13 Best Air Purifying Houseplants to Clean the Air and Beautify Your Home

Thanks to the massive cutting of trees, all around the world, the global warming today have become the biggest challenge for all of us. The situation has gone so worse that, the whole world is talking about innovation to fight pollution and effects of global warming. It’s not that the outside environment is polluted, pollution is right here in our home and office. And we have to act fast and do whatever we can do to fight it out. One simple and effective solution is to plant trees, in your garden, inside the house, in your cubicles and on your desks. And I promise to help you find trees that are easy to plant and maintain and that can surprisingly purify the air around you. Today I will help you choose surprisingly great air purifying houseplants that can be easily planted in your home and garden to clean the air and beautify the space.

13 Best Air Purifying Houseplants to Clean the Air and Beautify Your HomeGlobal warming and lack of plantation is causing excessive pollution, unnatural climatic changes, occurrence of frequent natural disasters etc which in turn, is leading the world slowly in the way of destruction. Although the downhill process has begun but there are still chances of recovery if all of us take an initiative and start acting upon it immediately. I mean the initiative of planting trees that will purify the air and will help in bringing back the balance in nature.

Now, you may be wondering like how you can take the responsibility of the entire world. But you can just start with planting some houseplants that clean the air in and around your house and reduce the pollution. If all of us take the pledge and keep indoor plants at home, then the world will slowly become a better place to live in. I have got lot of trees in my garden and I have also planted air purifying houseplants in my home and I can tell you it does wonder. If you are wondering about which houseplants to choose that can purify the air, then here’s the post worth checking. Today I am going to talk about a few of the amazing air purifying indoor houseplants that clean the air and enhances the overall aesthetics in your home or office.

Needless to say, just as man has the power (which he may misuse) to destroy things, he is also gifted with the brain and the power to bring back every aspect of life in a state of equilibrium. And, so the good work must start with planting more and more trees because that is the easiest and perfect solution to reduce the problem of global warming and its accompanying consequences.

As it is, besides improving the air quality and reducing pollution levels, maintaining a beautiful garden at home increases the beauty of your home in general. Planting or keeping more and more air purifying houseplants is a total win-win situation for you. Yes, you may need to maintain it timely and also keep the household clean, but given the benefits these air purifying houseplants give, little effort on your part is completely worth it.

Apart from the large-scale destruction that cutting of trees can lead to, it can also lead to several health concerns on an individual level as well. Plants have the power to purify the air off the several toxins and pollutants all around but these chemicals may increase if the trees are cut in massive numbers. This in turn, will lead to several health and beauty complications in matters of skin, eyes, respiration etc. and lead to a lot of infections, allergies and other related health complications.

Individuals who love nature knows the importance of trees in our lives and so if any of you is motivated enough to plant more trees in your garden or to keep more air purifying houseplants in your home, then this list of top air purifying houseplants to keep the indoor and surrounding air clean will act as a perfect guide for you.

So, without wasting a second, let us explore the list of best air purifying houseplants.

Air purifying houseplants to clean the air and beautify home

The survival of the planet Earth lies on the hands of mankind and so please become a responsible man and starts the good work from your home itself. We all need to put in efforts to get fresh air and for that we got to plan lots of trees, in and around our home. But there are a few amazing air purifying houseplants that can be planted in and around your home. These air purifying houseplants can purify the air and also add to the aesthetics of your home or workplace.

Listed below is the best and most amazing air purifying houseplants that we should have in our homes and offices.

Aloe vera

The first air purifying houseplant that I would recommend you to keep in your home or office is aloe vera. Well, the name aloe vera is not unknown to us, thanks to the immense medicinal potential that it possesses. But, do you know that it has the power to purify the indoor and the surrounding air of your home or workplace? Well, let me tell you that aloe vera is a very easy-to-grow succulent plant that is very efficient in clearing the harmful toxins like benzene, formaldehyde and other pollutants from the air around you.

Since the plant loves the sun, you can place it near a sunny and breezy windowside and it will do its work of removing air pollutants from inside and around your home efficiently on its own.

Snake plant

Snakes may be poisonous but a snake plant is certainly not. Instead, it is very helpful in keeping the indoor air very clean. It is mostly beneficial against formaldehyde, which is a dangerous chemical, often found in many market products we use on a daily basis, like for example cleaning products, toilet papers, tissues etc. Moreover, a snake plant also takes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen during night, which is like an additional benefit for you. So, snake plant is definitely one of the top houseplants for keeping the indoor and surrounding air clean.

This plant loves humid conditions with low light and so the bathroom is one ideal place where you can keep this air purifying plant to get the maximum benefits.


The beauty of this air purifying houseplant is unquestionable but besides that, it offers many more benefits especially when it comes to air purification. It is very efficient in removing the air pollutants especially benzene, which is one ingredient easily found in the indoor air, thanks to the paints, plastics, glues, detergents etc. we have at home.

Place it in a position where it will receive lot of bright light which in turn will make the flowers bloom fast.

Garden Mum

This easily available and inexpensive air purifying houseplant is a true champion as far as air purification is concerned, mainly because of its property to remove the air pollutants like ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene etc. from the area where it is placed. So, you can easily plant it in your garden to keep the surrounding air of your home clean and purified.

Plant the tree after it has finished blooming to get even more benefits.

Weeping Fig

The next plant in the list of best air purifying houseplant is the weeping fig which will certainly not let you weep. Well jokes apart, the weeping fig are one houseplant you can definitely look for, thanks to its air purifying properties. The plant is especially effective in removing the toxins easily found in carpets and furniture like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene that if not eliminated can be otherwise harmful to mankind.

However, for beginners, maintaining this plant can get a little tricky but somehow if you can, then it is highly rewarding. Place it in bright but indirect light to get maximum benefits.

English Ivy

You can keep the English Ivy at your home if you want to fight all the air pollutants and keep your home environment clean. The plant is very beneficial in reducing formaldehyde as well several airborne fecal-matter particles. Also, it is easy to maintain this amazing houseplant, so anyone can keep this amazing air purifying plant in their home.

Plant it in the garden where it will get fertile, moist soil as well as make sure that it gets partial shade. Once it grows, it can also survive in dry conditions.

Bamboo palm

Bamboo palm also known as reed palm is one of the top air purifying houseplant for keeping the indoor and surrounding air clean. It has great ability to remove air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene and so you can easily place it around the furniture which contains these harmful pollutants. In addition, these plants grow around 4-12 feet high so they can filter lot more air than the other household plants and purify it.

Bamboo palm grows in places that are bright but has indirect light. It also grows well in humid conditions, so place the plant accordingly.

Boston fern

Another best air purifying houseplant you owe big time as far as air purification goes is Boston fern, and you can easily keep it at your home. Boston fern is highly beneficial in eliminating formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other toxins, mainly those that enter your home through the garage from the indoor air which is really great.

However, this plant does require a bit of maintenance as it is a little bit finicky. So, in summer months, give it weekly watering and in winter months, watering it just once in a month should be fine.

Rubber plant

If you want to keep your office very clean and pollutant free then, I think rubber plant is a good option for you to try. The reason, this plant tops the list of air purifying houseplants when it comes to removing formaldehyde from the air. The main reason is because in most offices, we find furniture constructed with particleboard, where, to held things together, formaldehyde-based glues are used. So, keeping a rubber plant in such an environment will give you great benefits.

These are slow growing plants and survive best in low light, so keep the plant in its favorable conditions.

Spider plant

For beginners, I think spider plant will be a great choice. This is because it is a very easily grown plant which requires very minimal maintenance. In addition to that, it has got abundant foliage and small white colored flowers which helps in eliminating air pollutants like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and xylene, which is abundantly used in leather, rubbing and printing industry.

You can place it in bright but indirect light. But remember it is preferable that the place is cool and the soil is dry.

Golden Pothos

If you want to beautify your patio or balcony with some hanging plant as well keep the surrounding area pollution free, golden pathos is going to be a smart choice for you. This is because it is the best hanging plant for baskets and it is also very efficient in removing formaldehyde toxins.

Keep this fast-growing plant where it will get enough indirect light to survive. And, when you will water it, do not overwater it, as that may lead to root rot.

Heart leaf Philodendron

Heart leaf philodendron is a climbing vine which is great in removing the VOCs from the surrounding atmosphere especially formaldehyde. Plus, it does not require much maintenance so you will not have to invest too much time on it.

It is best if you keep it in indirect sunlight as it survives best in such conditions. But, if you have a kid or any kind of pet at home, then you may avoid this plant. This is because if they by mistake eat it, then it is going to be really toxic to bear.

Peace lily

Peace lily forms a part of the list of best air purifying houseplants for keeping the indoor and surrounding air clean, thanks to its great air-cleaning abilities. This beautiful plant is very efficient in removing air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene from the air.

Keep the plant in some shady place. Water it weekly but avoid overwatering. The only problem with peace lily is that the flowers of this plant lead to a lot of pollen and floral scents in the room. If you are OK with that and is ready to do a little more cleaning, then peace lily is a great option for you to try.


Plants are the greatest treasure that nature has bestowed on earth, mainly because our very existence is directly or indirectly depended on it. In fact, not just humans, it supports the existence of other living beings as well. So, trees are seriously important for all of us and for this ecosystem. Among the various other benefits that plants and trees offer, one such crucial benefit is that they can purify the air and help us get rid of ever growing pollution.

If the air around you is not clean, then you are most likely to face various complications like respiratory problems, skin rashes, allergies in eyes and many others health complications. So, you must take measures to eliminate the pollutants, and what can be the better way to do that other than planting trees around us?

Now, we spend most of the time at our homes. Apart from purifying the air and environment, these houseplants can enhance the overall beauty of your home or office. So, if you want to keep your surrounding atmosphere clean, then you can obviously plant some of these amazing air purifying houseplants in your home or at your work place. I have already shared a list of 13 of the most amazing and incredible air purifying houseplants that you can easily keep in your home and garden. These houseplants can help you beautify your home, besides keeping the indoor and surrounding air clean and lively. Try planning some of these houseplants in your home and I am sure you will not get disappointed.

It is high time that we fight the problem of air pollution and protect ourselves from the various harmful effects of pollution. This good work must start from your home and so it is a request to each one of you to please start keeping more and more air purifying houseplants in order to keep your home and the surrounding air clean and pollutant free.

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