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SPAZIOSO – Interiors and Exteriors Designers Kolkata

SPAZIOSO – designing spacious – creating space.

Spazioso is an Interior and exterior designing firm, based in Kolkata. They design exteriors and interiors of buildings. Spazioso is a one-stop place where an individual gets all its solutions for its interiors and exteriors. They believe in helping people with designing and execution within the concerned budget and with the best available product in the market, keeping in mind the needs and taste of the user.

We had a detailed discussion and chat with Mr. Kaushal Kejriwal, Director of SPAZIOSO, Kolkata about his company, services, team and their journey so far.

Journey of Spazioso

The company has come a long way in the six years of working with many projects to its portfolio ranging from commercial to public units to personal residences. Spazioso has done interiors for showrooms, offices and penthouses. The company has a good hand and control over modular and semi-modular kitchen serving the needs of Indian cooking and weather.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Living room On Whats the USP of SPAZIOSO

The USP of the company is dedicated designers and supervisors who are totally committed for on time completion of projects. Spazioso is proud to complete projects in the given time frame with the best competitive budget. Spazioso undertakes turn key projects as well designing jobs. Spazioso feels no job is small or big and a company is made of small objects to make big.


The team at Spazioso makes it a priority to give the client what they require, with the best available, giving the client a pocket friendly option. We at Spazioso believes in delivering the best quality in the given area of performance.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Kids roomInterior’s today has become to very easy yet confusing with an open market and various standards of material. But we at Spazioso understand the need of the user and supply accordingly. Spazioso has an edge over others in this competitive market. We refer VAASTU while designing and executing the project for our clients.

We have our in-house arrangements for making of furniture’s and sourcing the best available. Spazioso is a place where once a client approaches would never have to go anywhere. Spazioso is a one stop shop for all your designing and execution needs under one roof.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Dinning Space

About Their Guiding Principles

Spazioso follows certain guide lines making it easier for the client to execute its project. From layout to designing to materials to working to execution Spazioso ensure client have full control on he project and we seek their opinion and feedback through the process. Making the project friendly and a lot faster.

Spazioso also does space planning for architects, promoters and individual’s giving them more usable space in their present area.

Interior’s Studio for Interior Design and Decorating in Kolkata

Interior’s studio is a complete interior design and decoration service provider in Howrah. Interior’s Studio specializes in bringing life to your dream with the help of highly qualified and experienced interior designers and quality suppliers. We understand that every client has his or her own special requirements and taste for the design and we respect that, and that’s why we work closely with our customer to deliver what exactly they need at best affordable rates. With us, from planning to completion, your project is in your control. Continue reading

Types and Elements of Interior Design and Interior Decoration

Interior Design and Decoration is basically a process where a professional Interior Designer designs your home or a specific room. A Professional Interior designer using several decorating elements like furniture, colors, textures, lightnings, decorate your rooms to make it look good and give comfort to your day to day lifestyle like etc. Interior Designs can be of two types, Structural and Decorative.

Structural Design
Structural design involves creation of layout for the space to ensure it look good and all space is utilized properly.

Decorative Design
Decorative design is based on the structural layout. This is to ensure the layout or the structure is being decorated to make it look good. As the name suggest, this process is to decorate your room such as the color, furniture, furnishings, moldings and paneling.

Design Elements
There are many design elements that is used in the overall interior design and decoration process. Design elements includes, anything, and everything that is used in the process. Like the color or the fabric being used and so on.

Theme and Styles
There could be various theme and styles for an interior design. These theme and style help you to decide how and what elements will be used in the design. Theme could be like elegant, modern, retro, classic, art etc

Interior Designers and Decorators are the professional who have studied the art of Interior Design and who can use all of the above to decorate your space.

Ravi Pugaliya & Associates Kolkata – Interior designer and decorators in Kolkata

Ravi Pugaliya & Associates (Kolkata) offers Interior Designing, Planning and Interior Decoration for home, office, showrooms, restaurants and shops. Started in 1991, the company is headed by Mr. Ravi Pugaliya who himself is a qualified Interior Designer and an Entrepreneur. Ravi Pugaliya & Associates have handled various types of Interior design and decoration projects till date with assurance of great quality and customer satisfaction.

Today, the company have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced designers and craftsmen who work together to offer magnificent Interior Designing and Decoration services to its customers across India. They are capable of handling Interior Design projects of all types and size  e.g. Design of Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Kids Room, Offices, Shops, Restaurants, beauty Salons and so on.

An unparalleled dedication and professionalism of the team ensure best quality design and highest level of customer services. As they say ”Our Interior design process comply with the International Quality Standards and so we guarantee the quality and durability for our work”

Ravi Pugaliya & Associates was started in the year 1991 and today they are serving customers across various cities in India and abroad. Company have designed and managed numerous prestigious interior, architecture and related projects for various multinationals, corporate and successful individuals, in India and abroad. Their client list includes Bansal Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.kolkata, Binod Behari Dutta Pvt.Ltd.Kolkata, Balram Bask& Co. Pvt. Ltd.kolkata, Deep Group of Hotels, Lucknow, Fantassy Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.kolkata, Mr.S.kanoi Assam, TFC Fincons PVt.Ltd., Kolkata, Kirti Ornaments Pvt. Ltd- Mumbai, Dimentional Financial Securities Pvt. Mumbai, Ramesh Chandra Pvt. Ltd. Kanpur and many more.

If you are looking to Hire a Professional Interior Designer for any kind of interior design project in Kolkata, then you may request no obligation quote estimate for free.

Living Room and Bedroom decoration ideas for Valentines Day

Countdown begins for the valentines day. You are gearing up to do something very special for your Valentine. It’s the love that energizes and motivates us to do something surprising for our valentine. How about decorating your living room to impress your beloved and give that special feel. Without taking much of your time, let me share some quick and nice tips for decorating your home this valentine’s day.

Find a Theme: As it’s a valentine’s day, whatever theme you select, it must be cute and the overall color combinations must show that passion for love and desire.

Color: Choosing right color for the decoration is a must. There are several colors shades that we use for different occasions. Since you are planning to decorate your bedroom and living room for the special occasion of Valentines Day, you can go for a romantic theme like red, pink, maroon, etc?

Create Space: Start by creating some space. Make your room look clutter free. Remove things that you don’t need and put it aside in a different room or in the storeroom. Create some breathing space; it will make your room look good and spacious.

Curtains: You may like to change curtains. Change your old curtains, use new ones, and ensure it goes with the overall color shade that you have selected. You can also decorate the curtains by putting laces or ribbons over it to make it look even better.

Cushions: Small and simple cushion gives furnishes a voguish look in your home. Add red or pink color heart shaped cushions with some romantic message.

Candles: To create a romantic environment use scented candles. Nothing works like candlelight to create a beautiful and romantic environment. If you want to stick with your natural electric lamps, then try dim lamps.

Balloons: To make it look even more romantic, hang some balloons. Today balloons are available in different sizes and colors. Use a few balloons. You may also use ribbons to tie and hang it on and around the balloons.

Flowers and Chocolates: Flowers are meant to do wonders and so are the chocolates. Flowers can be used to create heart shape or write names.

Love is more about the care and affection that you show to your spouse. So each and every bit that you are doing to decorate your room is going to add value. Wish you a very happy Valentines Day!!

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for the Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday 14th February 2012 and there could be no special day than this for a couple or for those who are in love. I don’t wait for any special day to express my love and I am sure for most of you it is true, but then valentine’s day is really-really very special and it’s a day for those who are in love.

For those who want to express their special love to their spouse, Valentine’s Day is one of the best occasions. How about adjusting the Interior designs of your bedroom and decorate it to make it look just perfect for the Valentine’s Day? Give it try to awaken your passion for love.

First thing first, you have to select a perfect color for this lovely occasion. For couples, combination of Pink, Red and any lighter color like white or off white or a lighter golden color works well.

Pink Color to bring that sense of feminine, red is to show that passion and love and the other white or light golden shade is to bring that ambience and balance the first two primary colors. Now just visualize it in your bedroom and see how and where what color you would love to use. Whatever color you select, make sure to not over-use that.

Use lighter color (the third color that you have selected) bed sheet, pillow covers, curtains etc followed by a few nice red colored heart shaped cushions. You may like to spread some flowers or may be make a heart shape using flowers on the bed itself. But remember to not make it too crowded or look busy.

Make these small changes in the Interior Design of your bedroom to decorate it perfectly for the Valentine’s Day.

You may also like to put some pink and red colored flowers in the flower pots, light some nice candles, spray room fresheners for a great aroma and so on. Most importantly since you know your spouse better, try different things based on the likes and dislikes of your spouse. I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Interior Design for Kitchen – Tips for Kitchen Interiors

Women loves nice kitchen and it is very close to their heart. So no matter if you are building a new flat or a planning to renovate your existing home, Interior Design for Kitchen room is very important and in priority.

Like the Interior design for other rooms, Kitchen Interiors also depends on several parameters like the size of the kitchen, position and layout of the room, kitchen appliances that you are using etc for example there are several choices for kitchen cabinets and while you are planning to Kitchen Interiors, you have different options for kitchen cabinets to choose from. Lets go over each element in detail.

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Cabinets
Today you have several options for kitchen cabinets and the most popular one is the Modular Kitchen Cabinets. Modular kitchen cabinets are great when you have less space. There are several choices even in Modular Kitchen Cabinets, but the important thing to remember is the type of wood you are using. Here are various options even in woods and also steel etc Even you can get readymade kitchen cabinets installed as per your own space with a little bit of tweaking. Make sure to use nice quality wood and rust free materials.

Kitchen Flooring
Kitchen is a very busy area of your home so the flooring is very important. While cooking there will be several other stuff like cutting vegetables etc so floor must be easy to clean. Also India is known for its spicy food so your floors must be easy to clean those oils, spices etc. It also must go well with rest of the Kitchen Interior styles.

Kitchen Appliances
While doing Interior Design for Kitchen, another important factor is what are the appliances you will be using in your kitchen. Today Indian consumers are using different types of kitchen appliances, like auto clean kitchen chimney, refrigerator, microwave ovens, induction stoves, water purifiers, dishwasher etc Since these are essential kitchen elements, proper space have to be created for these kitchen appliances too

Kitchen Lightings
Proper lighting in the kitchen is a must especially centrally focused lights near the cooking area. Have good lights installed in the cooking and work area and for rest of the parts, you can do with the lighter shades.

Last but not the least, consult a few Interior Designers as well and take their opinion. Explain them your preferences, budgets, colors, design ideas and get their opinion and then make a well-informed decision. After all Interior Design is not something that you will be doing every now and then. So give it some good serious thoughts.

Christmas Decorations Ideas – Bring the Spirit of Christmas to Your Living Room

Christmas is around the corner and we are so excited about it. Christmas means lots of fun, decorations, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Cakes, Chocolates etc. Christmas Decorations is another great thing that excites kids. What would be the better way to welcome Christmas spirit, than forgetting all the bad, focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a miniature festival of joy? Christ Decoration IdeasTake a look at some of the great design ideas for Christmas decoration

7 Important Vastu tips for Office

Recently one of my friend suggested me to check the Vastu of my office, specifically the room where sales team work. He feels I should change their seating arrangement (direction) as per Vastu Shashtra. I personally have not ever followed Vastu, but yes if altering seating arrangement can make some difference then, why not. The implementation of Vastu principles can improve business potential and the success rate of any business. I talked to a friend who has some knowledge of Vastu Shashtra and also did some research on the Internet. I am sharing those Vastu tips that you may like to follow in your office.
vastu tips for office
1. Staircases or elevators should always be provided in Southwest or Northeast part of the building. You should not have stairs in South and southwest direction.

2. Ideally administrative area in your office should be in the east. CEO, MD, Owners, Partners Proprietors should seat in northeast section. Your Account Section should be in the west

3. All-important documents (contracts, ledgers, vouchers etc) and cash should be kept in safe towards north or at least the safe should open towards North

4. People seating in the reception area or those who interact with other people should seat facing the doorway. Also placing a mountain or sunrise or natural kind of wallpaper behind the seat is advisable.

5. On the table at your work, monitor of your computer must be placed in the right side. Also keep your table clean and uncluttered.

6. Put a bright light on the main entrance and reception. Your reception area should not look dull, so must have enough light there.

7. You should have temple in the Northeast corner and should keep it clean.

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How to Choose Colors for Your Bedroom – Interior Design Tips

Your bedroom is your personal space in your home where you like to feel comfortable and spend good quality time. Choosing right color shade for your bedroom will make it even better. You must pay attention to detail and express your own sense of style, color, comfort, and light etc to ensure you get an awesome finish at the end. Color of the walls, curtains, furniture and other elements affects your mood.

Most of the time, people select a color based on what they see in magazines or on the internet or a friends room etc, but then that not the way. You must consider your own color preferences, because two people may like two different colors, so always go by which color you like and then try similar or variant shades. You bedroom color must provide a calm, relaxed and peaceful sleep.

So before you go and select a color for your bedroom, you may like to consider following tips

  1. Check the latest trend, Interior designers should give you the fair idea of the latest trend
  2. These days light natural colors are preferred for the bedroom, as it matches well with many other color
  3. Best recommendation for bedroom color is blue, lavender and shades of green. These shades offer you a relaxing and calm environment
  4. Dark gray colors are not advisable for bedroom as they produce depression and stress
  5. Whatever color you select, you must have curtains and furniture of the same shade variants.

As per some expert Interior designers, they advise the combination of green and browns. Whichever colors you select for your bedroom avoid too deep or saturated colors.