Comparing and hiring local services is easier and faster now on ServiceSutra

Since the day we conceived the idea of ServiceSutra, we have always focused on one thing and that is to make it super easy and simple for you to compare and hire trusted local service providers without wasting time and putting any extra efforts in searching and calling randomly.

Our customer experience team is always working behind the scene and putting in those extra efforts so that we can help you hire service providers without any friction, nearly effortlessly. I am happy to announce a few improvements that we have made on the website. Continue reading Comparing and hiring local services is easier and faster now on ServiceSutra

Costs of Moving Household Goods and How to Save on Moving

Packing and moving household goods should not be a costly affair, no? But unfortunately when you don’t know right tactics, you may end up spending more money and time when moving household goods in India. In this post, we’ll be decoding various costs heads and also learn how you could save some money on your next move.

Money saved is money earned. Isn’t it? But when you don’t know how to save money, you will end up burning more. Packing and moving of household goods is complicated and an expensive affair. From finding packers and movers companies, to arranging packing materials and getting packing done to best of standard and hiring a truck to move it to its destination – every little detail matters. Continue reading Costs of Moving Household Goods and How to Save on Moving

How to Pack Clothes for Moving During Home Relocation

Packing of heavy and bulky items like cupboards or double door fridge is not the only complicated task during home relocation. I am sure you know how complicated it is to pack the fragile items that needs lots of attention from packing till labeling and writing instruction to handle it carefully.

But it comes to pack clothes during home relocation; it’s not all that easy. There is one simple way which is to put your clothes in to a cardboard box and seal it. But that’s for casual dresses and not for suits and other costly outfits. Can you afford to trash your suit or designer wear saree like that? I am not sure. And above all that’s not the best way to pack your clothes, I tell you. Here’s in this post we’ll check some of the best ways to pack and get your clothes moved without putting lots of effort in it. Continue reading How to Pack Clothes for Moving During Home Relocation

How to Find Packers and Movers for Next Day Home Shifting

People have to move these days for various reasons and they turn up to packers and movers companies for help. Obviously so because one can’t do all of the packing herself especially when moving entire 3 bhk household goods. Except a few items, most of the household belongings are beyond the capacity of a single person to pack and move. For that, you need to find packers and movers and hire a professional moving company who could help you.

But did you know that in order to find packers and movers who are equipped and reliable, you ought to have some time in your hand? Because from finding a couple of movers and packers to getting estimates for shifting services; comparing their reviews and credentials to finally negotiating and selecting a mover, you need to have some time in your hand. After all it’s about safety and security of your essentials and you can’t just rely on any randomly picked movers, can you? Continue reading How to Find Packers and Movers for Next Day Home Shifting

Happy Father’s Day

As a human we go through several phases as we grow and develop many relationships both at home and work. But the bonding between a father and the kid is always very special. All of us love our father and mother and want to give them all the happiness in this world. Celebrate this father’s day with your dad and let him feel special. Very Special, today, tomorrow and forever!! Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

5 Essential Things to Do for Safer Home Shifting in India

A checklist is a must to have document to track each and every task involved with home shifting in India. Home shifting may sound like an easy to do thing, but it’s not that simple. Right from preparing the list of packers and movers companies in your city to preparing an inventory list; selling out all of your old household materials to getting your communication address updated, it’s not easy to manage and track all of these tasks, unless you maintain checklist of things to be done.

Home shifting in India is also complicated because there is hardly any option except hiring a movers and packers company. If there are just a few goods, you could easily use transport or send it by courier or parcel by Indian post. But when it’s about shifting and relocation of entire household materials, you have to depend on the packers and movers service provider companies in India. Continue reading 5 Essential Things to Do for Safer Home Shifting in India

Relocation Service Providers in India: Bangalore, Delhi, Pune

Relocation as the name suggests is a service offered by Packers and Movers companies in India. Relocation service can be availed when you have to relocate your house along with all of your household goods. Most of the corporate and multinational companies avail services of relocation service providers in India to help their employees relocate themselves safely from one city to another city in India. In corporate world, the HR managers look after the basic screening and coordination between their employees and the relocation company. But when your company does not offer such help, you have to find a shifting and relocation company of your own to get your household materials packed and relocated safely. Obviously, you can produce the bill s to your employer for reimbursement (if only your employer offer such benefits). Relocation service could be domestic (relocation within India or International i.e. when relocating from a city in India to anywhere in the world)

Apart from relocating of household goods and articles, relocation service providers in India can also help you with several other services like relocation of car, office relocation, domestic relocation, pet relocation, art and antique relocation, Warehousing and storage services and much more. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore or Hyderabad, there are a number of relocation service providers who offer both domestic and international relocation services in India. Continue reading Relocation Service Providers in India: Bangalore, Delhi, Pune

Affordable Packing and Moving Services in Bangalore

Searching for packers and movers in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka who could offer safe and affordable packing and moving services in Bangalore? Here’s what we can do and how we can help you find best packers and movers companies in Bangalore so that you can compare and hire them almost effortlessly. Finding a mover for to help you with a local or a domestic home relocation could not get easier than this. We have handpicked some of the most competent and affordable home relocation service providers in Bangalore and we can connect you with three of them in just one click.

Simply tell us what sorts of relocation requirements you have. We’ll ensure you receive calls and offers from three of the best and most competent moving companies who offer packing and moving services in Bangalore and nearby cities. They will call you back and offer to do a free in-house survey to get better understanding of the efforts and to calculate costs of packing materials and manpower. Based on their findings of physical survey, they will come up with a schedule for packing and shifting along with the costs of packing and shifting services. Continue reading Affordable Packing and Moving Services in Bangalore

Home Shifting Services in Faridabad (Relocation Services)

Household goods shifting and relocation services in Faridabad are offered by Packers and movers companies. These relocation companies can be hired for all types of home shifting services in Faridabad, Haryana. Even if you are planning to do a local home shifting, finding a relocation service company in Faridabad may drive you nuts.

Why you may ask. Because there are so many options and when you have lots of options and lack the substantial information based on which a decision can be taken, you have a hard task at hand. After all, it’s about safe and affordable shifting and relocation of your household goods. So why I say it’s complicated? Because in order to get your household goods shifted and relocated from Faridabad, you are totally dependent on experience and expertise of the shifting service provider that you hire. They will be handling everything so they must have great quality standards, highest level of integrity and affordability as far as costs of shifting and relocation is concerned. Continue reading Home Shifting Services in Faridabad (Relocation Services)

Rates of Packers and Movers: What to look for in an estimate

There are various factors that have to be considered when shifting a house and understanding rates of packers and movers companies is one of them.  With the growing numbers of packers and movers companies in almost every tier 1 and 2 cities across India, finding one competent shifting service providers is not going to be all that easy. Most of the packers and movers companies offer free online quotations for home shifting, storage services and for car transportation. But there is more to it that the rates and quotations.

This post is to help you understand what else has to be considered and how to decode the home shifting estimates that a packers and movers service provider has submitted to you. Did you know that apart from packing and shifting services, movers and packers companies also offer house cleaning service? It’s not like the typical housekeeping service, but they just take care of normal cleaning and remove any garbage etc that may have appeared during the packing. A seasoned relocation service provider may offer you certain value added services and give you the freedom to choose professional help in anything related to packing and shifting of a house. Continue reading Rates of Packers and Movers: What to look for in an estimate