Best Feng Shui Tips for Moving into the New House

Moving into a new house is always big for all of us. A fresh new house means a fresh new start for your family. You will meet new neighbors, get a different environment and everything around is going to appear fresh and new. Also, as you start your day to day life in your new house, you would expect it to be auspicious and prosperous for your family. However, you should be cautious and follow your traditions to make this life changing event auspicious for your family. For instance if you believe in Feng Shui, then you should follow the Feng Shui tips for moving to your new house for prosperity and good luck.

Different cultures have different traditions and customs that can guide us towards prosperity. For instance, in our customs, we are advised to eat a spoon of curd and sugar when going out for any auspicious work. It is believed that if you start the journey by eating sugar and curd, then the journey will become successful and auspicious for you.

However, as we are discussing the Feng-Shui tips for moving into the new house, we will stay focused on that only. I recently met a Feng Shui practitioner who shared some of the most amazing Feng Shui tips that can be followed while moving into the new house. If you believe in Feng-Shui practices and are wondering about the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while moving, then I have got you covered. Today in this post, I am sharing the most important Feng shui tips for moving i.e. the Do’s and Don’ts that you may like to follow while moving into your new house.

What is Feng shui?

Feng shui is an ancient traditional practice that is believed to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Originating from China, the goal of Feng shui is to establish harmony between an individual and their environment by harnessing the energy forces. It’s widely practiced by people in China to bring prosperity and peace to their homes. What Vastu Shastra is to Hindus in India, Feng Shui is for people in China.

And here’re the Do’s and Don’ts as per Feng Shui tips for moving that you may like to follow during your upcoming house move.

Best Feng Shui customs to follow when moving to a new house

Here are the Do’s as per Feng Shui that can be followed to bring prosperity and good luck after moving into the new house.

Move on an auspicious day

This goes without saying. Irrespective of the tradition you follow and practice, you should always choose an auspicious day to move into a new house. In Hindu tradition, the priest and astrologist suggest such an auspicious date for moving into a new house. As per Feng Shui tips for moving into a new house, one should move on a Cheng day, Ecliptic Day, Horse day or a San He Day. While Cheng day is considered as a day of accomplishment, Ecliptic Day is considered to be the best and most auspicious day for doing anything good. While Horse day is the 6th day of any lunar month, the San He Day is considered to be the triple harmony day and thus best for moving into your new house.

Move into your new house before sunset

While you are planning your upcoming house move, you should try and enter into your new house before the sunset. Anytime before the sunset like in the morning or afternoon is best to move to your new house. Avoid moving after sunset like in the late evening or after dark or night. Entering your new house after night suggests extreme labor and is not considered the best hours in Feng Shui.

Clean the house before moving in

Before moving into your new house, you have to ensure that the house is properly cleaned and organized. Even if this is a task you usually do yourself, it is worth using professional cleaning services for that all-important first clean. Open all the windows and doors to allow natural light and air into the house and let it remain open for a few hours. As per Feng Shui, this helps harmonize with the environment and bring positivity and peace. So remember to enter the house only after cleaning and keeping it ventilated for a few hours.

Drive away the evil

Unless you are pretty sure about your new house and the surrounding environment, you may like to burn firecrackers to drive away the evil spirit from your new house before entering. Everything has significance and therefore, there is no harm in following the tradition, especially when you believe in it.

Handle items on your own

As per Feng Shui guidelines for moving into the new house, you should handle and move in all the household things on your own. Feng shui suggests that any item that is to be brought into the house be handled by the home owners and their family. However, anything that is to go out of the house should not be handled by you. So, even if you have the moving service onboard, you may like to get the delivery at the doorstep, and then move those items on your own. At least, you should try and handle items that are not heavy weight and that you can handle on your own.

Do some rituals for prosperity

Feng Shui suggests that a rice box with approx 80% rice inside be prepared to ensure you will have enough food after moving into the house. You should bring this item into the kitchen before bringing anything else to your new home.

Similarly, you should pack all your beautiful and precious clothes into a bag and bring it next to your bedroom. And then ring anything else to your new house. This signifies that you will never run out of food and clothing during your stay in your new house.

As per Feng Shui guidelines for moving into your new house, you should also boil water in a pot in your kitchen, as it signifies the pouring of profits from all sides.

If you are moving to a new city and environment, you should bring a little soil from your old house to your new house as it is believed that it will help establish harmony.

Worship first

Irrespective of the faith and customs you believe in, praying and worshiping before starting something new has always been there. As you are moving into your new house, you should worship and pray to your God to make your stay auspicious in your new home. Feng shui suggests you worship first while entering our new house. So, if you have a place of worship in your new house, then do pray first before you bring all your household things and start living in your new house.

Bed installation

Installation of bed in your new house is a significant task which must be done at auspicious hours. Check the hours of the day and choose the most auspicious hour for installation of bed. Once the bed is installed, ask a person from your family with a dragon sign to sit on the bed first before you start using the bed.

Feng Shui for Pillow

As per Feng shui tips for moving into the new house, your pillows have a huge significance. And if you are a firm believer of Feng Shui, you should only carry new pillows to your new home. So when there is an upcoming house move, make sure to purchase exactly the same number of pillows as your family members. Once the bed is installed and set up, you should place the pillows on bed for each of your family members.

Running water

As per Feng Shui guidelines, you should block the outlets of basins and sinks in your kitchen and then open the taps and let the water run slowly. It is believed to bring good fortune for the homeowner and therefore you may like to try this procedure after moving into your new house.

Light-up your new house

As per Feng Shui, it is believed that if you light up your new house then it’ll help flourish your new home. So, switch on the lights and keep it on all night. Some people even light up the space for three consecutive days as it is believed to bring good fortune.

Broom the house

Before you get settled in your new house, you should take a dustpan and a broom with red cloth tied to it. Then you should broom from the corner to the middle of the house and then to the main door. This Chinese Feng Shui practice is believed to help drive away the negativity and ensure everything is good and positive in your new house.


Housewarming is an integral part of moving into the new house. And Feng Shui suggests that after moving to your new house, you should invite all your family, friends and neighbors to your new home at the earliest for a housewarming party. This is believed to bring prosperity and happiness for the family.

Top 5 Feng Shui Don’ts for moving into a new house

While there are certain customs that you must follow to bring peace, positivity and good fortune to your new house, there are certain acts that you must avoid. Here are a few of the don’ts that must be avoided while moving to your new house.

  1. Avoid decorating your bedroom and hall with cold white colors. Avoid white colors for your curtains and bed sheets. However, you can use the red and other such auspicious colors to drive out the ying and bring the yang to your new home.
  2. Moving can be stressful. But, you should have patience and do not lose your temper. Avoid shouting at your family members, especially your children and don’t use any word that may hurt your family members.
  3. Avoid moving with a pregnant lady and if you have to move for any reason, make sure she is not engaged directly in handling any of the things during the move.
  4. Don’t enter your new house empty handed, as that may signify misfortune. Always hold something preferably a valuable or a live thing like a potted plant when entering your new house.
  5. Don’t sleep in the day/afternoon on your move day, in your new home. You can only sleep during the night. Sleeping at day hours signifies ill health and therefore it must be avoided for a couple of days after moving to your new house.

Over to you

Moving to your new house is always huge, more so, when you are moving to a house that you have built or purchased for your family. However, when you move to your new house on a good and auspicious day or time, then this may bring positivity, peace, happiness and good fortune.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that is supposed to create harmony with nature. And there are certain customs which can bring positivity, and then there are acts that are supposed to bring bad fortune. We have discussed both Do’s and Don’ts for moving to the new house as per the Chinese Feng Shui.

If you trust Feng Shui, then I would like to hear about the customs that are a must follow for moving into a new house.

Do share the do’s and don’ts you follow by commenting below!!

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