All You Need to Know Before Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring a professional interior designer make sense because they are professionally trained to convert an empty space into a wonderful livable home. They know how to utilize space and make it aesthetic and functional according to our standard of living and lifestyle. They never run out of creative ideas to design and decorate our home or office. Continue reading All You Need to Know Before Hiring an Interior Designer

Residential Interior Design in Mumbai: Here’s how to do it right

Interior designing is a complicated process which should be left on the expert with adequate experience and resources. Interior designing of a flat or office can be tricky because not only it should be aesthetically pleasing, but your space should turn out to be more practical and usable. Obviously budget and availability of space are other critical things that have to be kept in mind.

So if you look at it, here’s what matters: Continue reading Residential Interior Design in Mumbai: Here’s how to do it right

How to Choose Interior Designers for Home Interior in India

Interior designing is a creative and sophisticated thing and it requires extremely creative and talented people to pull off the interior projects. We as a consumer want someone who can make an impression with their creativity and innovative design ideas. Hence if you are planning to get interior design done at your home or workplace, you have to choose the best interior design agency to get best results.

Obviously, when you need a service provider, you end up searching for them on the internet. Your favorite search engines will process 12800000+ results in .55 seconds in return to your query for “Best interior designers in India”. Now the big question; how on earth you are going to decide which interior designer is best suited to take on your interior design project? Continue reading How to Choose Interior Designers for Home Interior in India

Interior Contractors in India: Things to look for when hiring

Hiring an Interior contractor in India for interior designing or remodeling projects for your home or workplace should be done very carefully. When you hire an interior contractor, you should be double sure about their expertise, creativity, style of working, number of sketches and iteration they are willing to offer and much more. There are many things that matters and must be checked before you decide to hire an Interior contractor who can successfully carry out the work and meet your expectations. Continue reading Interior Contractors in India: Things to look for when hiring

Interior Design Companies in Bangalore: How to book one

So you are searching for interior design companies in Bangalore but getting confused as to which company to hire for interior design and decoration of your new flat? Or are you unsure about the timing because you are yet to get the possession of your new flat and don’t know when to approach an interior design company in Bangalore?

I have been working with several interior design companies in Bangalore and can share some useful insight about the process and answer some of the most relevant questions you may have regarding finding and booking of interior design companies in Bangalore. Continue reading Interior Design Companies in Bangalore: How to book one

Hiring Interior Designer in India? Ask these questions to get it right

When you are hiring interior designer in India for interior designing of your home or office, you are actually hiring them because you know they are professionally trained and capable of converting your dream home or office into reality, don’t you?  But what if you end up hiring interior designer who does not have the relevant designing experience or resources to finish your interior project on time and according to the specs? There are so many interior designers in your city and each one of them is claiming to be the best fit and well placed to take on your interior designing project.

Can you really pick one randomly and hope for the best? I am not sure and I would rather ask these interior designers right set of questions and evaluate them on the basis of facts (i.e. expertise, experience, resource etc). If you want to pick them randomly on their face value, then good luck to you and you may skip this post. But if you are seriously concerned and wish to hire an interior designer who is best fit to take on your project then please continue reading this post. Continue reading Hiring Interior Designer in India? Ask these questions to get it right

Interior Designer: Here’s how to hire one in India

Interior designing is a costly affair and apart from money, you ought to be double sure about everything you do as part of your interior designing project. Right from choosing a theme, to lighting and color shades for wall painting and choosing an interior designer, you can’t afford to go wrong. Hence you should take calculative decisions before you book an interior designer to help you through the project as a consultant or on turnkey basis.

Regardless of the number of bed rooms in the house, or a thousand square feet apartment, it could get tricky while creating a comprehensive look that would represent a certain style which is simple yet elegant. The expertise and professionalism of an interior designer is much sought after as only the interior designer’s expertise would be instrumental in remodeling and filtering the likes and dislikes of their clients, and that reflects the look and feel which is suitable for a particular space. Continue reading Interior Designer: Here’s how to hire one in India

Finding Apartments Interior Designers in Bangalore

Ever wondered where to go and how to search for apartment interior designers in Bangalore? Looking at interior designers directories or searching for interior designers in Bangalore randomly will fetch you hundreds of listings; some of the information even may be incorrect or invalid. But here’s an opportunity for you to compare and hire some of the best interior designers in Bangalore in just one click. No search, no hassle.

At ServiceSutra, we are on a mission to build a trusted a network of some of the best service providers across all of the major cities in India including Bangalore. We are working very closely with the best interior designers, architects and other service providers and only taking the best service providers on board.

So instead of making random calls and searches, simply post your interior designing requirements on ServiceSutra by completing the quote request form which takes less than one minute to complete. Once you post your requirements, you will be contacted by up to three different interior designer companies in Bangalore. You can talk to all of them, discuss your interior designing requirements with them and get detailed proposal on how to proceed and at what kind of budget. Continue reading Finding Apartments Interior Designers in Bangalore

SPAZIOSO – Interiors and Exteriors Designers, Kolkata

SPAZIOSO – designing spacious – creating space.

Spazioso is a Kolkata based designing firm, which designs both the exteriors and the interiors of the buildings. Spazioso kolkata, is a one-stop place where, an individual gets all the solutions of his/her problems related to interior or exterior designing . This firm believes in helping people with designing, and execution of the entire project within the concerned budget. They also use the best available product in the market, keeping in mind the needs and taste of the customers.

We had a detailed discussion and talk with Mr. Kaushal Kejriwal, Director of SPAZIOSO, Kolkata about his company, services, team and their journey so far.

Journey of Spazioso

Spazioso kolkata, has come a long way in the six years of working with many projects. The company’s portfolio ranges from commercial to public units, and even personal residences. Spazioso has done interiors for showrooms, offices and even penthouses. The company has a good hand and control over modular and semi-modular kitchen, that serves the needs of Indian cooking and weather.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Living room

On Whats the USP of SPAZIOSO

The USP of the Spazioso kolkata, is its dedicated team of designers and supervisors, who are totally committed for their on time completion of projects. They are proud to complete every projects in the given time frame, with the best competitive budget. Spazioso kolkata undertakes turn key projects, as well as designing projects.They feel that, no job is small or big, and a company is made of small objects to make big stuffs.


The team at Spazioso kolkata, prioritize to give their client what ever they require, and with the best available materials. They also give their clients a pocket friendly option. Spazioso believes in delivering their best quality, in the given area of performance.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Kids room

Today, the Interior designing companies have become easy to find or access, yet very confusing because of the open market, and various standards of material. But Spazioso kolkata, understands the needs of the users, and gives service accordingly. Spazioso has an edge over others in this competitive market. They also refer VAASTU while designing and executing the projects.

We have our in-house arrangements for making of furniture’s and sourcing the best available. Spazioso is a place where once a client approaches would never have to go anywhere. Spazioso is a one stop shop for all your designing and execution needs under one roof.

Portfolio of Interior Design by Spazioso Kolkata Dinning Space

About Their Guiding Principles

Spazioso follows certain guide lines, which makes it easier for the client to execute its project, within a deadline. From layout to designing, or even bringing materials, they ensure that the clients have full control on the projects, and seek their opinion and feedback throughout the process. This makes the project friendly and a lot faster.

Spazioso kolkata, doesn’t just help people with designing and decorating their exteriors, or interiors, they also do space planning for architects, promoters and individual’s, giving them more usable space in their present area. So, if you are a resident of Kolkata, and want to decorate the interiors/exteriors of your home, definitely contact them.

Interior’s Studio for Interior Design and Decoration in Kolkata

Interior’s studio is a perfect studio that will offer you good quality interior designing and decoration service in the entire city of joy, that is, Kolkata. Though the studio is set-up at Howrah, it still has the capability to work for the customers who are staying at the capital city of West Bengal. Interior’s Studio specializes in bringing life to your dream home or dear room, with the help of highly qualified and experienced interior designers, as well as good quality raw-material suppliers.

Interior’s studio completely understand all the special requirements, and the taste of their clients. That is why, they work closely with their customers and try to fulfil their need, at the best affordable rates.

Interior’s Studio is headed by Mrs. Payel Aich, who is a professional Interior Designer herself. Her studio offers all types of Consultation, Designing and Execution, and even Home Renovation services to the customers. They provide services for Home, Office and Shop Renovation, Layout Design, Planning and Execution and Complete consultation for people, who seek Interior Designing Services. Below is a brief summary of their main services:


Interior’s studio will guide you through all the essentials of successfully furnishing your property, thereby taking you to a step closer to your dream home.

Interior Designing

Based on the requirements of the customer’s, they present a layout for furniture and other elements, through sketches and images, along with 3D design for them to review, until and unless they are satisfied. This studio doesn’t charge customers while they are getting the designing project executed.

Home Renovation

If you are looking forward to renovate your home, or to re-sell or rent it, then you can probably renovate it before doing anything with your home. Interior’s studio can help you get it renovated as per your budget.

Over to you

If you are looking for a professional Interior Designer in Kolkata you can absolutely trust the Interior’s studio, and hire their designing/decoration services. And if you are seeking quotes from three interior designing agency at a time, then please request a free quote in our site, and we’ll get back to you within minutes.