning. If you are planning to do interior designing of your home and you are speaking with the interior designers then I am sure you have received some ideas on creating sufficient storage space in your home. But here are a few essential and amazing ideas that you can use to create more storage space in all of your rooms e.g. living room, bedroom, kitchen, passage etc.

Most people are into making houses with fewer rooms thanks to the high cost of living and emergence of nuclear families. Following are tips provided for a basic number of rooms that an average house would have and how to make the most out of the available spaces. Continue reading

25 Interior Designing Tips for Indian Homes and Flats

Whether you are planning to renovate your house or you are doing interior designing of a new apartment that you have just purchased for yourself, interior designing is not something that you do very frequently. It’s better to give it a good thought and implement ideas that can help you do optimum utilization of space while doing interior designing of your sweet home.

Interior designing for Indian homes can be fun and with just a little bit of tweaks here and there, you can make it look good and comfortable. Here’s a compilation of 25 interior designing tips for Indian homes and flats. Feel free to implement any of these interior designing tips while renovating your house, flat or your apartments.

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Interior Design tips for Flat: Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom

A little bit of tweaking here and there can help you get a new fresh and soothing look to your home. Often people believe interior design and decoration is for new flats, but that’s not true. No matter if you are living in a new or an old home, you can always get interior decoration done to make it look interesting and soothing.

Also with a little bit of tweaking, you can give a new look to your already decorated home. For example you can go for small little renovation with furniture, or colors or the fabrics for your curtains, sofa covers, bed cover etc Continue reading