How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Clothes Fast and Easily

Most of us love oily and spicy food, but when that one bit of food falls on our favorite dress by mistake, the oil mixed with turmeric and other spices is enough to ruin the full dress. Still, it is a relief if the oil stains are tiny, because if it has covered a larger area, then it is really going to be frustrating to get the stains removed from clothes. In fact, too much of rubbing and washing often fades away the color of your cloth and also destroys the fabric. So you have to be extra careful while removing the oil and grease stains from clothes. Luckily, there are some ingredients that do the job pretty well without hampering the original color and the fabric. Maybe you will have to take repeated actions but over the course of time, in most cases, you will be able to remove oil and grease stains from clothes or at least lighten it to a great extent where it will easily get hidden when you wear it the next time. Now, since this problem is so common, I thought of sharing some tips on how to get the stains removed from clothing. If you are wondering about how to remove oil and grease stains from clothes, then here’s the post worth checking. Today I am sharing some quick and simple tips that’ll help you to remove oil and grease stains from clothes fast and easily.

How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Clothes Fast and Easily
How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Clothes Fast and Easily

I generally recommend immediate action on oil stains which you can do when you are at home. But if it happens outside your home, then that is not always possible which makes situation even worse. This is because the oil or the grease mark dries out thereby making the stain too stubborn to be removed quickly. However, the lists of ingredients that I will shortly share with you are quite good enough to get the oil and grease stains removed from your clothes.  So read the post till the end and try some of these clothes cleaning hacks to get rid of all types of oil and grease stains from your clothing.

So, are you ready to explore the tips and ingredients? I heard you saying yes, so let’s begin with our discussion on how to remove oil and grease stains from clothes easily.

7 Tips to remove oil and grease stains from clothes

Oil and grease stains on your favorite dress are not at all a happy sight and so the faster you are able to get rid of it, the better for you. But, at times, the oil marks cover so much area, that it often causes a permanent mark. However, there are some ingredients that can be used to remove these stains from clothes. Even if the mark does not go fully, at least the stain will get much faded and you will be able to wear the cloth again. And as you repeat the cleaning process, you may be able to remove the stains completely or to a great extent, in case the stains are old and hard.

Listed below are the ingredients which will come to your rescue in case you get oil or grease stain on your cloth. So check them out and use them to your advantage.

Act immediately on stains

Just as I was saying, the faster you are able to get rid of the oil from your cloth, the better for you. Else, the stains will dry and then it won’t be easy to remove it from your clothes. Well, I completely understand what you are thinking right now. It is true that washing the dress immediately is not always possible when you are out, but if possible, at least try to grab a paper towel or a tissue and try to press the stain gently from both sides. This is a quick step or you may call it a first aid remedy as it will enable you to get rid of the excess oil and the grease and not make the stain too stubborn to get properly removed once you go back home. Sprinkling a little bit of water is also a great hack, but the point is to act swiftly on it.

Use baby powder to remove oil and grease stains

One of the effective ways to remove oil and grease stains from clothes is by using baby powder. See, most of us have got baby powder at home, especially if you have little kids at home, so using it will not be much of a problem for you.

You just have to soak the excess oil from the cloth using a tissue or paper towel. Then generously pour some baby powder on the stain. After a while, use a spoon to remove the baby powder carefully without spilling it on other areas of your cloth. Post that, put a little amount of hand dishwashing detergent and water on it and then using an old toothbrush, try to rub the stain in circular motions. At the end, wash your cloth following the washing instructions that is generally given at the label of every cloth. As far as the drying goes, it is preferable to let it air dry as using a very hot mechanical dryer often leads to the setting up of the lingering grease or oil into the cloth.

Use cornstarch to remove oil and grease stains

If you do not have baby powder at home or is not interested in using it, then cornstarch is the perfect alternate option for you, as it is equally efficient in removing all of the oil marks from your clothes without hampering the quality or the color of the fabric.

Here, what you need to do is to first sprinkle the cornstarch on the stain. Let it soak for at least half an hour, although I personally prefer keeping it for an hour. After that, use a good dish soap to rub on your stain. I will recommend you to use a nail brush in case you want to go inside the fibers. Post that follows the washing instructions from the label and wash your dress accordingly, and leave it to get air dried.

Spot remover and boiling water to remove stains

If you have a spot remover in your home, you can use it to remove the oil and grease stains.

Using spot remover with boiling water to remove stain is very easy. Simply spray a spot remover like for example Shout liberally on your stain. Then while it is getting set, boil some water. Scrub the cloth using an old toothbrush. Then once the water is hot, splatter it over the stain. Try to lift up the pot of water as high as possible while pouring water so that the water hit the cloth surface with a lot of force. This is because the force will enable better breaking of the grease or oil bonds thereby leading to more effective removal of the oil or grease mark. You must repeat this process on both sides of the garment for best results.

While washing the garment after that, make sure you follow the proper washing instructions and for drying, leave it to get naturally dried.

However, please be careful during this remedy and avoid hot water getting spilled over you. For more safety, it is better if you place the cloth inside a tub or basin instead of placing it on the floor as that might lead to you accidently pouring water on your feet and hurting yourself.

Use laundry soaps to remove oil and grease stains

Using laundry soap is the next best option you may like to consider to remove oil and grease stains. This is because they are mainly meant for washing the clothes and so will be quite effective in removing the stubborn stains from your dress.

At first, you need to dampen the stain area with water (in case you want to remove extra oil, you may use ammonia). After that, rub the soap bar on the stain generously until you get enough foam there. Alternatively, you may even grate your soap and then apply the resulting powder on your wet cloth. Then use a small scrub brush or an old toothbrush or simply use your hands to rub the stained area on your cloth properly. After that, wash your cloth and let it air dry.

Use shampoo to remove stains from clothes

Shampoos are considered to be the great cleansers. They are very effective in removing the excess oil and grease from our hairs, so we can definitely experiment with them to get rid of the oil stains from your clothes as well. You can just pick up your regular shampoo or choose something that is especially potent in removing oil from an oily scalp.

Simply grab some and rub it on the oil stain. Then wash your cloth as per instructions given in the label and then let it air dry.

Use vinegar rinse to remove oil and grease stains

Vinegar is like an all-purpose cleaner and you can also use it to get rid of the stubborn oil or grease stains from the clothes. A vinegar rinse will be good enough for your cloth. Just take 1 part of vinegar and mix it with 2 parts of water and soak your cloth in it for a while and then wash off the vinegar.

However, always remember that vinegar may reduce the alkalinity of the soaps or detergents, rendering them less effective. So it is advisable that you do not use these along with vinegar. Once you have rinsed the vinegar out of the clothes then you may use the detergent, soap or shampoo for the finishing touch.

Over to you: how do you remove oil and grease stains from your clothes?

Stubborn oil or grease stains on your favorite cloth is no less than a nightmare. While being a little careful is the only advice I can give you to avoid such a situation, you should always be mentally ready to take up measures to get rid of the oil stain swiftly.

Well, the faster you can act upon the oil mixed with turmeric and other spices, the easier its going for you to get rid of these stains. But, many a times, we are outside and such a thing occurs, so we often have to work on the stain once it has dried that further increases the difficulty level of removing the stains. However, in such a case, all I can say is to use a paper towel or a tissue if possible as a first aid remedy to remove the excess oil from the cloth and later on go on to using the hacks we have discussed above.

As far as the other cleansing ingredients are concerned, I have already given you a list of some names as I feel these are the most effective ways to get rid of oil stains or grease stains from your clothes. And, the best thing is that all of the ingredients mentioned in my list are very easily available in the market and most of the time, we have it readily available in our home. So you can easily start with the cleansing work with any one of your preferred ingredients whenever you get the time and the opportunity. And, for getting the washing done at the end, I will suggest you to use the washing techniques that are specifically instructed to you in the labels and then let it air dry.

Well, this is pretty much the list of methods I prefer using when I have to get rid of oil and grease stains from my clothes. Which is your favorite hack to remove such stains? Share with me your favorite tricks to remove oil and grease stains from clothes. Also, let me know whether you like my today’s article or not and in case you have suggestions, feel free to share it by commenting below. And, if you love my posts, please keep supporting me by liking, commenting and sharing my posts and help me reach out to as many people as possible.

I will be back soon with some other useful home improvement topics. Until then, keep your clothes clean and do not let oil and grease stain ruin it.

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