Ultimate Guide to Moving in the Same Building Complex

Even though you are moving in the same building complex (to another apartment), managing the entire move on your own can get overwhelming. More so, when you don’t have many helping hands to help you organize the move correctly. Aside from that, you need to ensure there are empty apartments available and even take care of any other legal formalities. Luckily, there are ways that can help you plan and organize a successful local move within the same society complex much more easily and effortlessly.

Wondering how, read on to discover how to move to another apartment within the same building complex easily.

Easy tips and tricks for moving into the same building complex

Planning to relocate locally within the same building complex? Consider these easy breezy moving tips and tricks to move your goods effortlessly.

Speak to your landlord or the property manager

While moving within the same complex, you need to speak to your property manager or landlord and ask them a few questions.

  • Is there an apartment available?
  • Are there any documentation requirements to be met?
  • Do you need to sign a new lease or modify the ongoing one?
  • Will there be another round of tenant screening that you must go through?
  • Do you have to pay a different rent from now?
  • How long will you have to wait if another property isn’t available right now?

Asking your property manager or landlord these questions will get them an idea of whether you need the new residence urgently or after some time. Based on that, he or she would be able to make an informed decision accordingly.

Get your moving right

No matter how short the distance is, you must never underestimate the importance of moving in any way. So, do all kinds of preparations that are imperative for a smooth and hassle-free local move.

This means that moving your bookshelf or couch will not be an easy task at all as you need to take them out of your door every time manually. Needless to say, without the assistance of other people or professional movers, doing the same thing may get a little tricky for you.

Most moving companies offer interstate moving services. However, if you are moving to another unit within the same complex, there are only a few options.

Since, the shifting will be done within the same building complex, asking for help from your friends or neighbours would be more than enough. However, if such an option is not your thing, then hiring reputable packers and movers service would be the best feasible option.

With a team of moving specialists, they will relocate all the heavy-weight and delicate furnishings and components to your new apartment quickly yet effectively.

Setting up your utilities will still be imperative

No matter the size or location of your new apartment, when shifting there from your previous residence, resetting and rearranging the utilities over there will be of utmost importance.

So, to get started, cancel your cable connection, internet and that of the telephone line in your present living space. And get them installed in your subsequent unit once again. Doing so will allow you to avoid any unfavorable situations occurring unexpectedly.

Shift your belongings in smaller parts

Is your new apartment vacant at the moment? Then ask your property manager or landlord whether you can move your things over there little by little from now. They might allow you to do that since it’s already been a while you are living as a tenant or homeowner that too within the same building.

If yes, then start moving your valuables and belongings into your brand-new unit as quickly as possible. This way, you will be able to shift most of the hefty and massive furnishings and other delicate and small-sized items in advance, making the entire relocation process way less stressful and burdensome on the actual move-in day.

Get a little creative while organizing the move

When moving within the same complex, why not get a little creative with your packing tricks and hacks. Take a peek into these ideas.

Make good use of your packing materials

Since you are not relocating elsewhere, the need to load and then unload your belongings from a moving truck won’t arise. Therefore, you can easily pack them in laundry baskets, trash bags or any other containers, making it evitable to get your assets that extra protection.

Reuse the moving boxes

You don’t need a series of new boxes every time you pack your goods. Just pack them in a couple of boxes. Carry them to your new apartment. Vacate them and again bring them back to your old unit to get things in. It’s a fantastic way to reuse your leftover boxes while you are relocating to another living space.

Put your clothes on hangers

Put your hanging clothes in clean garbage bags. And then, wrap a twist tie about 5-6 hangers having similar clothes on them. Subsequently, pull a trash bag over to this entire set of clothes and just bring them to your new apartment.

Don’t empty the drawers

When moving into your new apartment, there is no need to vacate the drawers of some of your furnishings. Simply take out the drawers as they are and carry them all the way to your dream residence. After all the furniture pieces have been replaced and repositioned in their desired places, consider putting your drawers back just like before.

Aside from doing all these things, it’s also a good idea that you remove the unwanted goods and furnishings before moving into your current unit from your old apartment. Besides, safeguard your valuable pieces of furniture by covering them with blankets without failure, be it regular or moving blankets.

What if any of your favorites abruptly gets damaged, dented or broken without you having realized it? So, try and remain as cautious as possible even if the relocation can be done within a matter of minutes.

Why move to a different apartment in the same complex?

Everything changes, so do people’s needs after a certain point of time. In case, your present apartment is not serving the desired purposes any longer, then it’s always better to move to another apartment in the same building complex.

For that, you can speak to your property manager once and make an informed decision accordingly. Some of the reasons for which you may want to move to another apartment can be considered below.

  • Due to some unwanted plumbing or heating related issues.
  • You don’t like the location of the building for it overlooks the pool or park area.
  • The neighbors around you are not friendly enough
  • Changed financial condition due to some unforeseen reasons that are compelling you to relocate to a relatively cheaper unit.
  • Improved financial status due to which you may want to move to a more luxurious and spacious apartment.
  • You find the space unusually large since your kids have grown up and moved abroad. Or you don’t need a home office anymore. Or that you are totally alone as a result of your spouse’s death. Consequently, you might wish to move to a smaller unit where there won’t be extra spaces to use.
  • When your household expands after you marry, have children and so on.

Regardless of the reason you are moving in the same building complex, doing so can be one of the most ecstatic experiences one can ever have.

Moving into your new apartment couldn’t get easier!

So, are you all set and ready to move into a brand-new apartment within the same housing complex?

If yes, then consider implementing the tips and tricks given above, and relocate to your future home in a way that happens to be safe yet super-gratifying for you.

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