5 Steps to Moving House in the Rain Safely and Easily

The process of moving house is already complicated. And it can turn out to be a nightmare when it’s raining heavily on the day of moving your house. Moving house in the rain may not be the best and most ideal circumstance. Your precious household things can easily get damaged if it gets exposed to the raining water. But, at times you can’t really postpone a house move. And you have to relocate even when it’s raining heavily. But, when you are moving house in the rain, you can minimize the hassles by being cautious and extremely careful through the process of packing and moving.

Although the house move planning starts a lot earlier, you can follow the weather forecast and choose the best possible day to move your house. Sometimes the weather forecast may not be correct, but it can help minimize the risk to a great extent. On the other hand, if you just schedule a house move without considering the local rain forecast, then this could turn out to be the biggest moving mistake. Many of the homeowners make this mistake of avoiding the weather forecast, and they regret later.

Fortunately, there are ways to do it right and move house in the rain safely and without hassles. If you are planning to move a house this rainy season and you have already scheduled everything, then you may like to follow a few simple steps to moving a house safely even when it’s raining.

If you have already hired the moving service and you have made all your travel arrangements, you can’t really reschedule everything just because it’s raining. But, you can definitely plan everything correctly and take caution to get your household things packed and move safely.

Best tips for moving house in the rain

I have been working in the moving and relocation industry for over a decade now. So, I can tell you how to move house safely even when it’s raining heavily outside.

Follow these simple tips to avoid many hassles while moving house in the rain.

Monitor rain forecast

Moving house in the rain can turn out to be a nightmare especially during a cyclonic rain or a torrential rain which can last for many hours. However the great news is that you can still avoid moving in such rainy days by following the local rain and weather forecast.

As moving a house requires prior planning, so you might have already scheduled the move well in advance. But still, if you follow the weather forecast correctly, then you can avoid scheduling your move during a torrential or cyclonic rain. Normal rains usually stop in a few hours, but torrential or cyclonic rains can last for many hours and that might be the last thing you want when moving a house.

You can’t really do much when you have to move. But by following the local weather forecast, you can plan everything correctly and minimize the risks and hassles of moving house on a rainy day. So follow the rain forecast to choose the best possible day for moving your house things.

Choose the best possible day

Monsoon season is usually not ideal for moving a house. But, sometimes it may not be possible for you to avoid or postpone the move because of the rain. But the good news is that by following the weather forecast for a couple of weeks in advance, you can choose a suitable move date. Choose a day to move when there is no rain forecast or may be a mild rain forecast.

Moving a house in the rain becomes risky when it’s raining hard continuously outside. But, when it’s raining mildly, then you can wait for a few hours and let it stop before you start loading the boxes onto the truck. And while you are waiting for the rain to stop, you can finish organizing and packing the boxes. By the time you finish packing the boxes, rain might stop and then you can proceed with loading your goods to the truck and moving.

Hire a mover packer

Packing and moving a house when it’s raining heavily outside can be difficult, especially when you try to pack and move on your own. As it’s raining, you might find it difficult to handle those packed boxes. And if the boxes get exposed to the rain, it may get damaged and cause financial losses, especially if the packing is not secured and fully waterproof.

You can avoid these risks by hiring a professional mover and packer near you. The movers and packers have a full team with expert people who can pack, pick, load and get your goods moved to your new home safe and sound. Moreover, they have the expertise to do safe and secured packing and therefore it makes sense to avail their services for a hassle free house move.

Use waterproof packing

If the move is preplanned and it can’t be rescheduled, then you can’t really do much. You have to proceed as per the plan. However, the risk of moving house in the rain can be minimized by using good quality industry grade waterproof packing.

When you are moving house in rain, then the best that you can do is ensure that your goods do not get exposed to the rain and moisture. Waterproof packing being the first line of defense can really come handy.

The mover and packer you have hired must have already confirmed that they will do waterproof packing. But if not, then make sure to discuss waterproof packing options.

Usually, the mover packer offers multi layered secured packing for household goods and appliances. However as you are relocating in the rainy season, it’s important to use secured and waterproof packing.

Extra cover to keep it dry

Even though you have used good quality secured packing to pack all the belongings, it may not be enough. For instance, while picking and loading goods, if the plastic sheet gets damaged then that could become a risk. So don’t just rely on plastic sheets and do everything possible to keep the packed boxes dry.

Here are a few tricks that can help keep it dry.

  • Double check the waterproofing sheet
  • Cover the surface of the truck with a dry plastic or tripal
  • Cover the packed boxes on the truck
  • Don’t put packed boxes on the wet surface
  • Park the truck closer to your house to minimize rain exposure

When you cover everything correctly, you get extra protection from the rain and moisture. And thus it helps relocate your goods safely even when it’s raining hard outside.

Final thoughts about moving house in the rain

Moving a house in the rain can become a problem, especially in case of a long distance house move. But, the good news is that if you plan your move correctly and follow a few safety tricks of moving house in the rain, you can minimize the risks and hassles to a good extent.

Here are a few things you can do to move your house safely in rainy season;

  • Monitor the weather forecast closely
  • Choose a day to move when there is no forecast of rain
  • Hire a mover and packer to help with packing and moving
  • Use waterproof packing to ensure safety of goods and appliances
  • Cover all the packed boxes properly for extra safety

By following these simple tricks, you can minimize the risk of damage when moving a house in the rain.

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What else do you think one should do when moving a house in the rain?

Share your tricks and hacks by commenting below.

Happy home relocation!!

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