Best Ways to Detect and Eradicate Bed Bugs Infestation

Best Ways to Detect and Eradicate Bed Bugs InfestationThe bed bugs are tiniest creatures, powerful enough to disturb your peaceful sleep at night. There is high chance that you will not be able to find the bed bugs easily, but once you sleep they will be active and start biting you. When you wake up, you will find the bite marks on your skin, red rashes and swells just like mosquito bites, itching and burning sensation on the skin. The bedbugs can actually give you sleepless nights. And that’s not the only problem, finding bed bugs or detecting bed bugs infestation is equally difficult. In this post, I am going to talk about the best ways to detect and eradicate bed bugs successfully.

The bedbugs feed on humans, other mammals and also birds. They are parasites like mosquitoes and suck blood from the body of the host. In order to detect and eradicate bed bugs, you have to work hard or you may also call an expert for professional help. The bed bugs are really tiny, but if you want to remove them then it is important to first locate them, no?

How to detect and eradicate bed bugs?

The bedbugs are tiny creatures and they can stay wherever you stay. They will feed on you resulting in your skin rashes and skin infection. They can hide within your blankets, mattress, pillows, cushions, headstands, walls etc. They may hide themselves, almost anywhere, so detecting bed bugs is not going to be quick and easy.

But here are the top five signs you should look and detect bed bugs.

  • Look for bed bugs in night, or when it is dark, because they are mostly active in dark.
  • Find dark spots on your beds and couch, dark spots in the size of a full stop or a little bigger. These spots are the excrements of the bedbugs.
  • Blood stains on the sheets, denoting that the blood is yours.
  • Reddish or rusty stains on the end sheets, signifying that the bugs have been crushed.
  • Live bed bugs roaming across the furniture, beds and pillows can be visible.
  • Tiny egg shells of 1MM in size lying here and there, and also yellowish skin which they shade with time.

Best ways to eradicate bed bugs

Now that you have detected the bed bugs infestation, it’s time to find ways to eradicate them. You can remove the bedbugs by creating unfavorable conditions for them. The bed bugs cannot survive harsh weather conditions, like they cannot tolerate excess heat.

There are primarily two methods for eradicating the bedbugs, one is the DIY method, and the other one is taking the help of the professional pest controllers and exterminators. And if you plan to do it yourself, then here are some of the best ways to eradicate bed bugs from your house.

Do it yourself tricks to eradicate bed bugs

  • The bed bugs cannot survive in high temperatures. Wash all the bed sheets, bed covers, pillow covers, cushion covers, linens, and curtains in washing machine using hot water. The bugs will die automatically.
  • Spray some diatomaceous earth on the objects and leave for few days.
  • Expose the infested items under the scorching sun, and keep for ling hours.
  • Steam or hot air can kill the bugs instantly. Vacuum cleaner can be used for this purpose. Blows dry the carpet, beds, linens and every objects of the house with vacuum cleaner to kill them efficiently.
  • The bugs are in size of the width of your credit card, the bugs can live inside cracks and crevices. They excel in hiding. So, the first thing that you can do is seal up all the cracks and crevices. Even a lose wall paper can hide thousands of bedbugs in it.
  • Discard the infested items; throw them out of your house. If the infestation is very critical, then it is better to throw them away, as the bugs can get transported from one place to another via the items and the objects.
  • Spray the insecticides and pesticides frequently, so that the bugs can suffocate and die.
  • Apply Vaseline in the affected areas and then cover the areas with tape. The tape and Vaseline will block the air circulation; the bugs will suffocate and die.
  • Grind some silica gel and sprinkle all over the place, the bedroom, the walls, carpets, curtains etc. The silica gel granules are heavy; the bugs cannot shake it off, and will eventually die.

Bed bugs eradication by pest exterminators

  • There are many pest control companies in your city, you will call them and fix an appointment. They will visit your home, inspect the area and provide you with quotations.
  • The professional experts will inspect the full house, they are experts and experienced. They know well where the bedbugs can hide, where they can build their nests, and then the exterminators will apply the chemicals and pesticides on them.
  • The exterminators are experienced, so they can do the job in much better way than you and me.
  • Frequent inspection will keep the bugs away from your house permanently.

Finding cost effective pest exterminators in India

There are many ways to find best pest exterminators to eradicate bed bugs. You may just google and find a company, ask your friend for reference or use ServiceSutra to get no obligation rates and quotations from up to three different pest control agencies within minutes and for free.

There are lots of technicalities that you may not be aware of. And when you speak to a couple of pest exterminators regarding bed bugs removal, you get a fair idea of the process, options and associated costs. And it’s certainly worth it because it’ll help you decide and even save your money and time.

If you are looking to find rates, then create a request here to receive instant quotes for free now.


Even if bed bugs do not cause greater harm to your health, it certainly is an issue. Bed bugs infestation can keep you awake and it is also very embarrassing, when noticed by a guest. Thankfully, it is not that difficult to detect and eradicate bed bugs, and we have already discussed how.

But there is nothing to worry. When you have any doubt about bed bugs presence in your home, inspect properly and apply the DIY tricks. If you fail to eradicate, then probably, taking professional help is the best option.

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