5 Amazing Interior Design Tips you can’t afford to Ignore

Interior Designing is one of those complicated tasks where you have to track lots of smaller details. Whether you are planning to renovate your existing house or planning to do complete interior design of a new flat you have just bought, proper interior planning can save you from lots of hassles. Fortunately there are expert interior designers who can help you get your house renovated and furnished, but they can also help when you are able to articulate and communicate your needs to them. Spend some time and plan everything according to your requirements and then it would make sense to take opinion from the experts and get started. When you have figured out.

Amazing Interior Design Tips

Here’s how to go about it.

Do initial planning for Interior design yourself

As they say if you want to get it right, you should spend good time in planning before starting the work. So what should be considered in planning stage? It would be wise to find out your overall objective and goal. To begin with, list out your priorities and not so important things. Your priority could be the installation of modular kitchen and not so important thing could be a bar cabinet. Next, go in to other details like kind of essential furniture, layout, lights and other decorative elements.

You have all the freedom to be as creative and specific you would like to be. Look around for sample designs; get inspiration for furniture designs, color, wallpapers and everything else you could think of. One of the main benefits of having such a detailed plan is to get the clarity. When you are clear about what you want, you can hire a consultant and discuss it all in detail.

Budget for interior designing

We receive lots of questions from users about costs of interior designing and home renovation projects. But unfortunately, its way more complicated to find out costs of interior designing than you may think. But then allocating a comfortable budget for residential interior designing project will bring lots of clarity. Everything that can be done and can’t be done depends primarily on the budget you have allocated for interior designing of you house. So allocate a comfortable budget.

And as you have listed out your priorities and budget, it’s time to get started with the process and move on to the next step which is to find an expert.

Hiring interior designer

In India, interior designers can help in two ways. One is just for interior design consultancy where in they will be helping you out throughout the process such as space planning, layouts, drawings, 3 D virtual tour, and selection of materials etc. This other way of hiring an interior designer is to hire them for turnkey projects so that from planning to execution, they will take care of everything. Hiring an interior designer for turnkey interior design projects is better because they are well connected people and they have skilled technicians and reputed supplier.

There are many benefits of involving an interior designer because they bring the expertise and they are capable of turning your space in to an aesthetic and functional space where you can live comfortably and in style. They can help you get most of your budget and can make recommendations according to your needs and budget.

Sourcing materials for interior design

There are lots of brands and manufacturers out there for everything. Right from lights to faucets, switch board to cable, plywood to laminate; your interior designer will require lots of items. So seat with the interior designer and make a list of goods. Now figure out what is that you want to buy and what do you want to leave on them. There are certain things where you have lots of choices, for example lights. You may ask the designer to show you a few samples, but how about going to a store and procuring it yourself? That way you get to explore options and choose one that suits your budget and style. Sourcing of materials is one of the most important tasks and it’s better to involve yourself to an extent in this. Also make sure to keep all of the bills and warranty cards because it may get misplaced and you don’t want to lose the warranty, do you?


Your job is not limited to hiring an expert and leaving it to them. You should visit the site occasionally and take a look at everything. You should do inspection at every stage and give them the feedback. If something does not look good, it can be fixed or replaced at this stage. But once it is finished, it may not be possible to redo and that’s not the ideal way of doing it.


Planning, allocating a comfortable budget, hiring an expert interior designer, sourcing of materials and getting it done are all that matters. If you miss on any of these, the end result may not be as good as it could have been. So spend time in planning and involve yourself in the process of interior designing for amazing results.

How do you plan and go about it? What else one should do to get it right?

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