How to Pack For A Move Without Moving Boxes and Wraps

Safe and secured packing is integral to moving household materials without damaging them. Unless you pack your household belongings safely, you will be at the risk of damaging your goods during the move. That’s where the industry grade standard packing materials and supplies come to your rescue. There is no doubt that moving boxes, bubble wraps, bubble peanuts, industry grade tapes etc offer the best protection to your household goods and belongings during the move.

However, good quality moving boxes and other packing supplies may not be available near you when you need them the most. Besides, buying just a few pieces of cardboard boxes, bubble wraps and other standard packing supplies can be too expensive for you. When the moving companies buy these supplies, they order it from the distributors in bulk and hence get better rates. But, you as an individual may not need them in bulk and therefore buying smaller quantities may not suit your moving needs.

Thankfully, there are ways to pack for a move without moving boxes and wraps. Yes, you heard that right. You can pack all your household belongings safely without spending money on specialized moving boxes, bubble wraps and other expensive packing supplies. To do so, all you need is to find and use the other substitute of specialized packing supplies that can provide equal protection to your goods during the move.

Although you would want to ensure maximum safety and protection for your household items, you would definitely want to keep the overall packing expenses low. You may be surprised to know that some of the best substitute packing materials which may be already available at your home can be used to pack for a move without moving boxes and wraps . For instance, you may have old newspapers that you can use as a substitute to bubble wraps for cushioning. Similarly, you can use towels, linens, curtains etc for wrapping and containers, briefcase, bags, crates etc can be used instead of specialized cardboard boxes.

If there is an upcoming move and you are wondering how to pack for a move without moving boxes and bubble wrap, then read on to get it right.

How to pack for a move without moving boxes

The moment you think of moving a house, I bet the specialized moving boxes come to your mind. Obviously, the cardboard boxes have become an integral part of the packing and moving process. Cardboard boxes are safe, convenient and easy to handle during the move. And due the uniform size of the boxes, they can be stacked easily on the cargo truck for safe and secured shipping. Needless to say, they are considered to be the best for safe and secured packing and moving.

However, there may be a situation where you have to pack for a move without moving boxes, for instance:

  • If you want to cut down the packing and moving expenses, then you have to pack without using specialized moving boxes
  • Moving boxes may not be easily available in the local market, and then you have to go with the alternate options.
  • You my not have the time and resource to go shopping for these moving boxes
  • When you want to avoid using the used grocery boxes
  • You are unable to find the right size boxes to pack oddly shaped items
  • Or you just want to decrease carbon footprint by using the best alternative options already available at your home

Whatever be the reason, packing without specialized moving boxes is definitely a solution worth trying. Because by packing for a move without using moving boxes, you can keep the costs low and still get your goods packed and relocated safely. But how do you do that? Is that really possible?

Well – yes, it is possible to pack and move your belongings safely without moving boxes. You can use many of the alternate options for packing materials which may be available at your home.

These improvised packing materials may be readily available in your home. All that you have to do is search for such improvised packing material alternatives that can be used to pack your belongings safely before shipping. By using some of these substitute packing materials, not only you save the money, but it’ll help save the time and effort in procuring and arranging the specialized packing supplies.

Check out these alternate packing material options and ideas to pack for a move without moving boxes.

Suitcases as substitute of moving boxes

Although you have been using a suitcase to pack your clothes, towels and other such essential items while moving out, this can be the best alternative option to the standard moving boxes. The big and hard suitcase can easily protect your belongings. And not just clothes and towels, you can even pack other fragile and smaller items with appropriate cushioning in a suitcase.

You can use a suitcase instead of specialized moving boxes to safely pack and ship different household belongings. You can safely pack and ship your belongings like files, folders, documents, toys, shoes, slippers, linens, kitchen items and smaller home appliances like kettle etc. You can even pack fragile items like a photo frame, cup, plates, chinaware etc (obviously with proper wrapping and cushioning) for a safe and secure move.

Packing your belongings in a suitcase instead of the standard moving boxes will suit you well when you don’t have plenty of items to move. For instance, if you are moving to or from the hostel then you can pack many of the household items in a suitcase to ship it safely.

Also, the suitcases that have wheels offer extra convenience of moving it easily and thus this can be the best alternate option to using standard cardboard made moving boxes.

Pack in briefcases

Like suitcases, you can also use briefcases to pack your smaller items for a move. You can pack important documents, music DVDs, laptops and tabs and other such smaller items safely in a briefcase.

Beside, both suitcase and brief cases offer plenty of smaller pockets that can be used to pack further smaller items like globes, socks, handkerchief, head phone, keys and other such items during the move.

So if you have a few briefcases and suitcases at home, and you are planning to move on your own, all that you have to do is pack your belongings carefully and get it shipped to your new home without worrying about the standard moving boxes.

Use backpacks as alternative option

Backpacks are my favorite when it comes to packing for a shorter trip. Thanks to its light weight and dynamic shape, this can be the best alternate option while packing for a move without using cardboard boxes. And the best part is, backpacks are very dynamic and therefore you can use it to pack even those items that are not evenly shaped and it will remain intact.

Backpacks too have many utility pockets that can be used to store smaller items as per need. As it is easy to handle, it is much more convenient to hold and carry it during the move. Needless to say, backpacks can be used for packing instead of standard cardboard boxes while moving a house.

Can use fabric bags

Any large size fabric bags like a tote bag or a gym bag are perfect to pack not so fragile household belongings like the kitchen utensils, books, clothes and other hobby and utility items. The only thing to remember when using a fabric bag as an alternative to moving boxes is the weight. You can’t over pack the bag or else it may break or get damaged and that is the last thing you want to face while moving a house. Having said that- these kinds of fabric bags can well serve as the best alternate packing material for moving a house without boxes.

Use trash bags for packing

You may be surprised, but garbage bags, trash bags or bing bags can be really handy in packing non-fragile, light weight items like clothes, linen, pillow, teddy etc. All that you have to do is to put the item inside and seal the bag properly so that the items do not spill out of it. While using these trash bags, just be double sure to check the strength of the bag. Fresh new trash bags can be best used for packing the clothes, and other such light weight items.

However, while using the bags to pack for a move, you may like to combine two bags together so that it can easily hold the items safely. Besides, the trash bags are easily available in grocery stores near you, and it does not cost much. And therefore, it can be the best alternate packing material to pack for a move without moving boxes.

But, do remember that trash bags are not meant to hold a lot of weight. Also, it’s just a poly bag, so prone to getting scratched and damaged when not handled correctly. If you decide to use these bags, just make sure that you are not packing the valuable items inside it.

Vacuum bags to pack winter clothes

While packing for a house move, you have to ensure that items are packed in such a way that it will not occupy much space in the truck. And therefore vacuum bags are the best alternative to pack such bulky clothing items, winter wear, blankets etc. It’s easier to pack in a vacuum bag – all that you have to do is stuff all the voluminous items correctly into the bag and suck the vacuum out. It can accumulate many of these items which may otherwise require any cardboard boxes. And thus this is the best alternative packing material that you can use when packing for a move.

Use baskets for packing

Use baskets for packing

Baskets can be the best alternate packing material that you can use to pack for a move instead of cardboard boxes. From packing clothes to shoes, fragile items to hardy items – these baskets can hold many types of lightweight household belongings like kitchen items and glassware etc. They offer extreme external protection because of its hardiness. However, if you decide to pack fragile items inside the basket, then just see to it that the items are properly wrapped and the basket itself is packed and sealed correctly. Also, mind the cushioning while stacking the items inside the baskets to minimize any collision, especially when you are stacking fragile and breakable items inside.

Plastic crates as replacement to moving boxes

Crates are heavily being used these days for safe and secured packing and moving. Good and reliable moving companies are also offering crates for packing before moving and storage. So, they can be the best alternative to the usual cardboard moving boxes. Although you may not have plenty of crates at home, if you have or can manage, they could be the best alternative packing supply. You can use a crate to pack all of your items that are prone to damage like chinaware, crockery sets, glassware and plates etc. However, if you are using crates to pack these fragile household goods, then you must wrap the items carefully and then stack it with adequate cushioning.

Crates are usually hardy and thus offer greater protection to your belongings during transit. Mostly, the crates have handles and thus they are easy to handle and can be staked one over the other.

Use buckets instead of packing boxes

Did you know that the buckets can be used as a great alternative to traditional cardboard boxes for moving many household belongings? Well yes – you can pack different types of items in a bucket from the toiletries to other items that require extra protection in transit. But the thing is, as the buckets usually do not have a top cover, you have to cover it with something hardy to ensure the goods inside are fully protected. If you have multiple buckets of similar size, then you can pack plenty of items and save on packing using traditional cardboard boxes.

Furniture drawers

Usually while moving house, you have to vacate the cupboard, box bed etc and pack everything separately. A cupboard can’t be moved with all the items inside, because that way it will be too heavy to lift. However, you can use any drawer to pack smaller and loose items like cosmetics, kitchen spice jars etc by removing the drawers. Drawers can hold many items, and if stacked properly and covered right, this can be the best alternative to the moving boxes to pack and ship loose and small items.

Plastic bins can be the best alternative to the moving boxes

Plastic bins and containers are the safest substitute for standard moving boxes. These containers and bins are usually light weight, hardy and air tight. The boxes are usually strong and therefore offer great protection to the belongings you pack using these bins.

Also, as these plastic bins are strong and air tight, you can be rest assured that the goods inside won’t get exposed to the dust, dirt or moisture and thus can be the best alternative to the standard moving boxes. The boxes are usually light weight and thus can be handled easily. You can even stack them one over the other after packing without any worry.

So, if you have these bins and containers, then you can safely pack many of the loose items in it and move it safely to your new home.

So, if you are concerned about how to pack and move household belongings without buying specialized moving boxes, then you can use some of these alternative packing materials to pack and move your belongings safely.

Apart from the specialized moving boxes, bubble wraps is another standard packing material which is widely used in packing and moving. Even the professional moving services use these materials to pack and ship your belongings safely to your new house.

Wondering what can be the alternative to these standard materials? Continue reading as we discover some of the best alternatives and substitutes for the bubble wraps for packing and moving a house.

How to pack for a move without bubble wrap

There is no doubt about the fact that bubble wrap is one of the most widely used modern packing materials that offers good protection and safety to the shipment. As the bubble wraps are filled with air, they are very light weight and do not increase the overall weight of the package significantly.  The wraps are flexible and therefore very easy to use while packing delicate items. And above all, it can be used to pack items of all sizes and dimensions. Bubble wraps offer great cushioning and thus helps protect the items inside the package during the move.

Needless to say, bubble wraps are widely being used these days to pack and ship different types of items. From ecommerce and cargo companies to professional moving services – wraps are the go to packing supplies for safe and secured packing and shipping.

But still, if you are unable to arrange bubble wraps due to unavailability or higher costs, you can manage to wrap and pack your goods safely with other substitute packing materials. There are many substitutes and alternate options available that can be used as a wrap to protect your goods during a move. Like the way you found the substitutes for standard moving boxes, you can easily find the alternate materials that can help you pack for a move without bubble wraps.

Wondering what can be used instead of standard bubble wrap?

Here are the best bubble wrap substitutes that can be used to pack and move household belongings safely.

Packing paper as bubble wrap substitute

If you are looking for a cheaper substitute for the bubble wraps, then the packing papers can be the best substitute to use for wrapping. The packing papers are specially designed to protect delicate and fragile items from getting scratched. Besides it also protects the items being wrapped from dirt and dust. If you are planning to stack a set of delicate items like plates, bowls or any other glass and chinaware, then you can easily wrap them individually using a packing paper. You can even use the papers to fill the gap and protect individual items from colliding.

However, as the packing papers are much thinner and less durable than the air filled bubble wraps, you may like to create multiple layers while wrapping for extra protection.

Old newspapers

You might have used this alternate packing material many times to wrap things. Old newspapers or magazine pages provide good protection against scratch and damage. This alternate packing material is easily available and can be used in many ways. You can use it to wrap things or can scramble and use it to create padding and fill the gap between the items packed inside the box. Old newspapers or magazine papers can also be used to create an extra layer of safety while stacking items inside the box. However, be cautious while using the newspapers for wrapping as it may leave ink stains stains on your belongings.

Towels and curtains

If you are looking for the one magical alternative to pack larger items without bubble wraps, then using towels, curtains, old clothes etc will be the best option for you. When you are packing without bubble wraps, you need something that can be used to protect even the larger items like mirror, glass top and similar belongings which cannot be packed using normal paper.

You can use towels, curtains, linens or any other old cloth in any way to get the level of protection which is required while moving any item. You can use it as a wrap, can use it as an extra layer of protection while stacking, and can even use it at the base or on the top of the box for extra padding and protection.

Conclusion: The best alternate packing supplies

Good quality, specialized packing supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, industrial tape etc offer greater protection to your belongings while moving. When you pack for a move using these packing materials, you tend to reduce the risk of scratch and damage to a great extent.

But, these packing materials may not be easily available and can cost plenty of money. Thankfully, there are ways to pack for a move without specialized moving boxes and wraps. You may already have these substitute materials at your home. For instance, you can use briefcase, bags, buckets, baskets, crates etc instead of specialized cardboard boxes to pack and ship household belongings.

Similarly, you can use packaging papers, clothes, towels, curtains, blankets etc as the alternate option for bubble wraps while moving household goods. We have already talked about how to pack securely for a move using these alternate packing supplies. What are the other alternate options for packing without standard moving boxes and wraps?

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