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If there’s an upcoming house move and you are wondering about the packers movers charges in Ahmedabad for local and intercity shifting services then here’s a must check post for you. Packers and movers charges in Ahmedabad may range from Rs. 4,000 for 1 BHK local shifting within Ahmedabad to up to Rs. 10,000 for intercity shifting from Ahmedabad to another city. Similarly, when there’ll be more items to pack and move, the shifting services charges may go up.

The rates and charges of leading packers movers in Ahmedabad may depend on various factors. From the size of the move to the floor of the house you are staying at, and you’ll be moving to, along with the distance between source and destination, it all comes into play. That’s why it’s not easy to calculate the packers and movers charges unless they know all these details. And therefore, it’s always better to talk to a professional packer and mover company near you in Ahmedabad to get the most accurate estimate as per the goods you have and the destination you are relocating to.

However, that does not mean you can’t get a tentative idea of packers movers charges and rates for different moving services e.g. household goods moving, interstate car transportation, office shifting, storage and warehousing or moving of any other industrial goods and materials.

If you are planning to avail of the moving service and you are concerned about the rates and charges of the moving services then continue reading this post. Today, in this post I am sharing everything worth knowing about packers movers charges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for different moving services. I am also sharing a few of the quick and simple hacks that’ll help you to handle your upcoming move efficiently and may save you a few thousand rupees during the move.

So are you ready to explore and learn everything about the rates and charges of movers and packers in Ahmedabad?

Let’s get started.

How do the packers and movers charge in Ahmedabad?

First thing first! Let’s first understand the key factors that the mover companies consider when calculating their service charge for packing, moving or storage services.

Irrespective of whether you are moving within the city of Ahmedabad or you wish to relocate to a different city within Gujarat or you’re moving from Ahmedabad to any other state in India, there’ll be these factors that may affect the service charges.

  • The kind of service you need e.g. local, inter-city, interstate shifting
  • Move size i.e. the number and volume of items to be moved
  • Distance between source and destination where you’re moving to
  • Value-added service you may need
  • Quality of packing and overall handling of goods
  • Insurance and taxes, as applicable
  • Credentials of the moving service company
  • Other add-on services you may need like unpacking, re-arranging etc

So, as you can see, the rates and charges of Ahmedabad Packers and movers will depend primarily on these many factors.

So how to figure out the rates and charges of packers movers in Ahmedabad for different shifting services? Well, we surveyed a number of packer and movers companies from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to understand their rates and charges better. Based on the prices and charges they shared, we have prepared this easy-to-understand rate card for different shifting services in Ahmedabad.

Rates of packers and movers in Ahmedabad for local shifting

Local shifting is one where you are moving within the city of Ahmedabad. Sometimes, you may be moving within the same society complex, same neighbourhood or from one side of the city to the other side of the city. In any case, you are moving within the city or to the suburbs of Ahmedabad.

Rates and charges of packers and movers for local shifting in Ahmedabad start from Rs. 3100 in case you have just a few goods, to Rs. 4000 for a standard 1 BHK of goods. Similarly, to move within the city with 2 BHK household things, the charges can range between Rs. 7000 to 11000 and for 3 BHK the charges could be between Rs. 16000 to 22000.

Here’s a tentative rate chart that can help you get some idea of the costs involved in shifting a house within Ahmedabad.

Service Charges 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK Fewer Items
Packing Rs 2000 – 2500 Rs 2500 – 4000 Rs 4000 – 6000 Rs 6000 – 8500 Rs 1500 – 2000
Transport Rs 1000 – 3000 Rs 2500 – 4500 Rs 6000 – 8000 Rs 7000 – 9000 Rs 1000 – 2000
Labor Rs 1000 – 1500 Rs 2000 – 2500 Rs 2500 – 3000 Rs 3000 – 4500 Rs 600 – 1200
Total Rs 4000 – 7000 Rs 7000 – 11000 Rs 12500 – 17000 Rs 16000 – 22000 Rs 3100 – 5200

Packing charges for local shifting in Ahmedabad

Although we meet many people who feel that packing is not required in case of local shifting, that’s not correct. Proper packing of all household goods is absolutely needed, even if you are moving within the same neighbourhood and locality.

Unless you pack everything correctly, you are always at risk of getting your precious household goods scratched or heavily damaged. No amount of attention and careful handling can guarantee that there won’t be a human error. And when that happens, you can do nothing except regret getting your goods packed securely by the movers. Packing charges are usually cheaper for local shifting and start from Rs. 1500 to pack a few items to Rs. 8500 for packing a fully furnished 4 BHK.

It’s highly recommended to get your goods packed when moving. It’s okay to opt for minimum packing, especially for fragile items as no packing at all can be a big mistake.

And here’s the tentative rate chart for packing services for local shifting within Ahmedabad

Move size Packing charges
1 BHK standard size house Rs 2000 – 2500
2 BHK standard size house Rs 2500 – 4000
3 BHK standard size house Rs 4000 – 6000
4 BHK standard size house Rs 6000 – 8500
Fewer items Rs 1500 – 2000

Transportation charges for local shifting in Ahmedabad

Sometimes, you may not need all the services e.g. packing, loading etc for local shifting. If that’s the case and you have the hands and resources to pull it off and all that you need is transportation services then you may refer to the transportation charge rate chart below. However, please note that the rate mentioned below does not include labour charges. Labor charges may vary between Rs. 500 – 600 per head. Also, the charges are tentative for a distance of up to 40 KMs. The distance beyond 40 KMs, it’s not considered as local shifting.

Move size Transportation charges
1 BHK standard size house Rs 1000 – 3000
2 BHK standard size house Rs 2500 – 4500
3 BHK standard size house Rs 6000 – 8000
4 BHK standard size house Rs 7000 – 9000
Fewer items Rs 1000 – 2000

These charges indicated above should give you some idea about the transportation costs in case of local shifting within Ahmedabad as per the move size.

Packers movers charges for interstate shifting from Ahmedabad

Interstate shifting or a long-distance move is more complicated than local shifting and therefore long distance move costs more than shifting within the same city. In case of an interstate move, the movers have to pack everything using industry-grade packing supplies for extra safety. If the packing is not fully secured, the goods may get damaged in transit and therefore they need to do multi-layer secured packing. Naturally, they use better quality packing supplies to secure your goods against any sort of damage. And this is why, in case of long-distance home and office move, the packing charges and transportation costs are generally higher than the local shifting.

Here’s a tentative rate chart of packers and movers charges for interstate shifting from Ahmedabad to some of the major destinations in India.

Hyderabad to 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Fewer Items
Bangalore Rs 14000 – 22000 Rs 18000 – 27000 Rs 24000 – 35000 Rs 7500 – 12000
Mumbai Rs 11000 – 15000 Rs 13000 – 18000 Rs 15000 – 22000 Rs 6000 – 9000
Delhi Rs 14000 – 17000 Rs 15000 – 22000 Rs 18000 – 27000 Rs 7000 – 9000
Pune Rs 12000 – 16000 Rs 15000 – 19000 Rs 16000 – 24000 Rs 7000 – 10000
Chennai Rs 16000 – 23000 Rs 21000 – 31000 Rs 26000 – 35000 Rs 8000 – 12000
Kolkata Rs 17000 – 23000 Rs 22000 – 32000 Rs 27000 – 35000 Rs 8000 – 12000
Hyderabad Rs 14000 – 21000 Rs 17000 – 22000 Rs 21000 – 31000 Rs 7500 – 11000

If you are moving from Ahmedabad to any of these destinations, then you can easily get a fair idea of the rate and charges of leading moving service companies in Ahmedabad. Although, these are indicative prices and the actual cost may be lesser or higher than mentioned above, this should give you a fair idea of how to discuss and negotiate the prices with Ahmedabad mover and packer near you.

Packers movers Ahmedabad charges for value-added services

Moving a house is not all about packing your home appliances and getting them transported to your new house. There is more to it like dismantling furniture, disassembling and assembling AC, Geyser, LED television set, water purifier etc.

Although some of these dismantling and disassembling can be handled by the movers, for other value-added services, even they need to hire expert technicians. For instance, the movers can uninstall a ceiling fan, Dish television Antenna etc, but they can’t install these at your new house.

And these are integral tasks and you are most likely going to need these value-added services. Here are the tentative charges for such value-added services.

Service description Tentative charges
LCD Television mounting Rs 500 – Rs 850
AC (Disassembling and re-installation) Rs 1200 – Rs 2800
Geyser installation Rs 600 – Rs 850
Furniture assembling Rs. 500 – Rs 700
Unpacking and re-arranging Rs. 750 – Rs 1500

These are the standard rates and charges for value-added services. However, you can even consider hiring the technicians on your own for these additional services, especially for dismantling and installation of the AC, as that requires special skills and training.

Packers and movers Ahmedabad charges for storage and warehousing

When you are moving a house, you may need short-term storage services in some cases. For instance, if you have to vacate your current house, and you are yet to find a suitable home you can use the short-term storage and warehousing facility to safely store your goods for a few days.

Some of the moving and storage companies offer short-term storage for a week or two without any cost. They can keep your goods safely stored in their warehouse. However, if you need such additional services, you should discuss and talk this out well in advance before finalizing the prices.

Some of the packers and movers in Ahmedabad also offer dedicated storage and warehousing services for the storage of household things. And the charges may range from Rs.50 per day for fewer items to Rs. 350 per day, which means Rs 1500 to Rs. 10000 per month in the case of a bigger size house. Storage service prices also depend on the availability and duration of storage and therefore you should compare prices and negotiate well when opting for long-term household storage services.

Interstate car and bike transportation charges from Ahmedabad

Moving household goods is complicated as there will be different types of items that have to be packed and handled well for a safe and secure transportation. However, interstate car and motorbike transportation are much easier. Some of the packers and movers in Ahmedabad offer both households shifting as well as car and bike transportation services.

Based on our interaction and survey with some of the leading moving and transportation companies in Ahmedabad, we have prepared this rate chart for interstate car and bike transportation charges from Ahmedabad to other major destinations across India.

Bike and car transportation charges also depend on the size of the vehicle. Depending on the size and value of the vehicle, the insurance charges will be different for different vehicles. Another important factor that may affect the bike and car transportation charge is the route and the destination you are moving to. Keeping these things in mind you may like to check the rate chart below to get some idea of the tentative rate chart below.

Major cities Bike transportation charge Car transportation charge
Bangalore Rs 5000 – 8000 Rs 8000 – 11000
Mumbai Rs 3000 – 4500 Rs 6000 – 75000
Delhi Rs 3000 – 5000 Rs 7000 – 90000
Pune Rs 3500 – 5500 Rs 6500 – 80000
Chennai Rs 5500 – 8500 Rs 8500 – 12000
Kolkata Rs 6500 – 8000 Rs 7500 – 11500
Hyderabad Rs 5500 – 7500 Rs 8000 – 11000

Please also note that these are the tentative rate chart based on our research with the leading moving and transportation companies in Ahmedabad. We suggest you check the latest rates and charges from a locally available moving company near you in Ahmedabad, Gujarat as per your requirement.

Packer movers charges for office shifting in Ahmedabad

Moving a house is different from moving an office. In the case of office shifting, the priorities are different and so are the types of items to pack and move. The office has to be planned and done quite strategically to ensure minimum downtime and interruption in service.

Office shifting in Ahmedabad

Based on our survey, here are the rates and charges for a small and mid-size office shifting in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Office size Tentative shifting charges
Small startup office (4 to 6 people) Rs. 6000 – Rs. 10500
Small office (15 to 20 heads) Rs. 1200 – Rs. 18000
Mid-size office (20 to 40 heads) Rs. 25000 – Rs. 35000
Big size office (90-100 heads) Rs. 50000 – Rs. 80000

Office shifting charges can easily vary based on the volume of goods e.g. the number of tables, chairs, desktops, server racks, storage cabinets etc. Also, the distance between both offices is an important factor. Labour costs may go up in case you are moving from/ moving to higher floors without lift access. Moving goods to higher floors without lift requires extra labour and effort and therefore that may affect the cost.

Tips to save money on packers movers services in Ahmedabad

Availing of packing, moving and storage services can be cost-effective, especially when you know how to cut the moving and storage service costs. You already know about the factors that affect the costs of moving and storage services in Ahmedabad. A little bit of planning and dealing cautiously with the packers and movers company, can help you bring the moving and storage services costs down.

Here are the tricks that can help you save money on packers and movers services in Ahmedabad.

Prior planning

Advance planning can really help you avoid the last-minute rush. It also gives you time to check service charges from multiple agencies and ten negotiate better as you have time left for moving. You can’t expect to do it all at the last moment and therefore you should plan your home and office removal well in advance.

Downsize the move

Moving to another home or office gives you the opportunity to declutter and get organized. There is no point paying the packing and moving charges for the things that you may not need in your new house or office. So sort out things and get rid of anything that is no longer in usable condition or you do not need anymore.

Negotiate well

Rates and charges for the moving and storage services are not fixed. There is no one fit rates card and tariff because charges are calculated based on each individual consignment. And therefore when you talk to multiple moving and storage service providers, and you have some idea of the costs, you’ll be able to negotiate well and bargain for better rates. Honestly speaking, there is always the scope of negotiation and when you exercise your negotiation skill well, you get rewarded with lower price offers.

Final thoughts on charges for moving services in Ahmedabad

Home and office removal is already a complicated process. And if you are moving for the first time with no prior idea of packer mover charges, you may end up paying more. To make things easier, we surveyed a number of moving companies in Ahmedabad and tried to understand their rates and charges for various services e.g. local home and office shifting, interstate relocation, car and motorbike transportation and storage services.

Based on our findings, we concluded that there are multiple factors that may influence the packer and mover charges for packing, moving and storage services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Some of the major factors include the volume of goods, distance, the floor of the house, credentials of the service provider and so on.

We have already shared the tentative rate chart for most of the services and for major destinations. However, we still suggest you check the current rates and charges by talking to a couple of packer movers companies near you in Ahmedabad.

Can we help?

Yes, of course. We specialize in helping you get the best price offers from up to three locally available and competent moving and storage companies near you. Our services are also available in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Vapi and many other destinations across Gujarat.

If you need quotations, you can call our helpline number: +917044 123 404 or create a request for free quotations by submitting this quote request form. You will get an instant call back and quotations that you can compare and choose from. Not only it helps get multiple quotations within minutes, but you can also get the best price offers and save as much as up to 30% on overall moving and storage charges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Happy home relocation!

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